Black Out ! True Story

The storm was starting to subside.Mike and I sat on the front porch,bored as hell. It was so humid and the night air was scarce.With nothing to do,Mike and I just talked for a while and tried to keep cool. We both walked inside for a moment to get a cold drink. We were feeling our way through the house for candles and making our way to the kitchen. I pulled out a bag of ice and put a couple of cubes in my mouth. I stood on my toes to give Mike a sexy kiss. I glided the ice across his lips and face. I f***ed my tongue down his throat and we began to kiss pationately. Both our bodies were dripping with sweat and full of desire. We landed on the couch and started undressing each other. Mike slipped my off my black lace panties and took a long sniff to take in my sweet scent. He laid back on the couch with his head resting on the arm. The couch was big and made of leather. It was cold and felt so good against our scorching bodies. I opened up my legs and stretched them out across his handsome face. He always looked good in a mustache."Hun I want you to fuck my face." he says. I lowered my hot pussy onto his awaiting mouth. His hands were feeling around for my 38DD's and he began gently touching my nipples. My hips were rotating and grinding deep to meet his darting tongue. Sweat was dripping from my forehead but it didn't stop me from rubbing my cunt against his mouth. I could feel my juice dripping down his throat and he was lapping up every drop. "That's it baby! he moaned fuck my face!" I was thrashing back and forth and losing control of the moment. I kept fading in and out. It was from me cuming so much and from the heat. I reached behind me and began stroking his cock. I asked him to stroke it for me. I love watching his hands rub his beautiful cock. It was making my pussy so fuckin wet! I changed positions to a sixty-nine. I wanted to taste his cock so bad. I love to take my tongue and slowly glide it around the mushroom head of his cock. I was sticking my tongue in his hole and rubbing it with my right hand. Stroking his cock and popping the head of it, in and out of my hot mouth. I took it all down my throat. I opened it wide so he could shove it so far down my throat,that I started choking. Spit ran down to the base of his cock and I sucked it all up. I came one last time in his mouth,but I wanted more of his cock.
I stood up for him to move. I sat down on the couch and had him stand in front of my waiting mouth. I looked deep into his eyes and said "Skull fuck my mouth,baby!" He shoved my head back and I opened my mouth wide. He shoved his cock deep down my throat. I was taking it all in,gagging and spitting all over his dick. He was shouting out in pleasure. It turned me on so much. I love how he taste and how his cock swells inside my mouth. He came inside of my mouth and I drank it up like a glass of fine wine. We were both covered in sweat but the night was far from over. My baby can keep a hardon for a long time. He laid back on the couch and I mounte his cock. He grabbed my waist and shoved my pussy down on his hard ass cock. I was fucking his dick like crazy. " Fuck my pussy baby!! Fuck the shit out of me!" I was screaming. I knew we were giving our neighbors a show. They had been sitting on their front porches to cool off. I didn't care. Mike was fucking my pussy so good. Cum was running down my fucking thighs and down his balls. I sat up and lowered my mouth on his cock and sucked my juices off of it. I then bent into doggie position on the sofa. He smacked my ass a few times and told me." I love your fuckin ass baby." He entered me from behind and slowly started meeting my thrust. I told him to be still for a minute and just enjoy the ride. I was throwing my ass all over his hard cock and he was loving every minute. Both of us were screaming out and telling each other how much we love one another. Then he asked me if he could fuck me in the ass. " Just fuckin do it baby!" I want to feel u deep in me!" I did want it and I wanted it bad. It hurt so fucking bad at first. I had to learn how to relax and ease my ass down on his dick. He rubbed my clit and it began to swell. "OmG! I love the size of your clit baby." he said ."It is so fuckin sexy." My baby knows that I love for him to talk dirty to me and tell me how beautiful I am. It makes my pussy drench from juice and he really turns me on. He is a sexy man and I love his beautiful brown Italian eyes. His coal black hair with a hint of gray. I look into his eyes as he fucks my ass and I cum all over his fingers. He pulls out his cock and sucks up my pussy juice. We both lay down beside each other and he enters me from the side. We both looked as if we had taken a bath in sweat,by now. I was taken his thrust and he was strokin my cunt good with that cock. We both decided to get into the shower. We continued fucking and sucking in the shower. I knew he was ready to blow his load. I leaned with my hands against the wall and he gave me a few good thrust. He came so fucking hard.that I almost slipped and fell in the tub. We were both delerious by this time and stumbled into the bed. At 6 am the power came back on. We just looked at each other and smiled and turned over and went to sl**p. I have flashbacks about that night all the time. It makes me wet all inside and I have to relieve myself.
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2 years ago
I wouldn't mind blackouts if they turned out like that for me.
3 years ago
3 years ago
That was great.
3 years ago
I can't believe I spelled passionately That's what happens when you're
3 years ago