Vacay in the Va jay jay (tribute to Erika and my b

Mmmmmm Erika sighed as she woke up to Sonjays soft lips on her pussy. “Good morning baby. “She said. Sonjay completely ignored her and continued to gently lap on her pussy. Bathing her face in Erika’s juiciness. Her moans began to echo throughout the room. Arching her back as Sonjay wrapped her arms around her thighs for security. Erika bit down on her bottom lip and clinched the sheets. “Oh baby. “ she whispered. Sonjays tongue darted in and out of her tunnel and traced her around her clit. Her juice running onto the sheets and Sonjays face was being glazed from ear to ear. Suddenly there is a soft touch on Sonjays ass. It’s her man Mike. He plants a soft kiss on her left ass cheek.” Good morning sexy,.he says, see you started without me.”
Sonjay raised her ass just enough for Mike to slide his face below her pussy. It was already hot and ready for him. Meanwhile, Erika was now thrashing about from Sonjay tongue fucking her soaking wet cunt. Mike was sinking his tongue deeper into Sonjay’s pussy. She was moaning and rocking her pussy all over his face. He tried to lick up every drop of juice, that was pouring from her cunt. Erika was so enjoying her newfound friends. She had met Sonjay and Mike a few months ago. They were so turned on by their internet chats, that they decided to finally meet in person. They were in Florida in their own vacation villa. They rented for a week of fucking and sucking with Erika. She was a beautiful Latino goddess, she was a petite little thing and curvy. Long black hair that cascaded down her beautiful brown breast. They were caught up in the moment and the moment was good.
“Fuuuuuck baby! Your tongue is amazing!” Erika shouted. She was getting the business from Sonjay. She was eating and sucking on that pussy like a wild a****l. Erika clit was the size of a pinto bean. It was protruding out from her juicy pussy. Swollen from Sonjay’s suckable lips.Sonjay continued to gobble up Erika’s pussy. Mike was having his share of Sonjay’s juicy cunt. “Shit baby!” he gurgled. He lapped up her cum and began to stroke his cock. Mike was enjoying his girls cunt but he wanted to taste some strange too. He had been daydreaming about fucking Erika from the moment he laid eyes on her. Her beautiful skin, long black hair and perfect round ass, was too much for any man to take. He closed his eyes and continued to lick Sonjay’s cunt.
Erika had came all over her new lovers face and was ready for a change in positions. She sat up and noticed Mikes gorgeous brown cock sticking straight up. She was gazing at the magnificent tool and she was ready to show him that he needed to be inside her. She licked her lips and crawled over to him. She grabbed his cock and started to lick it slowly around the head. Mike had his eyes close. He was still getting the remnants of her pussy juice. Mike’s started to lose focus as he felt a warmth come over his cock. “OMG!” he thought. He knew that this was going to be one hell of a vacation. She continued to put most of his hard cock into her steamy mouth. She was bobbing her head up and down and spit was running down her hands. Sonjay had moved over and watched as her man was getting his cock sucked. She began fingering her pussy at the sight of another fucking her mans cock with her mouth. It looked so sexy and hot. She was ready to cum at the scene she was admiring. Sticking her fingers deep inside her wet, juicy pussy.
Mike was ready to bust a load inside Erika’s mouth. “ Erika you are beautiful !” yelling out. “My sexy lil cocksucker!” He was loving everything that she was doing to his dong. She sucked on his nuts, caressing them with her lips as she stroked his cock. Milking his cock and sucking his balls. “Mmmm lover your cock is so good.” she whispered. He leaned back and began pushing her face deeper onto his cock. Erika was no amateur. She was the best. She was loving his dick and she wanted him to know that he could have her for the morning, night and whenever. She was their love slave for the rest of the week.
By this time Sonjay was ready to join back in on the fun. She began helping Erika by sticking her tongue deep inside her ass. She moaned softly and hiked her ass up to meet Sonjay’s face. “You like that baby.” she asked. Erika nodded. She was too busy sucking cock. The harder Sonjay stuck her finger and tongue deeper into Erika’s ass the more she sucked down Mike’s rock hard cock. She was pumping and sucking with a vengeance. Mike’s cock was good to Erika and she wanted to feel it inside her now.
Mike was in another world. He was fascinated by the skills that Erika was using on his cock. She was sexy and he couldn’t believe this was happening to him. He was looking at her sexy petite frame engulf his cock. The more she sucked the more he knew he was about to blow. She gave two more pumps and out spewed the load of a lifetime. “Fuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkk!” screaming at the top of his lungs. His load landed all over her tiny little face. She and Sonjay began lapping it up. “Delicious baby.” they said. They were ready for more.

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3 years ago
Hot stuff..
3 years ago
this is a great start
3 years ago
so fucking hot! can't wait for part two with cock in hand!
3 years ago
This is part one. Part two is one its way