To Much Neighbor For Me

Jerri was headed home from work. It was late and all she could think about was the hot shower she was going to take. Her feet ached as she walked up the sidewalk to enter her residence. She plopped down on the couch and reflected on the long day. Finally she decided to head upstairs to take her well deserved shower.
Jerri turned on the shower, stripped her clothes off and stepped into steaming shower. She lathered up her body and shampooed her hair. Her mind began wondering about the man that had caught her eye earlier. It was the sexy next door neighbor that had moved in a few weeks ago. The more she thought about him, the more her fingers found their way to her pussy. She began fingering her pussy and pinching her clit. Moans echoed throughout the bathroom as she continued to pleasure herself. Jerri began to slightly tremor and collapsed against the side of the shower. She gave out a sigh and stepped out of the tub.
The steam filled room was slowly giving way. She pulled her hair up and swiped the mirror to get a view of her beautiful face. She looked and thought about how she was going to use her face, and that gorgeous caramel skinned body to get the sexy new neighbor. She wanted to feel him inside of her pussy and the sooner the better.
Later on that evening she decided to retreat to her room and watch a little bit of TV. As she walked by her window, she could see the hot buffed neighbor admiring himself in the mirror. His body twinkled from the beads of water that came from a fresh shower. He was grooming himself and making sure he didn’t miss a thing. She continued to watch as he began to rub some oil on his cock. At first it didn’t seem very big. He began stroking it up and down, slowly rotating his hand at the head of his cock. Jerri licked her lips in delight. His cock was growing right before her eyes and it was a good ten inches. It was mouthwatering and she was craving it. Soon she found herself playing with her own pussy. Moaning as she watched her neighbor stroke his cock faster. His head dropped back. His eyes rolled back in his head, as he jacked off his cock. Then she looked again and he was facing her. She panicked and tried to hide out of sight. It was too late. She looked back and he was still there waiting for her. He gave her the signal to come over and she was shocked. She stood there for a minute, trying to get her composure. Finally she put on a coat and walked out the door.
There in the door way was her sexy tanned neighbor with his horse like cock protruding from the towel that was wrapped around his waist. He took Jerri by the hand and led her into his house. He pushed her back onto his couch and tore open her coat.
Neighbor – I know this is what you’ve been wanting for a while now. I watch you as you look at me everyday. You stare at me wondering how big my cock is. You are going to find out first hand how big my cock is and how it will feel inside of you.
Jerri – You are absolutely right about me wanting you inside me. I have been thinking about you tonight. I was in the shower rubbing my clit and thinking of how I wanted it to be you.

Jerri’s legs spread eagle and her sexy neighbor buried his face deep between her thighs. She let out a faint moan and clinched the couch as he licked her clit slowly. He was turning her hot little cunt on and she needed it. She needed some dick bad. His tongue flickered in and out of her now juicy twat. He maneuvered his tongue from her clit down to the crack of her ass. She mashed his face into her pussy and began moving her hips. She let out one loud scream and came all over his face.
Sexy well hung man looked up and quickly flipped Jerri over on her stomach. He took two handfuls of her sweet ass and squeezed her cheeks. He gave her a quick smack on her ass and bent over top of her. He whispered into her ear.
Neighbor- Jerri you don’t even know my name, but you are willing to give me your most prize possession. You know what that means Jerri. That means you’re a whore. Lucky for you Jerri, I love whores.
Jerri- Yes! I am a whore. I am your whore tonight! I want to feel that huge cock ripping my pussy a part. I want to suck your cock down to the balls. I want it all. I don’t give a fuck what your fucking name is! Right now it is Mr. Big and that’s all that matters to me.
With that request he plunged his cock deep into her pussy. He pulled her hair and bit into her shoulder as he thrust his dick into her tight little cunt. She jumped around trying to avoid the rough fuck he was giving to her. She cried out in pain as he continued to give her what she wanted. She wanted and needed a good fucking. She was bucking back onto his cock as her 38DD’s rocked back in forth from his pounding. His cock swelled as he was about to climax.
Jerri- Not yet Motherfucker! I can feel you swelling inside my tight twat! I’m not ready for you to cum yet! You feel so fucking well inside me! Please don’t cum yet! I want more!
Neighbor- I never promised you that you would get your way. I promised you that you would get this big ass cock of mine. That is exactly what you are getting. Shut the fuck up you little cum slut and enjoy the ride! It will end soon and you can think about if I will ever give you the pleasure of fucking this good ass dick again.
Jerri- You fucking asshole! You keep fucking my pussy dammit!
Just then he pulled out of her pussy and shot his load all over her plump brown ass. The ends of her long brown hair covered in his cum. He busted one huge load and he was still pumping.
Neighbor-Fuck baby! That was just what I needed tonight.
Jerri- OMG! That cock was better than I even imagined. When do I get the chance to have that monster cock inside of me again?
Neighbor- Who said you were going anywhere. I was just getting started. I hope no one is expecting you anytime soon. I am going to hold you hostage here the whole weekend Jerri. I will not let you go until I am good and ready. When I’m finished with your ass, you will never want to leave this place.
The neighbor walked over and locked his front door and back over to the couch. Jerri leaned over and took his cock into her mouth. She stroked and licked it gently and fondled his balls. She was getting him ready. She was ready to please her neighbor and it didn’t matter what she had to do to keep him happy. She couldn’t take all of his cock in her mouth. She used both of her hands to pump him good and he screamed at her and demanded that she pump him faster.
Neighbor-Fucking act like you want this cock Bitch! Fucking open your mouth wider and take this cock! You wanted it! You got it!
Tears streamed down Jerri’s face as she did what she was told. Pumping and jerking her new found friends big prick into total ecstasy. He fucked her mouth hard like she wasn’t his neighbor but a hooker, he just picked up.
Neighbor-That’s it! You fucking little slut! I’m going to shoot my load all over those sexy pink lips. Don’t fucking cry! You know you love it! This is what you’ve been thinking about as you rub your fucking clit!
Jerri just nodded in agreement and continued to suck and gurgle all over his cock. Soon she bucked a few times and a stream of cum shot out of his cock likes a cannonball. It hit her with such f***e that it stunned her for a few seconds. She began to lap it up like a starving dog.
Jerri asked her neighbor for a towel and she was denied. He had her spread her legs open again and he began to suck her pussy. It was swollen and red from the punishment his cock was giving it.
Neighbor- Damn you’re so sweet. I think this is going to be a wonderful weekend.

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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
dont really like it rough but that was a real hot story
3 years ago
I am at Awe at what you've done with your stories, babe; and this is one more that I'm Damn Pleased with, sexy.
Thanks again 4 that, lovely; love to read the next one U put out 4 us, woman.
Peace; keep up the Great Work!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Awesome & sexy :)
3 years ago
This sounds awfully familiar... a guy in the window, a supple gal... Seems the roles reversed and the guy was seducing the lady... I guess a 10" cock does that for a girl... ;)

Another great story.
3 years ago
that's some hot the way you think...LOL