Vacay in the Va jay part two

It was time to get some fucking going on. Mike was slowly coming back to reality. He looked off to the side to see Sonjay strapping on a huge cock. Erika was leaning in front of her with he mouth wide open. She began to slap her face. “ Do you want this cock Erika?” she asked. “Yes baby, she replied. I want that big cock.” “Come suck it.” Sonjay said. Erika licked the tip of the thick plastic dick. “I said do you want this cock Erika!” Sonjay screamed. “Yes Mistress Sonjay!” she exclaimed. “THEN FUCKIN ACT LIKE IT! SUCK MY MONSTER COCK!” she yelled. Erika new the cock was bigger than any man she ever had. How in the hell was she going to suck it. She began licking it slowly and taking some down. She was gagging and spitting all over it. She wasn’t stupid. She had to lube it up. She knew that thing was going in one of her holes, She just didn’t know which one.
Mike was looking at the two sexy women. He was enjoying how adventurous his woman had become. Adding another to play with. Mike watched ,as his woman slowly entered the sex craved Erika. She was spreading her pussy to receive the big plastic rod. Sonjay spit on the tip and took her time to push the cock inside her victim. “Oooooooh shiiiiiiiit! Erika cried. The hard cock was ripping her tiny cunt . She tried to relax and adjust her body to the object. “Ssssh baby.” Sonjay told her. Erika became silent and began moving her hips in a rhythmic motion to meet her mistresses strokes. The rhythm was beginning to increase and soon it was followed by thrashing of their two bodies. Mike was jacking his cock on the side of the bed. Getting it ready to fuck the sensual Erika. He was rubbing in a circular motion on the head and then stroking it up and down. He couldn’t wait to get inside her hot lil pussy. He couldn’t deny that he wouldn’t mind a little one on one with the little nympho. He knew he would strategically find a way to get her alone for some good ole fashion grudge fucking.
Erika and Sonya were slamming each others bodies into one another. Fucking like a newlywed couple. Kissing and caressing their bodies as they were becoming consumed in each others bodily fluids. “Damn baby! Said Mike. Damn was right she was fucking her little slave like a man. Erika was begging for it and Sonjay was enjoying the feeling of being in the mistress. Mike walks over to the couple and shoves his cock deep inside Erika‘s mouth. “This will hush up your cries sexy.” he raged. .Erika greedily sucked up Mike’s prick. She gagged as he grabbed her by her long flowing hair and continued to plunge his cock deep into her hot wet mouth. Mike was standing flat on his feet and completely using his slaves face as a open cunt. Thrusting his cock into her mouth and down her throat. She took it all in. She was like a k** in a candy shop and she was getting one big ass cock to suck on.
Sonjay was finally worn out from fucking Erika’s pussy decided it was time for Mike to try out his slave. He was so excited about fucking her ,that he was being clumsy. Mike was finally going to try out that sensual beauty that had been sucking his girls cunt and deepthroating his cock. He knew that he wouldn’t be disappointed. He laid Erika down on the bed. He started by kissing her luscious full lips. French kissing her softly. He wanted to make love to her before fucking the hell out of her. The kissed and moaned in pleasure discovering their special bond between them. He glided his tongue down her shoulders and he reached her perky tits. They were golden brown and the nipples were hard and upright. He teased her by sipping on the nipples and tonguing them gently. Erika was going crazy and Sonjay was slightly jealous but yet turned on. She could see her man was making love to this stranger. How could he make love to her ,when he was her man. She soon let that thought leave her mind and watched the master at work. He finished off by gliding his tongue to her well manicured kitty. He felt the heat raise off the very wet cunt ,that was before him. He took one big whiff of her pussy and savored the aroma. He then buried his tongue deep inside her waiting slit. Sonjay was listening to the wet swishy sounds of her slaves wet cunt,as she was getting her pussy licked by Mike. “Mike you are such a good master. She moaned ,get me ready master . Get me ready for your cock.” Erika’s thighs closed tight around his head as he hungrily sucked up her juice. “Yes baby. Sonjay said. Suck our slaves hot lil cunt.” She tasted like candy to him. He didn’t want to get up from the joy he was experiencing. He wanted to be alone with her and just have the time of his life getting to know what she liked and just how to give it to her.
Mike was engulfed between Erika’s golden thighs but he knew his cock was so hard that it could break bricks now. He was thinking he had to get that pussy and now. He lifted his body up and placed the tip of his cock at the edge of her swollen cunt lips. He let his cock travel up and down the lips of her pussy and tease her hole, as it opened and closed in want. “Mmmmm master please give it to me! She cries out. “Please master!” she yells again. That was just what he wanted to hear. He slowly pushed the mushroom head deep inside of her hot cunt. “Yeeeeeeees Master!” she calls out. Mike began forcing his cock deeper with each stroke. The love making was over. It was time to get down to the serious fucking. He slammed his prick until his balls began slapping the crack of Erika’s ass. She wrapped her legs around his waist and held on for dear life. He was pounding her cunt,like he had been locked up for ten years. Sweat was dripping down his face and falling unto her tits. “Fuck Erika!” he screamed. He continued to plunge his cock and rock her gorgeous brown body with each thrust. Erika was speechless. She was taking everything her master was giving her. She knew it was all about pleasing her couple and they were pleased. Sonjay was fingering her cunt and letting Erika suck on her fingers. “Do you like what your master is doing to you slave?” she questioned. Erika was in her own little world. She could barely answer her mistress. “Mike fuck me goooood mistress! She exclaimed. Her words were muttered and she sounded like a zombie. She was a zombie . A zombie for her master and mistress. Sonjay looks over at Mike who’s eyes were in the back of his head as he constantly ravaged Erika’s pussy. Sonjay already knew the answer to the question ,that she was about to ask him. “ Baby how is that pussy?” she asks. “ Damn baby! He answers in pure pleasure. I don’t want to let it go.” With that he plunged again and Erika yelled this out.” Her comes my pee! She pulled back and sprayed her master with a shower of cum. She was a fucking squirter. Mike had hit that g spot and her pussy was letting him know, just how good his cock was to her. He pumped her cunt a couple of more times and exploded all over her tits and Sonjay’s mouth. They all collapsed on the bed, out of breath. Mike was smiling and already plotting in his head how to get his special time with his new slave. The only thing was is that his woman was plotting the same thing and so was Erika.

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3 years ago
My cock is so fucking hard after that..
3 years ago
3 years ago
dam sexy! made me cum so hard! keep writing more!