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This was a true story that caused me to have a fascinating dream. It started off with a situation that happened to Mike and I guess it was buried deep in my subconscious and I had a dream about it in a scenerio type of form.

Mike told me that during his evening football practice,(he is the coach)two young girls approached him. They were young and seemed to be harmless. They walked up and the first girl asked him if he had 5 dollars. Mike ansered back no and walked away. The girl approached him again and said." If you give me five dollars,I will jack off your cock and swallow all your cum." That stopped him in his tracks. Then she told him for 20 dollars she would fuck her friend in front of him while he jerked his cock and they would swallow his cum. Mike was smelling a setup,so he told them to get on down the road. I laughed about it and told him he missed his opportunity for a But this is the what I dreamed about,after he told me.
Mike was at the field coaching his team. He noticed two teenage girls in the distance. They looked to be about 18 years of age. It was summer,so they had on their shorts with the butt cheeks hanging out. They were hot young things and they knew it. Strutting around with no bra and their hard nipples poking out from their cutoff tshirts.The one was short in stature. She was of a carmel complection and shoulder length hair. She had a big ole ghetto booty and nice full lips. The other was slightly taller and she was light skinned. Beautiful dimples and a nice curvy body. The shorts she had on was exposing her camel toe and you could barely see a wet spot on her crotch. They two girls were coming closer and closer to Mike on the field. He was wondering if they were coming to talk to him about some business but he was still puzzled.
The first girl walked up and began to speak. "Hey Mister,she said,do you have five dollars I can have." "No," he said. The girl looked at him and ran her tongue over her lips. She consulted with her friend for a minute and walked back over to Mike.Mike is a 6'7 and 250lbs Italian and Indian mixed. He was a big man and the girls looked so tiny to him. The girl opens her mouth one more time to tell him this. "Hey Mr, I will jack you off and suck all your cum for five bucks." Mike was in shock! Was he even having this conversation with this girl. Then she offered him a even better proposition. "I will even fuck my girlfriend and let you jack your cock for twenty bucks,she added,and suck all your cum out of your cock,when your through." Mike thought he was dreaming. Is this true! He was about to end practice and he told the boys to break. He lead the girls to the side of the field to get some more of the information.
"What in the hell are you girls trying to pull here!" he asked. Both of the girls told him that they just wanted to make some easy cash. He was still in disbelief and he lead the girls up the side of the bleachers and opened the door to the press box.He told the girls that he would pay them fifty dollars for the whole package. He wanted them to suck his cock, fuck each other,and fuck the both of them and eat out their pussies. Then they were to swallow all of his cum. The girls talked it among themselves and decided to take his offer. The shorter girl knelt in front of him a pulled out his cock from his shorts. She slowly licked around the tip of his cock and glided it along the shaft. For her to be so young,she could suck a cock. She gagged a little but continued to take more of his cock inside her mouth. Mike looked down and smiled at the sight of this young girl sucking his cock. He laid his hands on her head and began shoving her face deep into his crotch.She wanted her to experience all of the cock he was offering. The other girl straddled a chair and moved her shorts to the side,exposing her wet little pussy. She was shaved and it looked so invitng to him.He watched her finger her cunt as the petite one swallowed his cock down to his nuts.
Mike - Fuck baby! How old are you again! You can suck a cock like a pornstar!
Petite girl - Mmmmmm your cock is delicious! Shove more in my mouth!
Mike muffled her words with his dick and she continued to suck it even harder. By this time the other chick was working herself up. Mike told her that it was time he tasted what she was working on over there. He told the girls to join him on the long bench. The petite one was still sucking on his cock. The taller one was positioning herself over his mouth. She lowered her shaved cunt onto his large thick tongue. It was sticking straight up,like a cock! She began fucking his tongue slowly and bouncing her pussy up and down on it. She moaned out in pleasure, with every stroke of his tongue.

Second girl- Your tongue is so big and fat! It feels like a cock in my lil pussy! Ooooooh Dayuuuuuum! MMmmmmmm shit baby!
Petite girl- His cock taste so fucking good! Im bout to ride this dick gurl! Ride it long and hard!
Mike - Enough talking and fucking sit on my cock Bitch!
The lil one decided it was time to fill her tiny belly up with Mike's cock. She stood up and began rocking her pussy on the tip of the cock. She would go down an inch and rock her pussy on the tip and come back up. This was driving him crazy! She took a little bit more of his dick in and rocked back and forth,and she would come back up again. Then with one big thrust on her shoulders,from her friend, she went all the way down.
Petite girl- OOOOOOOOO FUUUUUUUUUCK! That's what I'm talkin bout! This is some good ass dick girl!
Her friend was too consumed in her own pleasure to pay her any mind. Mike was fucking and sucking these girls to no end. The girl on his face was cuming like crazy!Her body was jolting and thrashing about all over his face. Mike loves to eat pussy. She was cuming so much that tears were running down her face. She was almost on the verge of blacking out.
Second girl - I gotta get off of here girl! Im about to pass the fuck out! This uthafucka can suck some coochie!
They both got off of their positions and gave Mike a breather. He learned that the girls names were Monica and Stacy. He told them to switch places and Monica the petite one straddled his face. Stacy sucked on his cock and soon was mounting his cock. She wanted to feel,what Monica had just experienced. Monica rotated her hips all over Mike's mouth. She could feel how hot his tongue was and the friction of his mustache against her clit. It was making her so fucking hot! She started moving a little faster and her moans increased with each rotation.
Monica - OMG! You weren't playing girl! Mmmmmmmm suck this clit baby! Suck babygirls pussy!
Mike - Don't worry baby girl. You give me all this young putang.I love me some pussy! I'm gonna get some of that big ass of yours next!
Monica - You sure the fuck are baby! I love a good ass fuck!
Stacy - I want her to eat my pussy,while you fuck her ass! Can I taste your ass Monica!

It all sounded like heaven to Mike. He had completely forgotten about his team and the fact that their was a loud speaker in the press box. The three of them continued to fuck in that position for a few minutes more. Mike was ready to stick his torpedo in some fresh young ass.
Monica - Get me ready girl! Get me ready for his cock!
Mike sat back and watched,from the chair. Stacy walked over and leaned into Monica's ass. She began spitting and licking her asshole. There was Mike,sitting there with his cock in his hand.He started stroking it and rubbing the tip of it. He was enjoying the scenery,and he was about to join in on the fun.
Mike - Ok Bitches! My cock is hard and I am ready to shove it in that fat fine ass of hers!
Stacy - She is all yours Daddy! Give her some of that good ass dick!

Mike spread Monica's ass cheeks open and looked at her sloppy wet hole. She was ready,it was opening and closing in anticipation. Mike hoisted her up to meet his cock. She was so tiny, that he had to make some adjustments.He looked like a Great Dane fucking a poodle. She clenched her teeth,and cried out to receive his cock. She was screaming in such pain that he was worried he was hurting her.She had tears streaming down her face. This meant absolutely nothing to him,he was all about her ass and how good it felt on his stiff cock.She pretended not to be in pain but he was killing her pussy! She turned around to reassure him that she would be ok in a minute. Stacy walked to the front of her and spread her pussy open.
Stacy - Lick my cunt Bitch! This will keep your mind off the pain for a minute!

Monica began lapping at her pussy and it sent Stacy into pure ecstasy. She was moaning and fucking Monica's face, like it was a dick.Mike was balls deep inside Monica's fire hot ass. He was thrusting and showing her no mercy. The harder he would thrust,the more she would scream out in pain.Soon she started to adjust to his thrust and her cries subsided into pure screams of fucking pleasure.

Mike - Dayuuuuuuum babygirl! You have the sweetest ass I have ever had! Back it up on Daddy's dick! Throw that ass back baby! Shiiiiiiiiit! That's it! Bitch,give it all to me!
Monica - It hurts so damn good! Fuck it baby! Take that!Take that sweet ass of mine Daddy!
Stacy - I wanna get my ass dicked too! He is fuckin you so fuckin good!

Mike was pounding and he realized that he wanted some of Stacy's pussy.Stacy was enjoying the cunt thrashing that Monica was giving her. She was moaning and her clit was rock hard. It had swollen to an inch and it was as stiff as a dick.Mike noticed it too.He was really wanting Stacy's pussy now. He realized it was tight,when she was sitting on his dick earlier. He pulled out of Monica and asked her to sit on his dick for a minute. Stacy looked a little puzzled. He told her to hang on for a minute. Monica sat on his throbbing cock and he lifted her up and began slamming her cunt. She was up in the air and taking all his hard thrust!
She had never been fucked standing up before and she was cuming so much,that Stacy was licking it off of Mike's thighs. She was showering his cock with all her cunt juice and it was in waterfall mode. After she let out one more tribal scream,he placed her on the bench. It was Stacy's turn.He pulled her close and kissed her lips. She had nice full lips and Mike enjoyed sucking on them. He was strategically placing his cock in her pussy. She let out a small whimper and he started fucking it. She pushed up and wrapped her legs around his waist. The began to move in a slow movement. It was as if they were making love instead of fucking. She was so wet and she didn't want it to end. She was riding his cock and he was fucking her at a slow long pace.
Stacy - Mike your cock is amazing. Keep making me cum Daddy! Make me cum on your cock!
Mike - I am savouring your hot cunt.It is so tight! It feels like virgin pussy!I'm gonna fuck your cunt for a while baby!
Mike began thrusting harder and deeper into her cunt.Just then a big stream of cum escaped her pussy. It found it's way down his cock and into the mouth of Monica. She was waiting their patiently on her to cum from the fantastic fuck she was getting. Mike was ready to explode so he lowered Stacy down to the floor. He had them both get down on their knees to receive the shower,he was about to give. The girls jerked and sucked on his cock to get him to his climax. Just then his cock shot out a large load across their faces. The girls licked and sucked it off his cock and each others faces.
Mike gave the girls their cash and walked out the door. He was met by a host of horny teenage boys,who heard the whole thing.
Mike - Practice is over boys. You can have some fun now!
He gave the girls an extra hundred and the boys lined up for some fun for the rest of the evening.
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