Gaping Anal Annie

Hi there, sexy! My name is Annie. Can I tell you a secret? I LOVE ANAL!

At 43, some of the knockout beauty of my youth may have faded, but I do alright. My figure now carries a few extra pounds, but my auburn hair is still past my shoulders and my 38-D tits barely sag. My pussy's still snappy and I come very easily. There may be a few laugh lines around my mouth, but that mouth can still suck your cock and swallow your load, just the way you crave it.

But the best thing about me is my 24/7 desire for a cock up my ass. Nothing gets me off more than to have a man explore my dark-pink, puckered asshole, first with fingers and tougue, then lube up his cock and make it disappear, inch by inch, into my hot backdoor furnace, and give me a proper ass-fucking.

I just adore how wide-open my asshole becomes after being fucked - it gapes like an open door, just waiting for another cocking. I can even make it wink at you! I could come just thinking about being ass-reamed. Would you like to fuck me in the ass, darling?

Hold on.... let me strip for you.... I'm taking off my black demi-bra..... do you like my pink nipples? There, now my big titties are swinging free..... I'm stepping out of my black lace panties..... I can't help but brush a finger over my wet slit.... there.... I'm totally nude now, except for my white stilettos. Do you like what you see? Wait, let me bend over for you..... oh, I feel so nasty bent over like this, for your eyes only ..... here, let me spread my cheeks for you ... kneel down on that pillow, lover, so you can get a good look at my lovely bunghole.... that's right, get up nice and close..... I know it's what you want .... do you like it? Do you like what you see? Do you like my pretty asshole? What do you want to do to my asshole? Could you lick it and then fuck it, please? Just knowing you're staring at my butthole, wanting to ram your cock into it, makes my pussy sopping wet.

I guess you now know why they call me Gaping Anal Annie!

Would you like me to tell you about one of my favorite anal sex-capades?

I see one regular ass-fucker, Rod, who's very accurately named. His cock must be a good 10 inches long. Rod had called to tell me that he wanted to give me a lotion enema, make me hold it in, then stick his cock in my asshole and fuck the creamy highway until we both came!

You can imagine my delight at Rod's dirty suggestion - and I made it cum true for him!

I greeted him at the door wearing just a smile, titties bouncing. "Hi there, stud. I'm so glad you could make it tonight. My asshole has been puckering in and out, just waiting for your attention."

Rod looked me over, sucked in his breath and said, "Bend over. NOW. Let me see."

I dutifully did as I was told. There I was in my front doorway, bent over and showing my "third eye" for all the world to see.

Rod put his hand in between my ass cheeks and began rubbing my asshole with his index finger. He stuck just the tip of his finger in, causing me nearly to cream my right there in the hallway.

"Let's go in, honey. I have the lotion waiting right next to the bed. I need your cock in my ass so bad!"

Rod did a quick strip and pulled me into the bedroom. I had already put some plastic sheeting on the bed, in preparation for our lotion-play, and I had earlier given myself a thorough enema so my chute would be squeaky clean and ready for fun and games!

He told me to get on the bed doggie-style, weight on my forearms and ass in the air. I did as ordered.

Rod filled up the first enema bottle with the room-temperature white lotion, and used the nozzle to tease my bunghole before my first fill-up. Then he inserted the nozzle fully into my hole and squeezed in the lotion with an even pressure, then told me to squeeze and hold it in.

"How does it feel, Baby? How does my baby's ass tunnel feel with Daddy's special cream in it?"

"It feels great, Daddy. I need more! Can I have more cream in up my ass, Daddy, please?"

Rod was really getting into it. "Of course, Baby... here comes bottle #2! Nice and gushy in your tushy!"
And he gently but f***efully squirted another serving of lotion into my ass chute, then told me again to clench.

I was feeling very horny by then, and my pussy was dripping juice onto the bed. Rod sensed my increasing randiness. He reached over to the night stand, grabbed a butt-plug and inserted it firmly into my asshole so no cream would escape. Then he reached under me and began tickling my clit. He diddled my wet clit with his finger, tapping it in a nasty Morse Code, occasionally moving down to spread my pussy lips and finger me. I could barely keep my position and was very close to coming.

"Do you like my fingers in your pussy, Baby? Does my finger feel good on your horny little clit? I love playing in your pussy almost as much as I like ramming my hard cock up your sweet ass!"

"You know I love it, Daddy. I love it when you tickle my wet clit with your nasty finger. I'd wish you'd stick your finger up my hot pussy and feel me come!"

But Rod was too focused on ass-play to care about what my pussy wanted. He squirted in the last bottle of lotion, and again I held it in. My ass was SO full, and I could feel Rod's big hard-on banging against my cheeks. I knew it was time for my reaming. "Could you stick your cock in my ass now, please, Daddy?" I begged.

"So you want my cock, now, Annie? Right now? Because I'm gonna give it to you. That's right, Baby. I'm gonna put this hard cock up your ass...... right.... NOW!"

I kept my hold clenched a bit so the cream would stay in, as Rod grabbed my waist and rubbed his fat cock between my ass cheeks. As soon as his big mushroom-head was at my hole, I relaxed and he shoved it in. I gasped with delight at the sensation of his anal invader inside my super-slippery lotioned-asshole.

Rod sank in, balls-deep, then began to fuck my ass, pulling his cock almost all the way out, then shoving it back in, over and over.

"Oh... shit.... OH.... SHIT!...... it feels so fucking GOOD!......FUCK... FUCK! .... it's so slick!..... SHIT!.......oh oh oh oh .... your ass is so wet, Baby, it feels SO FUCKING GOOD!..... clench your hole for me.... clench it!......THAT'S IT!.... milk my cock with your asshole, bitch! .... you're such a nasty slut...... that's it, Baby, milk my big cock ..... OH GOD, I'M GONNA CUM.... I'M GONNA CUUMMMMMM.....!!!

Rod shot his huge load up my ass at the same time I pushed the warm lotion out all over his cock and thighs. He let out a whoop as his cock spasmed inside my bunghole. I came with volcanic f***e at the same time, in a mind-blowing anal orgasm!

As soon as we were done coming, Rod quickly put a large pillow under me so I could rest, but still keep my ass up. I knew what he wanted. He spread my cheeks apart and looked right at my asshole. It was gaping open at least 2 inches and puckering in and out with the spasms from my orgasm.


I turned over onto my back and sexily spread my legs. My ass was satisfied, but my pussy still needed tending. I took my finger, stuck it up my twat and pulled out some sweet pussy juice.

"Wanna taste, Daddy? Here's a different kind of cream!"

Rod sucked my finger like it was a popsicle. He said, "MMMMmmm.... sweet.....more ...."

He shoved his face between my splayed legs and started to lick my pussy and clit. He stuck two fingers into my wet pussy hole, fucked me a bit, then reached for my G-spot and started massaging.

"That's it, Daddy.... tickle my G-spot.... diddle me..... finger-fuck my horny pussy, that's it..... I'm so wet... look how wet you make me, Daddy ..... oh, I'm cumming.... I'm CUMMIIIIIIIING!"

I came hard, and my pussy squirted hot, sweet jizz directly into Rod's waiting mouth, as his fingers felt my pussy contractions.

We finally lay back on the bed, trying to catch our breath.

"I love your sweet, gaping asshole, Annie! There's no one as nasty as you. You're my anal queen!"

I just smiled, as my asshole and pussy spasmed one last time. "My asshole was made to gape for you, Baby. You can come to my back door anytime!"

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3 years ago
oh that was so naughty.
3 years ago
Great story!! Can't wait to read more
3 years ago
damn would love to fuck your ass sometime
3 years ago
why cant ausie girl be that dirty men only dream that shit would happen to them 6/10
3 years ago
Such a naughty lady. I love it.
3 years ago
I do love a girl that loves anal as much as I do.