Bressa's Birthday Orgy

The name's Roy. My hot, young wife over there is Bressa. That's right, Bressa. And she's got 'em, too. Bra size 36DDD - big, pear-shaped tits, with long, hard nipples just dying to be sucked. And suck 'em, I do. I suck the hell out of 'em every chance I get.

And don't get me started on her pussy! Pink, tight and very wet. Bressa gets a Brazilian every couple-a weeks to keep that pussy bald and slick, just how I like it. It's great how having no pussy hair makes her big clit stick out, like it's just waiting for my tongue. Damn, I love sucking on that clit while I finger her wet snatch, in and out, in and out, until she comes, screaming, as I feel her pussy squeezing my fingers. Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

I met Bressa at Titty City, the strip bar out near the Interstate. In our state, thank God, the girls can go "full commando," and Bressa was the star of that action, that's for shit-sure. The girl just loves being naked! When Bressa took the stage, it was full-on cock tease, until she finally stripped off her bra and G-string and really went to town. No other gal there could do it like Bressa. She'd whip her honey-blond hair around like she was in heat, giving all the guys the sexy eyes as she pinched her nipples and humped her twat up and down the pole, leaving a snail-trail of pussy juice. She's end her act by sticking a long candy sucker up her snatch, fuck herself with it until she came, then pull it out and suck it dry. Many a man would have to run out to his car for a jerk-off after seeing THAT show!

Bressa and I got hitched four years ago, and our sex life's been hot as hell ever since. The girl is insatiable! Even after a 20-minute grind on my meaty nine inches, she always wants more. She's always up for a nice, sloppy blow job or some hot anal action. And her skill with toys is nothing short of magic! You haven't lived until you've seen my Bressa put on a dildo show. Sometimes she'll tease her naked pussy with a big, rubber dong as we drive down the interstate, searching for lonely truckers to entertain. Is it any wonder I'm always smilin'?

For her birthday this year, I wanted to do something extra-special for my girl. I thought about it for awhile, and remembered how she'd blush and her gorgeous blue eyes would glaze over every time I k**ded her about "loaning" her to my poker buddies. So what better birthday gift than sharing her with the guys?

Every week on poker night, my four buddies, Frank, Ed, Don and Wes come over and Bressa plays hostess. She'll wear something sexy and seems to love it when the boys notice.

After some beers, Wes usually starts, saying something like, "Damn, Roy, just look at those titties on your wife! I'd give a week's pay just to suck on a nipple! You're one lucky bastard!"

Then Ed would chime in, "Hell, I'd put my idiot nephews through college for just a glimpse of her pussy!"

"Down, boys!" I'd say. "Don't make me get the hose!"

Bressa would giggle and roll her eyes, but I knew that talk turned her on. After poker was over, we'd have our own little "poke-her"party, and her pussy was always drippin' wet.

On Birthday night, I told Bressa to wear something extra-slutty for the boys, and she didn't disappoint. She wore a sheer, pink scarf as a top, simply dr****g it across her tits and tying it into a bow at her back. You could plainly see her big nipples through the flimsy fabric.

On the bottom she wore a scanty, pleated cheerleader skirt, with no panties. Her hair was up in a long ponytail, she had pussy-pink polish on her toes and wore her favorite Lucite "fuck me" platform heels. Wow! The boys would have instant hard-ons tonight!

Frank had called earlier to beg off, saying he had a hangover, but Ed, Wes and Don were right on time. As soon as they saw Bressa, their eyes about popped outta their heads.

"Holy crap, Bressa, look at you! You tryin' to give ol' Don a heart attack or somethin'?" Don had to steady himself in the doorway, and I could see he was already tenting his pants.

"JEEZ! Nice outfit, Bress! Does it come with oxygen?" said Ed.

Wes just stared, absently running his tongue over his lips.

"Evenin' boys! Glad you approve!" said my sexy wife.

We sat down and I began to deal. Bressa served drinks all around, at one point dropping some napkins and bending over to pick them up, giving the guys a great view of her pussy slit. I smirked, knowing we'd never get through one hand if Bressa was gonna pull stunts like that. I decided to let the games begin.

"Hey, boys, today's Bressa's birthday! And I've decided to give her a great gift - all of YOU!"

Bressa inhaled excitedly and said, "Oh, Roy, do you MEAN it?"

"Yup, honey, I sure do. I know you've always wanted to put on a show for the guys, so here's your chance!"

All three of the boys looked at me with disbelief, but I simply nodded my head and threw out one arm in a welcoming gesture.

"Have at her, fellas!"

And with that, the flood gates opened. Bressa's unspoken desire to fuck other men in front me was too much for her to bear. She hopped up on the game table and started to do a sexy shimmy, as the guys freed their cocks from their pants. I pushed my chair back from the table to get a better look. I had the best seat in the house!

Bressa swirled her hips and caressed her titties like the pro she had been. She wagged her sweet ass in Wes's face and swung her barely-covered boobs back and forth in front of Don. Suddenly, Ed swept the cards and chips from the table and said, "Get down here, girl!"

My gal untied her top, releasing her mammoth hangers, as Ed slid her skirt down her silky legs. All three men gasped as Bressa stood before them on the table, naked. She spread her pussy lips apart with two manicured fingers so they could get a good look at her pink. ("That's my nasty girl," I thought!) They pulled her down onto the table, and all hell broke loose.

Wes headed straight for the tits. Bressa held one up to his lips and he hungrily licked and sucked her nipple. She moaned, pushing on his head and urging him to suck harder. Don made a beeline for her other tit, pinching and tonguing the nipple. Ed got between her splayed legs and ran a finger up and down her slit, just dipping into her wetness, careful to only tease. All this hot play made Bressa start to squirm all over the table, so Ed pulled up a chair and began "eating at the Y."

Wes and Don kept massaging and sucking Bressa's sweet titties, as Ed began to lick and finger her dripping snatch. By this time, I couldn't help but release my own cock from my pants and began stroking it to the action on the table in front of me.

My nasty wife urged us all on with sexy little sounds, saying, "Oh yeah, JUST like that, Daddy... uh huh, uh huh, uh huh... that's it... lick my clit! LICK IT! FASTER! NOW SUCK IT! Don't stop! Lick it... lick it... now suck it, baby, oh, SUCK IT! Yeah... yeah..... yeah.... now put your fingers in my pussy! THAT'S it! Finger fuck me, Daddy! Oh, oh, oh, GOD, it feels so fucking good! OH, DADDY, I'M GONNA CUM! I'M GONNA CUM! I'M GONNA CUUUUUMMM..!!!"

And with that, Bressa let out a squeal and started to buck like she was riding a bronc. Ed must have found her G-spot, because she squirted about a pint as she came, completely covering his face. He just smiled and licked his lips, keeping his fingers in her pussy so he could feel her shiver. She came again in a second-strike explosion, just from Ed diddling inside her twat.

Don and Wes had left their titty task to stroke their cocks and watch Bressa come. I was doing the same. As she erupted, the three of us shot off in a row, like a three-gun salute, all over Bressa's gorgeous chest. She took one manicured finger and brought our cum up to her lips, saying, "MMMMmmmm.... dessert!" as she sucked her finger.

The night continued, with Bressa giving her best whorish blow-jobs to Ed, Don and Wes in turn, as I reached in to tickle her clit and nipples. Then the boys led her over to the divan and really fucked her. Ed fucked her mouth as Wes rammed his cock in and out of her tight pussy. Then both of them watched as Don fucked her ass from behind as she cried out, "Yeah... yeah... that's it! Fuck my ass, Daddy! Ream me! I've been a bad little slut! Fuck my tight little bung hole! I'm such a nasty girl, Daddy! That's right! Bang my asshole! Harder! HARDER!!"

After everyone left that night - spent and happy - I took Bressa to the bath and gave her a loving cleansing, making sure every nook and cranny was clean and cum-free. She asked me to give her a birthday douche, and I gently snaked the nozzle into her pussy to make sure she was clean inside, too.

As we lay in bed, Bressa thanked me for the hot time. "It was the best birthday EVER, Daddy! But poor Frank!"

Poor Frank, indeed! Once he hears about tonight, that's the last time HE'LL call in sick to poker!

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3 years ago
now thats a great B-Day!!