My Parent's Anniversary

I'm located in Delhi and both of my parents are working with MNCs and they are amongst the top rank officials. My dad is Vice-President (Marketing) in one of the finest Cellular Co. and my mom is General Manager (Admn.) in a construction company. They both frequently go abroad for their work. We live in a Dual flat as we purchased two adjoining flats and made them common by a separate entry from inside. We are four f****y members i.e. Dad-Mom-My Elder s*s-Myself. My mom and dad always try to remain fit. My mom in particular is a busy bee. As soon as she woke up she heads towards the gym room where Jimmy, our Pvt. Instructor comes sharp at 7am. Usually we all do gym but my mom remains with Jimmy, our instructor in strict sense and never misses a day for keeping herself in shape. But still she is a bit plump but not amongst fats. Actually she is a kind of very very hot MILF. She is 5'6", 62kg, shoulder hairs, dark brown eyes and creamy white complexion. She wears a 36D size bra (u know how i got her size) and in total she is 36D-29-38 and my Dad is also amongst the fit ones.
Last month my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Since this was their silver jubilee one, the whole f****y, was very much excited. We planned for a big party and it all started at about 7:30 in the evening. Various relatives, as they are from the same city, came in the evening. Various friends of my mom and dad from society and office also dropped in. Our bar was successfully catering the needs of every guest and at about 9:30 the music started to play louder as DJ started to play fast dance songs. The whole f****y including friends, parents, relatives started to dance. I was also dancing with all of them and i was feeling the good effect of 3-4 drinks I had.
Then i noticed my mom in a very unusual way. She was wearing a yellow Saree with a low neck cut blouse. I was not able to see the front cut of her blouse as it was covered with her pallu, which was nicely pinned up. But i could guess that Jimmy, the instructor, with whom she was dancing senseless, was having a feast of his life as i noticed him staring time and again on her breasts (He must have been doing it daily in the Gym Room also.) Soon both of them were joined by my dad and my dad said something to both of them and no sooner did he say that something, my mom casually slapped on the shoulder of my dad and gave a wicked smile and the Guy was having a surprising look on his face and then he also gave a sheepish smile and my dad left. I felt something in the air and started noticing the things and development closely. After my dad had left to fetch his next drink they started dancing more closely to each other. I looked for my dad and saw him smiling at Jimmy and Jimmy smiled back to him. Then my dad moved to the DJ assistant and said something in his ear. Soon the lights in the hall were dimmed to almost negligible and the only light was a blinker which was giving the vague and faint idea as to what was happening in the big hall.
After sometime, I found Jimmy, my mom and my dad dancing in a trio. My mom was in between Jimmy and my dad. She was facing my dad and her back was at Jimmy. My dad pushed mom and Jimmy against the crowd. There were no more places for Jimmy to pierce the crowd more and then my dad hugged my mom and kept his chin on her shoulder and signed Jimmy to come closer at my mom's back as he pushed her more in the front of Jimmy. NOW my mom was sandwiched between Jimmy and dad. I looked here and there if anyone else was also inspecting them as closely as i was doing but everyone was busy in dancing, gossiping, having drinks, laughs and so like things. I was able to see the thing in such a dim light so clearly that i did not miss every single move of them.
I was sure that my mom was feeling the hard on of Jimmy right between her big buttocks, which was being pressed by my dad's pushes. I noticed my dad again said something in my mom's ear and she left the place and went to the adjoining flat where our gym is located. I just saw her entering in the gym room and closed the door and then my dad said something to Jimmy and his jaw opened and my dad gave a pat on his shoulder and again said something and they both shook their hands. Jimmy also left for the adjoining flat and entered in the Gym room and THERE butterflies started flying in my tummy. I quickly made my move and went towards the cabinet adjoining the kitchen and took out the duplicate keys of adjoining flat and went out side of the flat where the party was on full swing just to show my dad that I was going out for some work and did not follow Jimmy to the gym room.
As soon as I get out of the flat, I quickly opened the main door of the adjoining flat using duplicate keys and sneaked into the other flat. But I thought myself to be a big fool on two accounts. Firstly, I thought that the adjoining flat will be empty but there were already 7-8 persons in the hall of the other flat which must have come from the entry, which was inside the two adjoining flats from where my mom and Jimmy came. Secondly, I had to pass that wide double door separating two flats, from where the dance party was clearly visible. But a thought struck in my mind that firstly, my dad saw me moving out of the flat, so it doesn't matter who else was sitting in the adjoining flat moreover, I didn't know them and presumed that they also don't know me. Secondly, I was taking on the risk so no need to afraid of as my risk was much lesser than what my mom was taking. Then I twisted the knob of the door of the gym and it opened and I was taken aback as I didn’t mean to enter so bluntly and bust on them. Since luck was favoring me that day, I didn’t find them in the Gym room. But, certainly they entered in front of my eyes in the Gym room. Then I gave a second thought and got it sure that they are in the bathroom. I found myself again lucky as the bathroom was common for two rooms. I quickly came out of the Gym room and instantly went to the other room and opened the lock, and locked it from inside after entering in to it. Quietly I approached the door of the common bathroom, one door opening of which was in Gym Room and the other door opening was in the room in which I was present. I tried to hear the things and I heard very low whispers. My heart started to sink and I tried my best to find a hole-crack-ajar anything but failed.
Then I went out in balcony and looked at the back widow of bathroom. It was dead dark out side and I found the old A/C machine lying down the window and I stepped up on it and reached to the height of the widow. There was curtain on the glass but it was slightly ajar from the left side. AHHHHH......i got them. He was standing and my mom was sitting on toilet seat. Nothing was visible except his back towards me and she …..Yes she …..MY MOTHER was giving a blowjob to him. I didn’t see her actually sucking his dick. But what else she was doing…..certainly she was sucking his trainers cock. I saw them for quite some time and he kept standing keeping his one hand on his side and one hand I guess on my mom’s head. Then she raised her head and said be quick we don’t have much time and then I saw ….OHH..MY ….Gawd….i saw the front hooks of her blouse was opened and her black bra was hanging loose and her enormous tits were slightly visible through those opened clothes. I couldn’t see my mother’s nipples as they were still covered with that lucky bra and suddenly Jimmy grabbed her left boob and mashed it in his strong palm and she said ahhhh…..Jimmy….plz be slow….!! Then he made her stand and sucked her left boob, while she was stroking his cock, which was not visible to me. While he was sucking they get side ways and I saw the cock of Jimmy. He was not much big as I was expecting, he was normal just 6” or so but my mom was crazily stroking it. And then Jimmy left the tit of my mom and there is saw the jet black color big and thick nipple of my mother all wet by the saliva of Jimmy. She again said him to be quick and she herself put her hands under her saree and got the waist band of her underwear and rolled it down up to her knees and raised her saree. To be very honest I didn’t see anything except her creamy legs up to thighs and her black panties which were now resting between her knees. Jimmy pushed her facing against the wall and asked her to give back his big ass and pointed his cock downward of my mother’s ass and plunged it inside her. I didn't see in which hole he entered but he did enter and there was the scene where My respected mother of 46 years was facing the wall, her blouse was opened from front, her 36D” black bra was unhooked from back and hanging loose on her big free tits having jet black nipples, her saree was being lifted by one of her hand and her black panties were between her knees and her Gym trainer was giving the thrusts of his approx 6” cock from behind (must be in her cunt) and this all was done by the approval of my dad and me being there son was watching the anniversary proceedings whereas the party was still on in the house.
Then I saw Jimmy rubbed her clit (I guess so, I didn’t see) and then placed that finger on her lips(upper) and she sucked his fingers for quite some time. He started giving her strong and furious fucking and she closed her eyes tightly and said in a low voice….ok..okay..okay..Jimmy…just need 5-6 more stroke….i’m there Jimmy…..!!!...Ohh.. gawd… I’m gonnu cum…….yeah… and I guess she cummed. Then he plunged out his cock and sit on the toilet seat and he asked her to sit on his cock facing his back towards him. Ohh gawd….as soon as he sat on the toilet seat I saw his cock glistening with the juices of my mom and then I saw the most beautiful scene of the evening where my mom lifting up his saree showing me the full creamy thighs and a little bit of her “love triangle” as it was hiding between her sexy creamy thighs with her panties still in her knees, held his erect cock with his right hand and touched it with the opening of her cunt lips and started taking it by lowering herself on it and gave a low moan again. After giving 5-6 ups and downs on his cock, she stopped and tried to remove her panty but couldn’t and it remained entangled in the clips of her beautiful sandals but it allowed her to open her heavy creamy thighs and then I saw the big dark pink cunt of my mom which was absolutely clean shaved and its thick puffy lips were being parted by the brown colored cock of Jimmy, which was going in and out and he also stared rubbing her big boobs from behind which gave me full access of my mom’s tits, cunt and cock of Jimmy. Then I saw Jimmy grunting and holding my moms boobs tightly and i saw him giving quick thrusts and cummed in my mom's 46 years cunt and she in return did a few quick sit ups on Jimmy’s cock and got up trying to savor his thick, warm, gooey, sticky cum deep in her cunt but some spilled out and started trailing inside of her sexy thighs but to my utmost surprise she quickly caught hold of her panties and wore them up taking the cum trails back in her crotch area. She then let her saree fall and started hooking her bra and blouse and looked herself in the mirror and gave quick lick and suck to the now getting soft cock of Jimmy and quickly got out of the bathroom and Jimmy also settled his clothes and went out and I followed them.
Back in the hall the dance party was on full swing and I saw mom heading straight to her bedroom and I found Jimmy and my dad hugging and laughing and then finally they cheers to each other as if my dad thanked Jimmy for being the silver jubilee anniversary gift and I explored a new side of my parent’s life which is yet to be explored more :)

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3 years ago
wow.. hot story
3 years ago
loved the story buddy hope you get to give your mom a good workout with your dick.