What A Fuckng Exam! (Doc and Nurse Do Me)

Mike wanted me to write a sexy scenerio including our friend.

Today was a day I always regret. It was time for my yearly exam. There is nothing a woman hates more than getting her pussy checked out, by doctor with cold ass fingers. Well lucky for me I waited to make my exam at the end of the day. I would be the last patient being seen for today.
I walk in and there was only one person in front of me. She was lead back into the room by a curvy brunette. The brunette was the nurse on duty for that day. She had shapely legs and nice full breast. Normally I wouldn’t notice a woman when I’m out. This one was an exception for some reason. I liked the way she kept glancing over at me as she walked from room to room. She was sexy and I think she knew she was.
Soon they called my name back to the room. “It’s about time.” I said. She giggled and pointed me into the stark white room. It was so flipping cold and everything looked so…..sterilized. Well she handed me a gown and asked me to change behind the curtain. I did this quickly because it was so damn cold, and I wanted to get this shit over with. The sexy nurse told me her name was Miss Jackson and that she would be the person examining me today. I asked where was the doctor and she said he was called out for an emergency. By this time I didn’t care who was looking at my pussy. I just wanted it looked at.
Miss J. took my hand and helped me onto the table. She was warm to the touch and her perfumed filled the room. She had a scent from a bath and body works fragrance and it was turning me on. She told me to scoot my ass all the way down to the edge of the table so she can take a look at my pussy. She began to poke around down there and ask me if I felt any discomfort. “Well hell yes!” I told her. I thought that just came along with the territory. Well as she was probing she brushed up against my clit. I didn’t mean to let out a slight moan, but I couldn’t help it. I told her I was sorry but I couldn’t help myself. She just laughed it off. I can feel my pussy getting moist. The more she moved her warm hand and fingers along my cunt, the wetter my pussy was getting. I was sort of embarrassed, so I asked her if I was going to get a breast exam today.
She walked to where I was laying and pulled up my gown. My nipples were rock hard. She moved her fingers in a rotating motion over my breast. My nipples were the size of a dime, from the stimulation.
Me- mmmmm …oh yeah
Miss J. – I think someone likes the breast exam.
Me – Oh I am so sorry. I forgot where I was.
Miss J. It’s ok baby. I find you very attractive and I have made this exam last longer than usual.
Me – I don’t want you to get into any trouble.
Miss J – I won’t tell if you don’t.
She gave me a wink and I smiled back. She opened her mouth slightly and her tongue came out to explore my nipples. All the sexual feelings came out in an instant. My pussy was twitching and glistening from her sensual lips, as she caressed my tits with her other hand and gave them a gentle squeeze as she sucked. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. What a fucking turn on. I have never had a woman make my cunt wanting for her to fuck it. We kissed and she told me that she was about to check my pussy to make sure everything was ok. My eyes followed her around the room until she came to the bottom of the table. She pulled up a rolling stool and I felt her warm breath against my pussy. My clit instantly got rock hard and it began to throb. It was anticipating the wonderful experience it was about to encounter.
Miss J. - Sweet. Your pussy taste so sweet.
Me- Yes. Don’t stop licking my lil pussy.
Miss J. - It’s so juicy baby girl. I’m going to bury my face deep inside.
With that I began so shiver and shake. She darted her long wet tongue in and out of my cunt like a cock. I began to moan and thrashing about. I could feel how juicy I was getting and all I could hear was her greedily slurping my cunt. She was taking all my juices into her hot mouth. She stopped for a second and I felt a wet finger go into my ass. It slid right in. I could feel the gel and the glove as it entered into my hole inch by inch. This bitch was sending me into another world. I was moaning louder and I was acting like a fucking nut. Just then there was a knock on the door. It was Doctor Adkinson. What are u doing in here? We pretended that nothing had happened. But the doctor was no dummy.
Doctor Adkins walks over to the examination table and throws back my gown. I was in shock. I couldn’t hide it now. My wet cunt was all the evidence he needed.
Dr. A- Mmmmm looks like someone has been getting special treatment in here.
Me- You have a wonderful nurse doc. She has been taking good care of me.
Dr.A- I can see that. If you don’t mind me saying your clit is rock hard and your pussy is soaking wet.
Me- I’m sorry doc. Please, Don’t be mad at Nurse J.
I looked over and noticed that doc was rubbing his cock through his scrubs. It was growing right before me and I u*********sly licked my lips. He was so fucking good-looking. I wanted to make the best of this opportunity.
Me-Doc what can I do to fix this problem. It looks like you have a big one that I need to deal with.
Nurse J. – I agree and I want to make sure you get special treatment too.
Dr.A- Here ladies, I can’t hold this in any longer. He needs to be sucked and then I want some pussy covering his head.
Nurse J. and I had no problems fulfilling his request. I began to suck the doctor’s cock as she continued making my cunt belong to her. She was a magic mouth. Her tongue was quick and it gave my clit a run for its money. It was swollen so big and my pussy continued to shoot out juice, all over her face. I was glazing that fucking hot bitch good. She was eating my cunt like it was fucking cotton candy.
Me- Oh fuck! I love the taste of your cock! Fuck my face doc! I want your cock deep inside my fuckin mouth!
Doc A- Bitch you fuckin suck all of it down. I feel like I’m giving you a tongue depressor and you better not choke on it!
He shoved his cock deep down my throat. It felt like it was hitting the back of my tonsils. I was gagging and my spit ran down to his nut sack. I rubbed it in and squeezed his balls, as I continued to suck on the tip of his dick. I looked into his eyes as he thrust his cock even harder into my hot ass mouth.
Nurse J. - Squirt for me sexy! Squirt your sweet pussy into my mouth.
She held my legs down and I couldn’t do anything but release my hot juice down her throat. She gobbled it up like it was warm soup.
The doc pulled his cock out my mouth and walked to where my swollen pussy was. He looked down with a smile and pushed my legs back into the stirrups. I felt the tip of his cock tease my clit. He slid it back and forth and my clit ached for it. It began to quiver and he gave it a few licks.
Doc A-I’m going to demolish your cunt. I am going to fuck you for a long time baby. There is no one left in this office and we are going to have some fun with you. I hope you didn’t have anything planned.
Me-If I did doc, it is canceled now. Nurse J. come sit on my fucking face, you sexy bitch. I want to taste your pussy.
She walked up to the head of the table and climbed upon it. She spread her cunt eagle across my face and I dug my tongue deep inside her hot pussy. She began grinding her juicy little cunt up and down my face. I couldn’t get enough. She had the sweetest cunt ever. She was working that ass and I loved it. The doctor leaned over and began eating out Nurse J’s ass. All the while he continued to fuck my pussy. He pounded so hard that it lifted my body off the table. I would fall back down and Nurse J. never missed a beat. She fucked my face like my tongue was the best fucking cock she ever had in her life. She began to bounce uncontrollably as I pinched her nipples. She rocked that good pussy all over my fucking face. She was constantly cuming and I wanted more. The doctor’s tongue darted in and out of her ass and he spit on it and stuck his fingers deep inside her hole. She would buck and thrust her body back and forth. She began screaming out in pleasure. Her beautiful tanned tits tossing around as I tried to hold them into place.
Me-That’s it bitch! Throw that fucking cunt all over my face.
Nurse J.-Yeeeeesssss!! OMG! Don’t Stop!
She collapsed on top of me and the doc d**g her limp body down to the edge of the bed. She was evened up with my cunt. We began to kiss and tongue each other. Enjoying each others bodies and touching each other like only women know how. Doc A pulled his cock out of my dripping pussy and slowly pushed the head into her ass.
Nurse J- oooooh, fuck doc (she whispered) that cock is going to split my lil hole in half. It feels so fucking good. Mmmm shove it in me. I want more.
Doc A. - That’s it baby rock back on my cock. Oh fuck! Damn you’re tight! If I would have known you felt like this, I would have been dicking you sooner.
Nurse J. - That’s what I want. I want more of your dick into my ass. Pull my fucking hair and tear it up doc!
Her whispers disappeared and turned into screams of passion. He fucked her hard and my body was shaking underneath. I sucked her tits and rubbed her clit as she continued getting pile derived. Then he pulled his cock out and back into my pussy. I fucked and bounced and grinded my cunt all over Doc’s good ass cock. I couldn’t get enough of it.
All of a sudden I could feel him bucking and his head tilted back. He quickly stumbled over to the front of the table. He looked up and he stroked his cock until I could see a stream of cum shoot out like a rocket. We licked and sucked it clean.
We got dressed and I headed towards the door.
Me-How much do I owe you doc.
Doc A.-This one is on me sexy.
I winked and went on my way. I have you to know I look forward to my yearly exams. Sometimes I have to get one in a month.lol

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2 months ago
good one
6 months ago
Love this one
2 years ago
Damn hun thats one hot doctor visit, Kinda makes me want to go for a check up.
2 years ago
Damn hun, that was one fucking hot Doctor visit. Kinda makes me want to go for a check up.
2 years ago
2 years ago
3 years ago
Fuckin awesome -- now I'm off to wank
3 years ago
Read it again and became equally aroused by your story. Wish the you had asked the doc, if it's your turn to play doctor, and then you take control also. Love the story.
3 years ago
Great Job on the Sexy, Sultry Story, Fill; never enough to Look and View at just once, babe.
Take care and hope to see Even More from U soon, sexy; Peace!
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
Very nice
3 years ago
nice turned me on lol
3 years ago
damn baby I know now you love to have your hot juicy wet pussy licked on , damn I wish I could eat your juicy lips, I would try not to drown in your cum as you orgasm, baby I think you love to cum as much as I do , I love to eat pussy, your story is so sexy as I read the harder my dick got and I was thinking , lord god I would love to lick and kiss every inch of this gorgous babies body , fillmeup2, is the meaning of pure sex in the raw ,
3 years ago
great story! loved reading it!
3 years ago