Well Its a True story. Not like every other story who say its a true story...u can judge it from the facts which happened that night.
Hi, I'm Jimmy 23 yrs old virgin from New Delhi. I belong to the upper middle class f****y. My dad who is 49 is working in custom Department and is amongst the higher officials of the Department. I'm the second son of my parents. My Mom who is 46 is a housewife who always remains busy in the Kitty Parties, shoppings, gossips with her friends. My elder b*****r who is 2 yrs elder to me recently got a job in a renowned MNC in Bangalore and has started his career. At present i'm doing the MBA.
The story begins with the facts that my real cousin who is 29 yrs old was visiting us. He was to stay with us for 3 days for some training program he was getting from his company. We were having dinner at about 9pm when my dad received a call from the office regarding some heavy consignment of electronic goods being seized by the department at the airport. My dad instantly finished with the things and got ready and went off in the official car which was in our parking lot as my dad called the driver and he responded to the call instantly. So.....!!!! my dad was gone.
We also finished our dinner and me an my cousin went to our room which is on the first floor adjoining the room of my parents. We have a big house but I insisted my cousin to sl**p with me. My Cousin told me that he will be able to chat with me only for a while as he was very tired and need a sound sl**p and moreover he was to get up in the early morning to go for training. So, at about 10:30pm he told me that he was going to sl**p and he told me to switch off the lights and asked me to sl**p too because the next morning I was to drop him to the Metro station at 6:30am. So we retired to our bed.
In the mid night or so I woke up and found that my cousin was not beside me. I thought he must be in the bathroom as the bathroom light was on. I checked the time in my mobile phone it showed 11:45pm and I went off again to sl**p. But I could not get a sound sl**p and again woke up and again found the bed beside me was still vacant. I again checked the time in my cell phone it showed 12:20am. I wondered and lately thought he must be in bathroom for a nature's "long call." I remained in the bed for a few more minutes and then i got up and and went downstairs and when I was passing through the corridor i saw that the light in my parents bedroom was being lit and the corridor was having some light as it was coming beneath the bedroom door of my parents. I could hear some human voices and as per voices I judged that my parents were doing some "personal business." I went downstairs and opened the fridge and took out a can of coke and came up stairs and again tip toed in front of the bedroom of my parents and came to my room. My cousin was still in the bathroom as the bathroom light was still on. I thought that Big b*****r was really having a bad stomach and came out to balcony smiling.
There i saw that the my dad's car was in the parking lot and the one of the main gate of the house was still open. I thought that after coming back from the airport and parking the car dad must have forgot to close it. BUT......!!!!! instantly it came to my mind that dad didn't go by his car. It was the official car who took the dad. Meaning thereby that he has not reached back till yet. As soon as the issue of one of the open main gate settled in my mind i felt that i was wrong somewhere. I quickly went to my room again found that my cousin was still not on bed or may be he is still in toilet as per my thinking. BUT what made him remain in for so long. I again watched the cell phone and it showed 12:30am. I was afraid of two things--1st my cousin was not well or must have fallen in the bathroom or must be lying u*********s and 2ND I was dying to think. So i rushed to the bathroom and knocked the door. There was no answer. I pushed the door a little and it opened and I found that no one was there. Now my 2ND thought for which I was dying to think about, actually created a picture in my mind.
Who is with mom in her bedroom and with whom those "personal business" voices were coming. At that moment my situation was of a 4 year old k** who was lost in a TOPLESS BAR. But I gathered my strength and once again reached to the balcony which was common for both the bed rooms. The AC fitted in my parents room was on. But i dared to go beside the AC and tried to find some cracks or holes in the ply or some gap between the AC and the Ply board. Think what i got....!!! A huge crack between AC and the ply board and i could see the light was still on and after the scene which i saw in the bedroom, i felt that the my heart started mind stopped working as if i'm in comma and my palms beginning to sweat.
Guys and Gals ....!!!! you are absolutely right Yesss...!!! My Mom was completely nude on her back on the edge of the bed and my cousin was ploughing right between her legs (actually her creamy thighs) and he was giving so huge n long strong thrusts ohh cummon... let me explain what i saw..... My mom was lying absolutely nude and her skin was looking so fair and her creamy thighs were on the either side of my cousin and i could see the big balls of my cousin slapping on the asshole of my mother with each strong stroke he was giving to my mom's cunt. I could hear her very low moans but was not able to hear properly due to the noise of A/C.
Then he took out of his cock and there....there i saw the huge cunt of my mother. It was absolutely clean shaved and even the asshole was looking so bright and dark pink. Her cunt was having big puffy lips but due to instant fuck they were wide open and her inner lips were clearly visible with a noticeable clitoris. Ohh.... i was looking at my own mom;s cunt. I didn't feel any guilty or something because at that time it was pure lust and she was looking like a pure whore of my cousin. Then i had the privilege to look at my cousin's cock who was serving my mother's needs. I was stunned to see my cousin's cock. It was about 9" thick with a bulbous mushroom head being the cock crown. Ohh... he made my mom stand up and there i watch my mom's huge breasts. They were so very well shaped and pinkish brown nipples were decorated on those huge melons. I saw her standing complete nude and she was looking very sexy and hot with nice huge boobs and a lilt plump belly nice creamy thighs and the he said something to her and she placed her right leg on the bed and one leg remained on the floor. Wow...!! i could see her ass... it was big.... very fair... and yes yes...well shaped but suddenly her ass was covered by the brown ass of my cousin and he put one finger in her cunt and then positioned his heavy duty cock on the opening of my mom's cunt and started entering in her vagina from behind and this time my mom looked behind at him and said a bit louder "fuck me hard" ohh gawd...!!! At that moment i remembered that i too have a dick i immideatly put my hand in my shorts and found my rock hard 5" cock and started jerking it. There they were fucking in a standing position. She again looked back at my cousin and said him to do faster. He replied that uncle is not going to come till morning so why she wanted fast. Then the thing which she said made me think that i was the son of this beautiful slut. She said. "ohh... plz i want to cum again." My god she wanted to come second time...or may be third time.
My cousin said "OK Darling" and he started to fuck her vigorously. Now i can clearly hear the moans and ooohhhhsss......... and aaahhhhhssss....of my mom. While watching both of them i could see that her pink bra and black panties were also lying on the bed. Her night gown was lying on the floor where as i couldn't find the shorts and t-shirt of my cousin. They must be on the other side of the bed. Then My mother screamed in low voice.... oohhhh.......plz...plz..... a bit more.....ahh gawd... u fuck so full........oh.. my gawd...i'm close... plz give some more quick strokes......yes... yes....ohh...yessss...!!!!! and i i' was sure ...she came and her whole body tensed and she fell on the bed and my cousin didn't let his cock out of her pussy...and he continued fucking her as she quickly raise her ass in air to have better access to my cousin while lying in bed and her face down in the cushions. Then he said "ohh... aunty...i'm gonnu cum".... she screamed "cum deep in me" and i cud see the ass cheeks of my cousin twisted as he cummed deep in my mom's cunt as per her directions. Both remained lying there taking deep breaths. Then my cousin got up and withdrew his spent cock from my mother's vagina and I cud see a gush of cum spilled out as soon as he took out his huge cock from my mom's big puffy clean shaved cunt. Then she also stood up and smiled at my cousin. My cousin lay on his back and my mom started talking with her. Now I could see my mom in full length, she looked so satisfied....her freshly fucked cunt was still oozing cum and the trails of my cousin's cum was clearly visible on her sexy and creamy thighs. well....!!! she didn't go to bathroom to clean up the mess and pointed the finger towards my cousin to get up and go to my room. My cousin refused and asked her to suck his cock. (I didn't hear but i could guess by the movements what he was demanding from my mom.) My mom gave a wicked smile and went to the bed on her elbows and her boobs touched his hairy thighs and she took her spent cock in her mouth and may be she started cleaning my cousin's cock. She just gave 4-5 heads and licks and she got up and insisted him to get up and go. He stood up and started finding his clothes.
I quickly got up and went to my room and pretended to be asl**p. After 3-4 minutes my cousin entered the room tip toed and climbed the bed and quickly fell asl**p leaving me alone with my memories of what i just watched a few minutes back.
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very good story
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nice story
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nice story
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