you gotta be preety special for me to accept invite :)
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I'm:horny 4u,
From:Porn city, United Kingdom
Languages:breathing heavy, moaning, grunting, pa
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Occupation:xxx sex addict, pornoholic, get my fix of porn
Star sign:Libra
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Eye color:Brown
About Me
I will only make/accept friends with you if....:

1. I feel like adding you
2. you add me and I feel your filthy enough to be a friend
3. because I like you or your profile
4. you communicate with me...even if we only ever chat filth
5. I feel like adding/ In the heat of the moment
6. cuz ya hotttttt physically or literally ahem lloll
7. we share common filthy interests
8. you want me to add you
9. u appeal to me somehow..my mind is mysterious so any thing can appeal to me sexually lol
10. because.. ya know.. its a porn site ;P

at present [for personal reasons] I am not or don't intend to add or accept random friend requests..if we chat for a while and both share common interest ill gladly add you..

if you wnt to be my friend talk to me otherwise do not add for the sake of adding..i dont see the point... saying that ill try my best to talk to all of u [on friends list]... :)

I have started to blog every so often..so check them out whilst your're here.. :)

Btw..please tell me why you wnt to add me before making a friend request..i just wna make sure we have similar interests...:) not that you fuckers follow this rule..

To the trannys out there...at this moment in my life I don't feel u..ie ur not my thing but some of u are kinda hot..im sure i'll get turned on by u one day.. I dnt feel horny enough to talk to u but when I do ul be glad I did..sorry for the mean time tho.. stay horny


WeLcOme To ThE 18+ cLuB ;P

FuCk thE RuLeZ....Dont like conforming much..the rebel in me hates it, the devil in me blocks it and the human in me just about tolerates it.

I'm a nice being tho..treat others as you would expect to be treated unless your a sub and love being a bitch then its fine..

During my time on xhamster..i've realised you are all dirty fukers and the world is full of horny ppl which is cool ;p furthemore, i have noticed im likeing new genres of porn and exanding my horizons of filth

My profile is in 2 parts.

The first part is an overview of what im like and into. This is for people who cba reading and just wna know basics.

The second part of my profile is a more detailed 'about me' section and may be long so take a seat:)

Part 1:

im into filth and have very little boundaries. I love sex in all shapes and forms and get turned on by it aswell. Im into softcore to extreme filth and not ashamed lool ;P

Some of the things that i like and interst me are:

missionary position sex
guys sucking tits and fingering pussy
hairy pussy and cock
vintage porn love it natural
amateur porn
milf porn
rough porn
sweaty sex
triple penetration
light bondage
hardcore porn
oh and wanking &
many many many more

dirtier the better

im into almost anything

Part 2: About me..

I've been wanking to this site a long time prior to joining recently. Why i joined im not sure but im glad i have. I know this is a porn site but personally i think by signing up you get more than just porn. You get to read about people and their interests. Rather than joining fb and other social networks this is a more intimate and personal network. This is because you learn about peoples darkest desires and their inner thoughts which you would hardly find on other social sites.
Hence im beginning to see this as more than just a porn site. Thats my personal view.

As a person id say i have a varied personality. Im generally a nice guy with reservations about allowing people into my personal and private life. I do have emotional barriers and only one person will be allowed through that door when the time is right. Saying that im open about my desires and fantasies etc ..i am on a porn site so gotta let that out..let the dragon of desire escape..

I am a laid back person and even though i can be shy at times and loud other times im friendly, welcoming and accepting.

I have varied interestes so lets start of with the non porn/sexual ones as the list is waaaaaaaay shorter.

I enjoy varied interests depending on my mood so some days i may be mellow and would be into a good movie or something social other times im more upfor something else like umm wanking and filth loool. Also like politics {British/mid eastern}, culture, languages and getting to know like minded ppl as said above..

But i do love my personal space at times i dnt like to be around people when im in the mood to be alone. I dont like to be crowded and everthing or somethng is in my face. Sometimes space is good.

What im into sexually..
well im into a lot of things and this is reflected in my fav videos. It would be easier to categorise them into straight porn and gay porn.Though the lines may cross and not necessarily be categories as i watch straight porn for the guys in there aswell:)

F.Y.I: Even though i like guys doesnt mean i cant enjoy straight porn either. My likes that i will mention are'my likes' and turn ons. They may not necessarily turn you on but thats understandable as we are all individuals with varied tastes. Thats what makes this place great :). If you like my taste then great if you dont then its cool aswell.

Straight porn:

missionary position sex. Why i love this is because it turns me on so fukin much. Other positions are great and i love them too but missionary is a big turn on for me. If im with a person id find it the most intimiate. Also in porn it looks hot when a guy is on top of a girl banging her and you get a great view of his ass and dik.Maybe thats why its my favourite lool.

guys sucking tits and fingering pussy. I find it horny watching guys suck tits and finger a pussy. I find it erotic and a turn on for me personally. I like the idea of a guy just suking and drinking away.

hairy pussy and cockI love it natural which leads me to....

vintage pornLike i said i love it natural and my favourite category here is the vintage one. I love this category of porn because even though i wasnt from the 70s/80s era that porn seemed more natural. The guys were hairy the girls were bushy and they look fukin hot. I dnt like the modern day look of shaved guys and girls its a turn on cuz they fukin but it lacks a certain flavour i feel of the golden era of porn in my opinion. I think also why im into this porn is because it was one of the first i saw when growin up. I found my bros porn collection and he had a lot of vintage. So i guess i just stuck to it i guess. like they say old is gold well the porn is lol.

amateur pornI like amateur porn because its not scripted. Its more real so you may see a few 'errors' and thats hot beacuse it looks more real and makes it more enjoyable. Plus its a break from porn if ya get what i mean.

milf porn I like milfs getting fucked and enjoying cock.

Preg porn love this type of porn find it a turn on. especially if the woman has breastmilk.

Euro porn Love watching french and italian porn for the hairy guys.

orgysThe more people the better. I jus love the idea of loads of people known or random jus fukin. Pure filth

swingersLove swingers for same reason as orgys. Just people out there enjoying a good old fuck with diff people. Like couples mixin like old and young and so on.

incestThis may not be everyones turn on but personally i love it. Iv heard mom get fucked since a kid and i find it a turn on listening to the moaning and creaking of the bed. Im into gay incest also but that will be mentioned in my 'gay likes'

creampiesI LOVE a guy comin up a pussy love the build up of the guy banging the pussy ready to explode. Love the look of a pussy creampied and cum oozing out after.

gangbangsFind them hot

rough pornSometimes porn can get boring if you watch it regularly. Its jst the good old cock in the holes. But rough porn adds a diff dimension to porn and gets me hard. I like a guy to dominate the girl and watch him fuk her till he cumz.

sweaty sexLove sweaty porn,especially in more vintage porns jus makes it look more real and fukin HOT.

triple penetrationMore cocks the better

light bondageAs a teen and now young adult growing up to porn has made me look at sex in a different way and has broadend my horizons to the various types of porn there is. Light bondage kinda turns me on and find it horny when im in the mood. Im not into bondage like full on bondage but like parts of it.

I also like British porn and filthy shit.lol

Vampire sex> whats that? well I think its my extension of bdsm drawin blood sukin it n fukin loooooooool

These are some of the types of straight porn that turn me on. There are plenty more but would be 2 long to mention. Also, this is an evolving list and so i may find smething else which turns me on which i havnt explored yet. But the above gives you a taste and why.


I have just become more depraved than previously possible or than I imagined...I find hentai horny finally!!!!!!!! but it has to be fucking filthy.

I also have another fetish/fantasy/idea/

I love the idea of fucking women/incest (moms,daughters young or old) in religious/spiritual/holy places....this may be perverse to some, but that's the thing that gets me horny..the wrongness of it..the rebellious nature of it..the devilish thoughts that pushes the barrier of taste and depravity and is a major turn on for me...may be just a phase but what a fucking phase..i'll give you an insight of what I mean..(if ur squirmish then don't carry on)

1. I love the idea of fuckin a muslim slut in a mosque..sharing her with the imam or letting him fuck her whilst in congregational prayer...all the men get naked n gangdfuk her and use her like a whore.

she may get preg in mosque and get fucked and used by any man..this can get more filthy but will save it for personal pms...

2. id love to fuck a slut in church with a priest..as she kneels on the alter sucking cock like a good slut..could be a nun could be any fkin whore as long as she got fucked n gangfuckd while priest in his robes..turning the place into a brothel..

3. fucking a hindu/Sikh girl preferably hairy in a temple and makin her squirt n moan loud as her mom sukin her dads cock getting horny...

4. a jewish rabbi fucking my mom or any whore in a synagogue mkin her suck his cock so deep she gags as he prays and fuks her mouth..

5. any other religious group/branch/thought would love to do the same as above...

no limits in this category and I don't know if anyone else is interested in this category of filth..let me know...

Gay porn

I like gay porn as guys turn me on. Iv been into guys since a teen and havent looked back. My earliest experience was wanking a male cousin off and i enjoyed it. Loved the feel of his hairy cock in my hand and mouth. Again these are 'my likes' and turn ons and may not appeal to you but if they do then great :)

Hairy guys I LOVE hairy men. I find them sexy and one of my biggest turn ons. My earliest experience has been with hairy guys and my first fuk was with a hairy guy i loved it and havent looked back. I just love everything there is about a hairy guy. You cant go wrong.

Moustaches and facial hairMay sound wierd but i kinda like the look lol. I find it horny and makes me hard so hey its in my likes.

Spit I like watchin guys spit over a cock or ass and lik or suk the cock.

sweaty guysIf they hairy and fukin and sweating that is soo fukin hot. Makes my mouth water.

Gay incestIv done many naughty things in my time and this is one of them. Wont mention what ive done but it is filthy. I can say is that iv sucked a cousin off. If you wana know more than i suggest you pm me :) I am filthy but somethings are 2 filthy.

Watersports Have tried it not a lot but i find it intresting.

cum yum lol

voyeur hell yeaah

OK, I have alot more interests in gay porn and find alot of it hot. Dont want to tire you out by going on and on and on... but i thought would be cool mentioning what i like and why i like it. Maybe you like certain porn for the same reasons..

This is a glimpse of what i like and what i am. hope ya like ;P

What im lookin for on here?

Looking to meet like minded and cool people with little boundaries and adventerous. Friendship is a plus and so is filth.

if ya interested add me and if ya want to know more send me a message.

How do you count rank?
A. Users with amount of comments
0-50 get rank Newbie
51-150 Porn Lover
151-500 Porn Expert
501-1000 Kama Sutra Guru
1001-2000 Pornstar
2001-5000 Celebrity
5001-8000 Pimp
8001-15000 Porn King/Queen
15001-25000 xHamster Legend
25000+ you'll get an option in your profile to customize your rank

Quotes & Sayings corner

From time to time i will post quotes i come accross here or from other places that i like..please don't complain if you see a quote i have unless you are the origin

“Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really
~Niccolò Machiavelli.

'Fail to prepare--prepare to fail'

Lifes a bitch..fuck it..said by most ppl ;p

As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness. -

Henry David Thoreau

torn between 2 thorny paths...lifes not an easy ride.. bumpy motherfukr..buckle up tho its knda fun

Favourite porn actors

The ones that i can remember..there are many more American, European and British porn actors that i like. Aside from these, the huge number of amateurs in the porn world that are unrecognised.. i need to go scouting for talent lol become a porn director ;x

1. Marc Wallace in the 80's and 90's look
2. Steve Drake
3. Pascal (British porn actor)
4. Joey Silvera
5. Paul Thomas
6. Mike Horner
7. Jean- Pierre Armand
8. Jerry Butler
9. Jon Dough (the Late)
10.Greg Rome
11.Manuel Ferrara ( love his sex )
12.Steven French
13.Frank (american)
14.David Perry
15.Brad Baldwin
16.Dino Bravo
17.Ian Scott
18.James Dean (likes it rough)
19.Mr. Pete
20.Richard Langin
21.Seth Dickens
23.James Brossman
24.Toni Ribas
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