Rock N Hard to Rock Hard

It was the so hot the day of the concert. Mike had already started the night off by gettig his drink on early. The sun was going down and he was ready to party. The beach was crowded with hot,d***k chicks and he was waiting for the opportunity to have a little fun.
The lights came up and the band entered the stage. The locals were rocking and swaying to the music. It was dark now and everyone was intoxicated and getting lose. Mike noticed there were too hot babes in front of him. One was about 5ft7 with long dark air and the sexiest body he had ever seen. Her ass was perfect and round and her tits were the same. He was lusting in the worst way and he knew he had to do something about it. The second girl was bubbly in a sex kitten sort of way. She had carmel skin and auburn hair. She was shorter than the first girl but her frame was a little bit thicker.Mike decided it was time to strike up a conversation and introduced himself. The girls told them their names were Tonya the taller one and Lisa was the thicker one. All he could do was lick his lips. He wanted them both and he was going to try his best to succeed.
The girls were gettig wasted through the concert and Tonya would often fall back into Mike. She was starting to complain about not seeing the concert,so her hoisted her on his broad shoulders. She was grinding her cunt into the back of his head and it was turning him on. He could feel the heat from her pussy and he knew she was doing it on purpose. He had his hands resting on her thighs and he moved them up slowly to her side of her bikini bottom. She pretended not to notice but she was wanting to feel his big fingers in her pussy. He pulled her bikini a side and began to rub her clit."Mmmmmmmm." she moaned. Mike knew he was going to get some of her hot wet pussy soon. He dug his fingers deep inside her cunt and she was grinding her pussy,to meet his thrust. Mike licked his fingers with desire. Her pussy was so sweet and he wanted more. He maneuvered her hips until her pussy was in his mouth.He hungrily licked at her gash until she came in hard thrashes,against his face. Lisa was watching and rubbing her clit through her bikini. She could see Mike's huge cock sticking out through his trunks. She knew he needed some relief and she was just the fucking slut to give it to him. Mike was still eating Tonya's pussy,when he felt his cock get a breeze from the cool ocean air. Then he felt a hot wet lips cup around the head of his cock. Lisa grabbed his ten inch cock from the bottom of its shaft and began licking it softly. She licked it slowly at first and then gobbled it up. She took as much as she could in her mouth. She was impressed with the girth and length of his huge prick. Mike looked down and he knew it was time for a change.
Mike lowered Tonya onto Lisa's back and licked her cunt one last time. He then pulled his cock from Lisa's hot mouth and drove it into Tonya's swollen pussy. He was stroking her like a madman. Lisa was gripping his legs to brace herself,so her friend wouldn't fall. Tonya was screaming out"Fuck my pussy with that bigass cock baby!" She was moving uncontrollably and he loved it. He would often pull out his cock for Lisa to suck. He was in heaven and he wanted more. It was time to switch. He put Lisa on Tonya's back and started eating out her pussy,while Tonya sucked his cock. He then stuck his huge dick inside of Lisa's tight little cunt. "Damn!Are you a virgin!" he said. She just moaned with pleasure as he fucked her. She was screaming but her screams were muffled by the concert. He fucked her tight little pussy for what seemed like a lifetime. He was ready to blow his load. He grouped the girls together and shot his cum right into their waiting mouths. He wailed out into the moonlight and tried to catch his breath.
"Damn girls!" he said. They told him they were students at the University and their ages were 19 and 18. He was ready to die but he didn't regret a thing. Fuck he had the time of his life.
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I love those open aired concerts where you can enjoy yourself...