d***ken and Fuckin ( another Mike adventure)

The night was still young but we were ready to go. Mike and I had attended a small get together over a friends. The BBQ was a blast and we both were getting a little tanked. He was more tanked than I was, and I noticed our neighbor hanging on him once in a while. I am not the jealous type,so I just laughed it off. It was time to leave the party and she asked if she could catch a ride back home. Mike answered yes before I could even get out the answer. They both stumbled to the SUV as I went to the drivers side. Mike opened the door for Tess and she sat in the back seat. Mike shut the door and sat down in the passengers seat. Tess was directly behind his seat and she was starting to sprawl out. Her skirt was up to her cunt and her pussy lips were showing. I laughed to myself and started up the car.
While driving down the road Tess started to slur her words and mumble. She was talking to Mike as if I wasn't even in the car. She was commenting on how hot he looked and that I am one lucky bitch. She faded in and out and I could see Mike doing the same. Then I saw Tess move forward,her head was pressed against the back of Mike's seat. Then I heard Mike making moaning sounds. I'm wondering what the fuck is going on. I look over and I could make out some movement around his crotch area. He had on shorts and a long t-shirt. It was sort of difficult to tell,since they were navy blue in color. Then his moans began to grow louder. I couldn't believe my eyes. Tess was stroking my his cock and he was diggin it. I can't say that I blame him. Tess was a knockout. She was of medium built with olive skin. She had long black hair that cascaded down her back. She was the reason they made the song "Brick House." All she was doing was rubbing his cock anyway, so I wasn't sweating it. (Mike and I have a pretty open relationship but we have to agree on the situation.) Tess was stroking away and I could see that Mike's cock was as hard as a rock. We still had twenty more minutes of driving and I knew they were going to take advantage of it.
We came to a stop and I saw Tess whisper in Mike's ear. She moved back and went to scooted to the side. Then Mike layed the seat all the way back,until it rested on the back seat. Then I watched in disbelief as Tess shimmied her way on top of Mike for a 69. Her skirt was hiked up and his cock was out and inside her mouth. I guess they said fuck the dumb shit. They were ready for a suckfest. I tried to keep my eyes on the road but it was so difficult. All I could hear was moaning and growning and lapping sounds. "Your pussy taste just like I imagined it would Tess." he said. Tess continued to suck. She was in her own little d***ken world. Mike sucked on her clit and fingered her pussy and I could hear how wet her cunt was getting. I have to admit,it was turning me on. I couldn't do anything but listen and watch from time to time. It seemed like an hour,while they were getting their oral on. Then I felt a hand reach over between my legs. I thought it was Mike finally taking a breather from Tess's pussy. But to my surprise it was Tess. She was fingering my cunt and sucking his cock at the same time. She was quite the multitasker.
I was a pulling into the garage, and it was almost time for this little party to be over. I got out of the car and watched while Mike and Tess untangled themselves,from their oral situation. Mike reached over and sat Tess on top of the hood of the car. She complained about how hot the hood was but it went on deaf ears. Mike lifted up her skirt and began licking her cunt again. "I can't get enough of her pussy!" he said. I was getting a little jealous,but I let it go. He licked her cunt until her clit was rock hard. She shook and came into his hot mouth. He then slowly rubbed his cock up and down her pussy and then pushed it deep inside. With his hands on her beautiful tits he began slow strokes into her cunt. He leaned forward and began gliding his tongue across her cinnamon nipples. She was taking in each stroke. "Oh Mike!,she moaned i've been wanting your cock for a long time!" He was stroking faster and harder now and I watched. Then Mike told me to come over. He asked me to put one leg on the top of the hood. I did and Tess stuck her face in between my thighs. Her tongue was a relief to my hard clit."Do you see what your man is doing to me."she said. I just nodded."He loves my pussy,he loves the way it taste and the way it feels on his cock."she moaned. Mike was getting so fucking turned on. His cock pounding away at her pussy,like a maniac. "Fuuuuuck!,this pussy is sooooo fucking gooood!!! he shouted. I came inside her mouth,right then and there. She was ready for him to fuck her ass and I was ready to watched. Mike pulled out his cock and I licked it clean. He told me to spread her ass and spit on her hole to get it ready. She let out a loud scream,as she tried to accept his hard prick into her hole. All the while he was eating my pussy as I laid on the hood of the car. She was telling him how she loved feeling his cock into her tight little hole.He was telling her how he loved getting his fantasy fuck. That he loved me but he wanted to fuck the hell out of her. Then he laid down on the bench in the garage and I mounted his cock. I rode his cock while she rocked her pussy across his face. We both were cuming all over him. He told me how he loved me and how beautiful I was.I told him I loved him and that it was time for her to sit on his cock. She took her time slowly gliding her cunt up and down his prick. " Tess you're fucking gorgeous!" he whispered. "I want you to fucking ride my cock hard now!" he yelled out. She began grinding and thrusting her pussy to meet his strokes. Then she said she could feel he was about to come. We both got on our knees to receive his gift. He came all over our lips and we kissed each other to lap it up.
Tess moved about a week later but it was a night we will never forget.
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3 years ago
sounds like fun.
3 years ago
hot shit...perhaps we can star in a version of that with you one day
3 years ago
wow.. hot stuff
3 years ago
to bad she moved hot slut