Slut wife shared with strangers in hotel

I adore my wife, Sofia. She is a true British hot girl. Tall, long, fit legs, Has a round, firm arse made for slapping and squeezing and firm, natural breasts. She is pretty in a hot, sexy way. I see how other guys look at her and I know what they’re thinking. (I bet she’s a good fuck!) She oozes sex appeal. She is one hot girl but is modest with it. She doesn’t know it (or so I thought).

We have a great sex life and we like to keep it fresh. Sexy lingerie, toys, porn and filthy talk. We share each other’s fantasy’s. She confessed once she fantasises about ‘’getting ruined by more than one bloke’’ She really gets off when I tell her story’s of her getting fucked all over when we are getting down and dirty.

Sofia and i recently went for a night away in Wakefield. We went on the town, drank and danced. Sofia had really gone to town with her outfit. White crisp, tight blouse unbuttoned to show a little bra and cleavage, short plaid checked skirt which only just covered her pert bum and killer red heels, and bright red lipstick. She looked so damn sexy. Wow!!

So we’re in this bar when she went to the ladies. Two young great looking girls came and stood next to where I was sitting and we got talking. One of the girls kept touching my shoulder and back in a flirty way. I had no intentions of chatting them up but I enjoyed the conversation. I didn’t know it but my wife had come out the bathroom and was watching me from the other side of the club. The girls left and my wife returned. She got mad with me and accused me of chatting these girls up and flirting with them! We ended up leaving the club before things got out of hand and words turned into an argument.

We were waiting for a taxi when these two guys asked where we were going. They were staying at the same hotel as us and asked if they could share a ride. I said yes and we returned to the hotel. We had a chat outside the hotel and we were all laughing and joking. They were good company. I told them we had some beers in our room and they kind of invited themselves back. No problem, the night was still flowing….
After a good few beers and hilarious conversation it was daylight.

I was outside having a smoke with the guys. I still don’t know why I came out with it but i asked them if they thought my wife was fit. They both said fuck yeah! I dont know why but i said 'fancy seeing if we can talk her into taking it three ways?' They enthusiastically agreed. One of the guys said wait a minute, got his limp cock out and asked if i thought she'd like it. It was fucking huge! I said lets see how things pan out mate.

A couple more beers later she was getting loud and boisterous and i started asking questions about sex!...What’s your weirdest experience, ever had a threesome, etc, etc. I could tell Sophia was enjoying the talk. She seemed was probing for more detail about what was being said…

The guys went outside for a smoke and i asked my wife if she fancied getting taken from all directions. She said 'i cant believe you're even suggesting that!' but at the same time i could tell she was getting turned on by the thought. I could see it in her face and the way she was rubbing her thighs together.

She went to the loo and i hatched a plan with these two guys. ‘’I'll go the the shop for some beers and leave you three here.’’ See what happens… I had an idea my wife would look to see if i'd really gone. i gave my number to one of the guys and told him to text 'clear' when she thought i'd left. The shop was 30 mins walk there and back. Our room was ground floor, before I left i I left a gap in the hotel curtain..

Sure enough my wife did check i'd gone and i got a message 'clear' I had some beers in the car in the car park. She was unaware of this… I picked these up and went straight back. I'd been gone 5 minutes when i got back to the outside of the room.

I peered through the curtains. Nothing happening. I lit up a smoke and cracked a beer open waiting. i looked again and she was sat on the edge of the bed with her legs open, short skirt and she'd put stockings on!! the guys were playing it cool. Then something was said by her. one of the guys got up and it looked like he was undoing her necklace (which he later told me she said she was struggling with.) I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw slide his hand down her body and put his hand on her knee, she opened her legs further to show even more of what was up her short skirt.

Crisp, white, tight fitting satin panties. His hand moved up her thigh until he was toughing her pussy through her panties. She was squirming on the edge of the bed edging forwards so her skirt rode up. She put his hand on the inside of his thigh them moved it up and started rubbing his crotch, I could see his massive cock straining inside his jeans. She pushed him back away from her so he was stood maybe a foot away from her and said something. He undid his jeans and took his fat, erect cock out. Her eyes lit up and she bit her lip in a lustful way. She said something else and he immediately starting wanking his shaft right in front of her.

She waved his mate over. I don’t know what she said. E looked nervous. He stepped forwards then he got his throbbing cock out. It was even bigger than the other guy’s cock.!!! They both leaned towards her. I had a great angle. She reached forwards with both hands, wrapped her delicate fingers around their meaty dicks and started wanking them off simultaneously. She then pulled them both to her mouth and started sucking one then the other. When she’s in the right mood Sofie really gives a mean blowjob and when she’s horny, really horny does deepthroat, I could see her forcing one then the other of them down her throat then cramming them both in her mouth f***efully and greedily at the same time (one of her favourite, untried ‘until now’ fantasies)!!..two, fat, stiff pricks on her mouth and loving it….

She then got up, in a very sexy way, walked over to the armchair, turned her back to them, said something else then slowly lifted one knee onto the chair bent over the chair and one of the guys got behind her. I saw him pull her panties to one side and slide his big fat cock into her dripping pussy, I saw it sink right in, she looked round at him and gasped in exstacy. Her mouth was wide open. The other guy went round the front of her. She grabbed his throbbing glands and greedily took his long, fat, meaty cock in her mouth,

These two lads spit roasted her for a good 5 / 10 minutes. It was hard, and uncomfortably (for me) brutal…. They hammered her hard, fast and mean. I was shocked, excited and jealous all at the same time. My heart was racing and my head pounding with adrenaline.

With shaking hands i texted her saying 'i'll be back in 5' She grabbed her phone then threw it down. Two minutes later they withdrew, pulled their jeans up and sat back on the seats. I walked in and she was sat legs crossed, looking as if nothing has happened. I played dumb and carried on as I knew nothing. I never even let on that i'd noticed she had put her stockings on. We carried on drinking. I went outside for a smoke with the boys and asked how they’d got on. They were pumped and complimented me on what a truly hot wife I had, I could tell they were desperate to blow their loads….. I said lets play it cool and see how it goes…..

After another half and hour of general bullshit conversation she announced that we were out of cigarettes. The two guys were out too. She played it cool and offered to go to the shop to get some. I knew what she was playing at. She wanted me to go and she knew I would offer. I played the game after a false protest and said i would go and asked if she would like to come with me. She took me into the bathroom and whispered it would be foolish to leave these two guys alone in our room, she didn’t trust them like that. She said ‘I’ll stay and keep an eye on them’…yeah right!!

I walked out the door. 3 minutes later I get the text ‘clear’ (she had checked on me again, cheeky fucker!!!)

I went to the lobby and paid over extortionate vending machine prices for smokes, then straight back to the window. I couldn't believe it.. Both guys laid on there backs with their legs raised…. with her fingering their asses while she sucked their hard cocks!!! How did that happen?... Never expected that one! Filthy slut!

Then she climbed up and mounted one of them, rode his cock reverse cowgirl style. I could see his huge, hard cock pumping in and out of her soaking pussy frantically! The other started feeding his big, fat dick into her greedy mouth. She was loving it… They used and abused her for another 15 miutes. i then text her, 'be back in 5' As soon as she read it she made them stand in front of her and started wanking and sucking both cocks vigourously! I could see them both twitching and bucking then one after the other they shot there huge loads in her mouth. Three minutes flat! Spunk was drippling down her chin. She wiped it up with her fingers and drank every last drop. They hurridley made themselves presentable by the time i opened the door.

Again i played it cool. I asked if she wanted to come for a smoke with me, which she did. We were standing outside when i went to kiss her. She drew away from me looking worried. I asked her what was wrong. She said 'nothing baby' i said well kiss me then. She obviously didn't want me to taste her filthy mouth and tongue!....We kissed and i could taste a salty numbing taste of cum.

I pulled away and said 'have you been doing something while i was out?' She said 'no baby' I looked down and said 'why have you got your stockings on then?' She replied 'i thought it might turn you on!' Cheeky , snide, lying bitch!

I played it cool and told her it worked for me. i put my hand up her skirt. Her panties were soaking, and I mean soaking wet through! i asked her 'why are you so wet?' she told me she had been having naughty thoughts about what i had suggested earlier. I said lets do it! Come on…..

We went back inside. I lay on the bed. She whispered to me ‘lets try something?’. Got some other stockings from her case and started to tie my wrists to the headboard of the bed saying it was just for a laugh...Hands tied, I opened my mouth to speak. She put her finger to my lips and said ‘shhh’ She stood up and slid her panties off, rolled them into a ball and stuffed them in my mouth. ‘Shut the fuck up’, she snarled…

‘No fucking words from you Mr!’ This may hurt a bit but you’re gonna watch!’

I couldn’t believe how she took control from there. She told both guys to get naked. Then she went in her case, took out some two pairs of stocking and two pairs of panties. ‘Put these on!’ The two guys did what she said…’Hmmm, I like that!’ she said. She then took a lighter, burnt a hole in the crotches of her silky panties just big enough to free their fat cocks and heavy balls. She then got her hair bands out and wrapped them round their cocks and balls. Home made cock rings. I didn’t know she could be so inventive, filthy bitch!! ‘Watch this’ she said. ‘I love to see pulsing, veiny, fat cocks, just like in porno’s’…. With the hair bands wrapped tight, both their cocks they became incredibly fat, full of bl**d and gnarley.;….’Baby, what are you doing?’ I muffled….. ‘Just what you want me to do’ she said. ‘Now let me have my fun!’

She crouched over me, removed her panties from my mouth and ordered me to lick her pussy… was flooding with her sweet juices.’fucking spit on my arse!’ I obeyed. Then she the laid on her side so I had full view She then ordered one of the guys to fuck her arse. ‘Take my filthy arse but take it easy please’ My husband wouldn’t appreciate you hurting me’… It was uncomfortable for her. She pushed him away, re-adjusted herself so her perfectly formed arsehole was right in my face. ‘Tongue fuck it…as deep as you can!!’ she ordered… I obliged, pressing my tongue as far into her arse as possible. ‘Make it wet, go on, spit all over it!’ she barked…I greedily ate her arsehole and gobbed all over it until my saliva was dribbling down he arse cheeks. ‘good boy’ she said…She then shuffled down, climbed on top and sat on this guys cock easing it into het tight hole. I could see it disappear into balls deep into her arse. ‘fucking hell, that’s a fat cock”’ she moaned. She started slow, ‘I don’t know if I can do this baby, what do you think?’ she politely asked. ‘bang him hard and fast you fucking filthy whore’ was my answer….’Whatever you say’ she said. She started to speed up and as she got used to it rode him hard and fast. ‘Aghhh, fuck yeeeah!’ She was squealing and moaning loudly and rubbing her clit frantically… ‘It feels so good’ she moaned.

She turned to the other guy, ‘I want you in my mouth!’, He readily accommodated her order, offered himself to her face and fed his long, hard, fat cock into her mouth. She grimaced and buckled, held his cock against her cheek and screamed loudly..’fuuuuuuck! I’m comiiiing!’ She writhed uncontrollably as her orgasm took over….. ‘ahhhhhhhh, yessssss!!!!’

Her orgasm subsided….‘I don’t know if I can take his full length in my mouth baby, if I untie you will you help me?’ I nodded then she leaned forwards and untied me…. I stood up and asked her how I could be of assistance. She continued to steadily bounce up and down with a fat cock up her arse.. ‘Wrap your left hand fingers around the base of his cock and balls then put your right hand on the back of my head and feed his meat all the way down my throat’…. I obliged and tried feeding him into her. It went about three quarters of the way in when she gagged and pulled away. ‘It won’t go’ she complained. ‘I want it all’…. ‘Let me help’ I said. I mustered up a mouth full of spit and spat it in her mouth…..’Spit all over his cock and put your hands behind you and grab your heels’ She followed my instructions. ‘now take a deep breath and stick you tongue out’ …’fucking hell, you know your shit,’ the guy said with a smile on his face. ‘ too right mate, she’s gonna take it ball’s deep before I’m done’ I told him.

She inhaled then I held the base of his cock tightly and pushed her head onto him. Nearly all the way down and she pulled away, eyes watering. Before she had a chance to speak I repeated the movement more f***efully until her tongue was on his ball’s. She gagged, tried to pull away but I held her there for a few seconds. I swear her face started to go blue! I let go she ejected his fat cock form her mouth. Saliva was dripping down her chin and her tits, she gasped for a few breaths. ‘You want it, you’re gonna have it!’ I said f***efully. I grabbed a handful of her hair then ordered him to fuck her face. I pushed her forwards and pulled him into her. ’Fuck her mouth, go on, fuck it’ He grabbed her head with both hands and thrust his cock in and out of her, full length for about thirty strokes. When she finally pushed him away it was a flem filled mess, spit was flying out of her mouth, tears running down her face…’is that what you wanted?’ I asked…’fuck yeah!’ was her reply….

Now I want cum in my mouth if that’s ok with you. I started wanking my cock then she looked at me and said ‘not yours you fucking idiot, we can save that for later’ I was so fired up and frustrated but she insisted I was not allowed to cum. Then she said ‘wait a second, I’ll do you a favour.’ She withdrew that fat cock form her arse. Stood up, turned around then plunged herself back on it facing away from her fuck mate. Leaned back then said ‘stick you’re meat in my cunt you fucker!’ I want all my holes fucked at the same time’ I positioned myself in front of her and awkwardly fed my cock into her pussy. I could feel his cock thrusting against mine through her pussy wall. I fucked her hard and fast. She screamed, pushed and me away. She spasmed and shook then squirted all over me!. This was the first time she’s ever squirted. She screamed, yelled and gasped as she projectile, ejaculated her fluid across the room. Once she got her breath back she gave me the signal to fuck her again. Both her holes were full of cock meat, the other guy stood on the bed and fucked her mouth. ‘You greedy fucker, you love it don’t ya?’ I snarled. With a throat full of cock she nodded her head.
Both guys at the sane time said they were ready to come. She climbed off the bed, got on her knees and grabbed both their cocks, wanking and sucking the furiously. She bent forwards on her knees, ‘Fill my cunt with your fingers baby’…I slid three fingers into her, then four, she wriggled and pushed against my hand. ‘Faster, harder!’ she ordered

‘Now come all over me you fuckers!’ she ordered. Both guys started to buck and moan at the same time. As they did this I f***ed my full fist into her stretched cunt and started to fist her hard and fast. She let out a loud gasp at exactly the same time as the two guys. I turned my face sideways on and watched my beautiful wife take two monster loads of spunk in her mouth, over her face, in her hair and on her glorious tits. She was bathed in the milky stuff.
She wiped what she could up with her fingers and greedily ate as much as she could.
We all laid for a while recovering. The two guys said they had to go. Got dressed and left. My wife and I fell to sl**p in a d***ken sex fuelled hedonistic rush.

A few hours later I got a text. Thanks mate. If she wants another go let me know…….
I text him back. I will definitely be in touch fella. Thanks for making her fantasy come true…..
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Baddest fucking story i want this for my wife!