Vacay in the Vajay pt3 Erika fucks Mike

After waking up from a well deserved nap, Mike got up to fix some lunch. Erika was still in the bed. She was dreaming about Mike and how much fun it would be to have him one on one. Sonjay had already left the villa to check out the area . Mike was in the kitchen when he heard some footsteps coming down the hall. “Something smells good.” says Erika. Mike turns around to see her standing there, she was beautiful and naked. “I’m headed to the shower and then I will be ready to eat sexy.” she tells him. Mike just stood there with his mouth wide open, as he watched his fuck slave walk to the bathroom.
Erika was into her hot shower. Her hands roaming all over her body and the suds bubbling up in her well shaved pussy. Her hands began exploring her body and finding the sensual places that get her off. She began fingering her cunt and moaning to herself. Her mind wondering and thinking about how much fun she was going to have with her master and mistress. Erika finally fingers her pussy until she came down her inner thigh. She was getting dizzy from the steam and stepped out of the shower. She picked up a towel and wrapped it around her tiny sexy body. Mike was in the kitchen rubbing his cock through his pants. He was thinking about fucking the 5'1 115lb Erika. He tried to stop before she walked in. Erika enters the kitchen to see Mike with his hands on his crotch. “Lunch looks good Mike.” she tells him. She didn’t understand why there was only lunch for one. But Mike knew why. He had his own agenda for lunch and it wasn’t food.
Erika sat at the table while Mike fed her the delicious meal. She asked where Sonjay was and he told her that she would be gone for a couple of hours. “Why aren’t you eating?” she asked. “ I will sexy, in a minute.” he explained. He winked at her and gave her a sneaky little grin and walked to the sink. She finished up her meal and started to clean up her mess. Mike told her not to bother. It was time for him to eat. He reached over and pulled her close to his body. She was so tiny that he had to pick her up to kiss her. They stood there in the dining room ,tonguing each other and breathing hard. Their hands roaming all over each others body. The atmosphere was getting sexy and hot and they were so excited about having the time alone to fuck each other. Erika’s legs were firmly wrapped around his waist. She was like a small c***d compared to his 6’7 frame. Mike’s cock was growing and throbbing from the sensual chemistry the two had between each other. Erika was panting and her pussy was moist. “Take me master.” she whispers in his ear. Master Mike was loving what he was hearing. He took one long thrust with his tongue down her throat and flipped her over. “Suck my cock!” he commanded. Her pussy was in his face and his cock in hers. She took her hand and stroked it. Mike was holding on to his slaves waist. He braced his body against the kitchen wall , as she licked his cock and stroked it. He buried his tongue deep into her hot little cunt and darted it in and out. “Mmmmm soooooo fucking gooood Erika! “ he moaned out in pleasure. Sucking and licking her now swollen clit. It was aching for his tongue. She held on tight to his cock and sucked the head of it for a while. “Master I love the taste of your cock!” she moans out. “It is so fucking good!” She wanted more. So he began bucking forward to feed her his cock. She was wiggling around to shove her pussy deep onto his tongue. Squirming like a fish out of water. Juicy pussy fluids, were flowing from her cunt. The both sucking and licking each other into ecstasy. Mike was pounding his cock deep into Erika’s throat, She was gurgling and gagging on his cock. Erika’s sweet pussy juice was forming a puddle in the depths of her cunt. Mike would wait for it to build up and suck it all up in one gulp. “Delicious baby!” he growled. Their bodies shaking and trembling from the good oral they were giving each other. Finally there was one big thrust and they both came into their wanting mouths.
Mike flipped his fuck slave back over from her sixty nine position to facing him. They kissed deeply and swirled their tongues down each others throats. Mixing the cum that they had just experienced. Tiny little Erika was breathing hard and running her fingers through her master’s hair. “ Fuck me Master!’ she bellowed. Mike guided her hand to his cock. She began pumping it to get him hard again. He was caressing her body and kissing her neck and sucking on her nipples. Ripples of sexual electricity flowed through there bodies. Hard again, Erika’s rubbed the head of her master’s cock on the lips of her cunt. She was getting damp and ready for Mike. “Ooooooh Erika, my nasty lil sex slut. Comes from his lips. Put my cock into that starving pussy of yours.” Her cunt was starving. It was hungry for her master’s cock,and he was ready to feed her hunger. She guided the tip of his cock to her cunt hole and pushed it deep inside her. “Fuuuuuuuck!” they both cried out in unison. He placed his hands on her nice firm ass and began plunging his rock hard dick inside her wet pussy. Erika was scratching down his back as he drove it in deeper to meet her rhythm. “Yeah baby! Ride Master’s cock!’ he mumbled. She could barely make out the words but she figured out he was loving her tight sloppy wet cunt. He was bouncing her around on his cock like she was his own personal puppet. “ Master’s cock is soooo hard and it is stretching out my pussy!” she cries. “Take it baby! He sighs. “Take this cock, it’s all yours.” That’s just what she did. Throwing her self up and down and rotating her petite hips on his cock. She was so sexy .Her long hair blowing back and her eyes looking directly into her master’s . She was letting him know that she was there for the wonderful ride, he was offering. Mike stumbled into the kitchen table and with one big swoosh all the dishes landed onto the floor. He cleared off a spot to finish his meal. Erika was on her back with her legs wide open. Mike began savagely devouring her cunt. Sucking all the juice off of it to get his cock ready to reenter his nice snug home. He teased her clit by rubbing his prick around the tip of it. In a circular motion , watching it grow right before his eyes. He sucked on it a few times and then leaned over and shoved it into her hot love tunnel. The table shook from every stroke he plowed into her pussy. “That’s it Daddy! Fuck my cunt! I fuckin love it! Harder Master Harder! She screams. Erika was losing it and she was loving it. Mike spread her legs wide. Kissing her feet and sucking on her toes as he continued to drive his cock further into her steamy cunt. She was spread eagle and he had her by the ankles. His eyes gazed down on his fucking slave and sucking on his bottom lip. She felt like pure heaven to him. He was wanting more of her. He wanted to fuck her until he couldn’t handle it anymore.
Erika began to cry out for her ass to get a good fucking. “ Oh Daddy! I need my tight little ass fucked now! Mike pulled out of her cunt and he juices ran onto the table. She turned over on all fours. He pushed her hair over to the side and kissed her down her back, until her reached the crack of her ass. He stuck his tongue inside and spread her cheeks apart. His sex slave moaned out in satisfaction. “Ooooooh Daddy! My Master! Fuck me Daddy! I want to feel you rip my ass!” Her master spit on his cock and rubbed it on the winking hole that she offered him. Slowly the tip disappeared into her asshole. She wiggled in discomfort. Then he put a few more inches in him. She clinched the table cloth and made a soft little whimper. Then he shoved it all the way in. His balls slapping against the opening. “Aaaarg!” she screamed out. He wrapped her long black hair in his hand and grabbed her tits, with the other. She began in a slow pace to meet his harsh thrust. She was gritting her teeth and holding the pain inside. “Shiiiiiit! She screamed. Mike was on death ears. He continued to pound , he reached for her clit and rubbed it. She became aroused and started rocking on his cock. Then her pace increased. She began throwing her ass all over his hard cock. “Fuck! That’s it you sexy fucking bitch!” he yelled. “ Throw that gorgeous brown ass all over my cock!’ She was thrashing about and slamming her ass into his. He lifted her little ass up and she wrapped her legs around him in wheelbarrow style. He picked up the hips and used them to fuck him. She had no control. He was doing the maneuvering now. Her face was pressed on the glass table. The cloth had fallen off from all their fucking. They were sweating and caught up in the rapture of their a****listic fucking. “ I love your sweet pussy Erika! You’re gonna give it to me whenever I want. I know I will want this all the time. He stated. “Daddy im all yours!” she said. They continued to fuck and suck for hours. They were bend over chairs and fucked on top of the counter tops. Erika was was sitting on top of the counter and her master was face deep in her cunt. They didn’t notice the door turning, from the key. “Your cunt is the best Erica!” her master sighed. “Is that right! Yelled Sonjay. Erika and Mike stood there in shock. They hadn’t realized how long they had been fucking. It had been three hours. Mike smiled and said “Hun it’s all good. I love you.” With that he continued to suck on Erika’s pussy. She leaned back on the cabinets and ear muffed his face. She shook and gave one big scream. She came all over his face. Mike stood back as Erika jumped off the counter and onto her knees. “Hun come in here!” he beckoned for Sonjay. “Come suck my cock! Taste what I’ve enjoyed this afternoon.” She knelt beside Erika and sucked the cock greedily down her throat. Mike began bucking as Erika licked his balls. Then out shot a shower of creamy goo for them to lap up. Sonjay smiled as Erika kissed her lips and licked her face from her Mike’s jism. The whole time she was wanting to get her hands on Erika and that juicy cunt she had to offer.

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3 years ago
there has to be a part 4!!
3 years ago
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3 years ago
nice story loved all 3 parts where is pt 4 becuz i want more