Not Just a Fuck at the Beach

The crowd was growing by the minute. It was hot and the moon was full and so was Mike. He was full of a liquior and ready to party. The band was about to go on stage and you could barely feel the breeze from the ocean. The lights popped bright on stage as the band walked on.Everyone was yelling and ready to get their party on. Mike was in the back of the crowd. The music was loud and so were the people.
Mike noticed that he was in a sea of beautiful women. They were all shapes and races and he wanted to fuck them all.As the crowd began the grow the area began to shrink. He was feeling the bump of a nice bound ass in front of him.People were d***k as hell.He noticed the two sexy women in the front of him. Dancing
and d***ker than a mutha. The one was so d***k that she kept stumbling. The
sexy woman stumbled back and into Mikes hard cock. It was pertruding from his swim trunks. It jolted her for a second.but it sort of turned her on. She started dancing and rubbing her perfect round ass against his trunks. Mike was loving the attention. She looked as if she were 20 at the most and had big round and yet perky tits. She wore a white bikini with a sheer wrap, that barely covered her ass. Mike wanted her to back up again but this time she was going to get the real thing.
The band started into a slow jam and lovers were getting cuddling and moving to the rhythm.She leaned into Mike and he wrapped his big arms around her tiny waist. She could feel his throbbing cock on the back of her ass. She knew that it was skin this time. His huge cock was out and ready to fuck. She hesitated to reach back to touch it. The liquid courage was starting to take over. She reached back and got a big handful of Mikes now throbbing cock. He guided her little hand up and down his shaft. She was slowly jacking him off. He knew that this was only going to drive him insane and he had to have her. He wanted her pussy and he wanted it now. But she jerked her hand away and looked around. She was worried about people watching.
Mike asked if she was ok. She slurred and told him yes. He then looked around and saw all the wild chicks on the shoulders of their man. They were getting a better view of the concert. Mike took this as an opportunity to do the same. He asked the sexy chick (Tonya) if she would like to see the concert better. She said."Hell yeeeessssssss!" and he picked her up. She was on his shoulders screaming and swaying. He began to feel the heat from her cunt as she moved around. His cock became hard again and he wondered what her pussy must taste like. He bagan moving his head back in forth on her pussy. At first she wasn't catching on. She just thought he was digging the band. Then she noticed she was enjoying the friction. She was starting to moan and grinding her pussy against his head. Mike's cock was so hard that it was starting to ache. He knew he needed some relief and soon.
Tonya's friend Lisa was now in the front of Mike. She was drinking and dancing against his cock. She looked back and winked at him and grinded her juicy ass on his dick. Mike was in heaven. He didn't know what to do with himself. He did know one thing,never waste an opportunity. He slowly moved his finger into Tonya's bikini bottom. She sighed and relaxed as he fingered her wet pussy. She pulled out his finger and sucked her cunt juices from it. Mike slowly twisted Tonya's body around to the front of his face. She was holding on to his head for dear life. He assured her that he wouldn't drop her and she calmed down. Her hot pussy was now in the front of his waiting face. He teased her by licking her clit through her bikini. She was moving her pussy to gently meet his tongue. She took her hand and moved her bottoms to the side, to expose her pussy. Mike licked her cunt like a maniac. They were so wasted that nothing mattered anymore. "Fuckin lick my cunt!" Tonya screamed. Her voice was drowned out by all the loud surroundings. Just then Mike felt a tug on his trunks. It was Lisa and she was hungry.
Mike's mind was spiraling out of control. He couldn't believe he was eating this hot chicks pussy,right int he middle of a concert.He then felt a stream of pleasure rush through his body. He looked down and Lisa was tonging around the tip of his cock. He then continued to suck and tongue Tonya's juicy pussy. He loved it and what man wouldn't.Lisa sucked his ten inch cock down to the root and he was about to explode. He knew it was time to start some hardcore fucking. Lisa was bent in front of him with her back flat. He slowly lowered Tonya onto Lisa's back. Tonya and Lisa were both shocked at first but they were digging it. Tonya's cunt was at the top of Lisa's back and Mike was now fucking Lisa's sweet mouth. He then pulled out his cock and stuck it deep inside Tonya's hot pussy. Lisa put her hands on Mike's thighs to brace herself. He was plowing his cock so fucking hard and he was going fucking crazy. He then pulled from Tonya's cunt and rammed it down Lisa's throat. She gagged but sucked it down like a hoover. He then asked the two girls to change positions. Lisa's pussy was pink and wet. She was wanting some of Mike's big ass cock bad! "Sweet Jesus!" she shouted. He banged her pussy like he never had pussy before. She was so fucking tight." Fuck!" moaned Mike. He was having a night to remember. He was now ready to blow his load. Tonya wanted it all to herself. " You want my fucking cum? Do you slut!"asked Mike. " I WANT IT ALL! YOU NASTY FUCK!" she yelled. He wasn't ready yet. He had to see one more thing. Eat each other out first. Tonya knelt down and began licking the shit out of Lisa's pussy. The sex was starting a chain reaction. People were fucking and sucking all around them. It was now time to switch and the girls continued the licking and lapping. Mike beckoned them to kneel in front of his huge cock. He had been stroking it while watching the sexy vixons. The sucked on his nuts and licked the tip of his prick. He yelled out and his cock squirted out a load that almost knocked the two women down. They lapped it up like greedy little sluts. His cock was clean free of his jism. Thanks ladies. He finally asked the women how old they were nad their names. I'm Tonya and I just turned 18. I am Lisa and I just turned 19."Are you shitting me!" he said. Mike knew he didn't give a fuck.He just had the fuck of a lifetime and he didn't regret a thing. Little did he know they were students at the University he just got a job at. He was going to be the new head coach. Those girls were going to give him the best head ever.
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very good
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fucking hot!!