A Haunting Fuck

It had only been three days since we moved into our new home. I loved the house. It was old and dated, but all it needed was a little love. During the process of moving I did notice some odd things going on in the house. I would put things down on the table, and they would disappear. I would close the closet door and it would be open, when I would reenter the room. I just blamed it on the wind or just my imagination.
This particular night Mike had to work until the a.m. and I was going to be spending the night alone. I was a little nervous since it was my first night by myself. Mike told me that everything would be ok and he kissed me and walked out the door. I looked out the window as my man drove away and I decided to go unwind by taking a shower. I turned on the shower and let the water come to a steam. I was standing there admiring myself in the mirror. Looking at my body and caressing my breast. I moaned in pleasure and was so distracted fondling my body, that I forgot about the water running. I finally stepped into the shower and lathered up my body. I remember the water feeling so good and hot. I began fingering my pussy as I let the water beat down on me. After cuming to an orgasm I decided to settle down and get some sl**p.
I drifted off into a beautiful slumber that night. I was dreaming of making love to Mike in our hot tub. After a while I began to feel my breast being touched gently. The pleasure was so amazing. I could feel the cold breath across my nipples, feeling a little tweak here and there. My eyes were shut and it was if I were in a d***ken slumber. I soon felt kisses down my neck, across my tits and down my abs. The tongue felt cold and so damp, as it glided down my body. I felt a push on my thick thighs, which was followed by kisses and caresses,all over my soft skin. Soon I felt a cold tongue on my clit. “Mmmmmmm Mike.” I moaned. I heard no response. I began to grind my hips to meet the cold tongue that was swelling up my clit. So cold, so wet and I wanted more. The faster I grinded my hips, the more it licked. I was so turned on that I reached down to grab a handful of my baby’s hair and there was no hair. I slowly opened my eyes to see no one. But I could feel the weight of a man on top of me and him eating my pussy. I was so scared I couldn’t move. I had to get myself together. I looked down and could see the imprints of a man’s hands on my thighs. He was squeezing them as hard as he could, and continued to use his tongue to lick my cunt. I wanted to scream but no words could escape my mouth. Then again it felt so good, that I continued to lie still and enjoy it. I closed my eyes again and pretended that it was Mike slurping up my juicy pussy. By this time my pussy was drenched from juice and I was on the verge of cuming. I let out a small whimper and squirted all over the sheets. Then I could hear the sound, like a dog lapping up a bowl of milk. What the hell was the matter with me? I am being m*****ed by a freaking ghost. The sick part was I liked it! I tried to move around on the bed by slowly stretching out one of my legs. That quickly ended with me screaming in terror! The ghost gave a satanic growl, which stopped me dead in my tracks. I suddenly looked up and I could see its breath in the air. I held my breath and tears ran down my face. Once again I watched as it reached for my breast. I could see its finger prints caressing them as my nipples grew harder. I didn’t want to like it anymore. I didn’t want this thing pleasuring me. I wanted it to go away. So I shut my eyes and hoped that it would leave. With that I heard a sinister laugh, as if it was toying with me. Just then my mouth opened wide and he shoved its cock inside. It didn’t feel like a normal cock. It stretched my mouth and it felt sort of bumpy. It was so fucking huge and it felt like it was touching my fucking tonsils. I was spitting, and gagging and about to throw up, as he continued to give large thrust down my throat. How much more was I going to have to take? This entity was having its way with me. Should I dare try to run away, only to have him hurt me. I just opened my mouth wider and struggled to swallow all he had to offer. It felt like an eternity of me giving him a good cock sucking. I was about to pass out. Suddenly he pulled out of my mouth and I lay on the bed in a daze. Just as soon as I felt things were over, my legs flew open and up in the air. “What the fuck!” I cried out. I felt a sudden pain and my pussy felt as if it were being ripped a part. The monster cock was pounding me hard and deep inside my cunt. I was jumping around on the bed and screaming out in pain. The ghost continued to growl and the harder he fucked me the louder the growl became. After what seemed like a lifetime the monster cock was turning my hot little pussy on. I began fucking it back. Even though I couldn’t see what I was fucking, it felt fucking awesome. “Fuck my little cunt, you big dick muthafucka!” I yelled. “Oh shiiiiiiiit!” I screamed. The ghost was tearing my pussy up and I didn’t want it to stop. I was bucking and throwing my hips to something that I couldn’t even see. I could feel him but for all I know it could have been an a****l or something. All I know is it had a huge cock and it made my tight little pussy feel good. All of a sudden I heard a big roar“UUUUUUUAAAAAAWWW!”The monster cried out. He pushed me back onto the bed and a gush of cold wind blew across my body. I heard my bedroom door slam and figured he was finally gone. I tried to make since of what happened but I just decided to drift off to sl**p and try to forget about it.
I was in a deep sl**p and I felt a hot tongue glide across my clit. I began moaning and grinding my hips. I reached down to grab a handful of hair and realized that this time I actually had hair in my hand. It was Mike. He was home from work. “Damn baby, your pussy was already wet.” He says. “Really baby, I must have been dreaming about you” I tell him. Mike smiled as I guided his face back to my pussy. I closed my eyes, remembering the incredible ghost fuck I had earlier and came in Mike’s mouth. He looks up and asks me, if I have had any other strange things happen. He figured I would be tripping since he was at work. I told him everything was fine. “I think I’m going to like it here baby.” I tell him.

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2 years ago
i could use a female ghost
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
Good story. Something a little different. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
like your story, strngely arousing haha