Doing my neighborly duty(the adventures of Mike)

It was early in the morning when we heard the sound of doors opening and shutting. It was our new neighbors,moving in the house next door. Behind the van was a car that had a f****y of three.There was a tall man,well tanned and well groomed. Beside him stood a very sexy woman. She looked as if she was bi-racial. She had shoulder length hair and full healthy looking breast. They also had a small c***d,about the age of five.
"Look hun. The new neighbors are here." I said. Mike just moaned and rolled back over.When he finally decided to get up,he walked over to the window. He could see the movers putting in furniture and the f****y looking about. Mike noticed how sexy his new female neighbor was. He was secretly m*****ing her with his eyes. His cock was slowly getting hard thinking about fucking her. He wandered how often he would get the opportunity just to strike up a conversation with the beautiful woman. The next day it was time for me to go to work and Mike was fortunate enough to have the day off. Mike was sitting in the living room enjoying his morning coffee and reading his morining paper. He could hear a little a voice outside, fussing about not having any help. Mike walked over to the window and there he saw the sexy next door neighbor struggling with a large box. Mike grabbed some shorts,threw them on and ran outside."Looks like you could use some help." he said. "Thank you so much sir." she said. Mike lifted the box and she guided him into the livingroom. "I'm Mike." he said. "Jill is mine." she said. They both shook hands and started talking. She explained about her husband being a salesman and never being in town and having a little one in kindergarten. That she was still looking for work and hated staying at home. The whole time she was speaking Mike was looking at her luscious lips and how he wanted his cock in between them. He was thinking about it so much that he didn't notice his cock getting hard.Jill offered him some coffee and they chatted for a little while. When it was time to leave Mike stood up and his cock was rock hard.Jill looked down with her jaw dropped. "I'm so sorry,I usually don't have this problem."said Mike.Jill laughed it off and smiled. "I guess I should take it as a compliment,but I would rather take it." she told him. She reached out and rubbed his cock through his shorts. She knelt down and ran her long tongue across the material of his shorts. She was feeling the hardness and length of his cock. It was pure torture to Mike. She pulled it out and licked the tip of his throbbing cock.She let her tongue dart in and out of the hole and swirled it around the big mushroom head. "Beat me with your huge cock!,I want to feel you slap me across the lips." Jill moaned.Mike held his massive cock in his hand and slapped Jill accross her lips and cheeks. She would often stick out her tongue to taste the precum oozing from his dick. Jill couldn't take it anymore. She jerked his cock out of his hand and began sucking it with such f***e. She would put a hoover to shame. Mike threw his head back and just fucked her mouth as hard as he could.With his eyes rolling back in his head ,he was taking full control. He wrapped Jill's hair around his hand and shoved his cock deep down her throat. She was gagging and spitting and her eyes were big as saucers."Take all of it!"Mike yelled.He wasn't ready to cum yet,so he pulled out. Mike told her to turn around so he could admire her plump ass. He was thinking how perfect it was and how he wanted to fuck it right then. He hesitated and threw her back on the couch. He opened her legs wide and buried his face into her pussy. He just layed his nose right in her muff and took in the sweet aroma. He gently opened her cunt and started licking her clit. She was loving the lapping sound of him tonguing her juicy slit. Her moans were growing louder and her hips were pushing upward to meet his tongue.Her cunt poured out juice and the scent was incredible. Mike sucked and licked and he noticed she was in and out of consciousness. He was eating her out so good,that she was fucking passing out. She came about five times. Mike loves to eat pussy. It is like a hobby to him.
Jill was ready for him to give him all ten inches of his huge dick. She stood up and Mike motioned for her to mount him. She stood over top of his cock,taking the tip to tease her sore clit. She took her time and eased down on his huge cock. It was as wide as a soda can and as long as a coke bottle. "FUUUUUUUUUUCK!" She screamed. Mike smiled and told her to relax. He slowly pulled her hips down until her sweet cunt hit the root of his dick. She began to slowly rotate her hips to enjoy all of his cock. "Give it to me baby,you are so fucking tight."he moaned in pleasure. Soon Jill started getting use to his massive cock and started fucking it with a vengeance. Mike was watching her take all his cock. Her tits were bouncing and he was thinking how beautiful she looked."Thats it,my new little neighbor slut!" he shouted."Fuck my big ass dick!" He lifted her up and told her to wrap her legs around his waist. Mike pulled her close and thrusted his cock deep inside her cunt. She was in such pleasure that she couldn't take it. Cum was now dripping down her inner thighs and it was the fucking of a lifetime for her."Mike I love your fucking cock!" she yelled. He bounced her around like a fucking puppet and she was in ecstasy. He lifted her up and started eating the juice from her dripping hot pussy and then lowered her back down unto his cock. "Shit!",he shouted." you have some good ass pussy!"
Just then they heard a car pull up. It was Jill's husband,coming home for lunch. Mike was just about to bust a nut. He sat her down fast and squirted right in her mouth. She gobbled it up, she ran into the bathroom to wash her face. Mike ran out the back door. The door slowly opened and there was Jill sitting on couch.She asked how his day was and he kissed her on the forehead. "It was great,so far.he the way,we have dinner date with the neighbors." Jill just smiled.She already had the lunch of a lifetime,so dinner would be the icing on the cake.
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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
tell me the address.. i will be ur neighbour
3 years ago
Nice neighborly hello... Thanks for sharing