I smell sex pt two

I could hear the slurping get louder and louder. She was sucking him nice and slow.He was coaching her on with his dirty talk and she was digging it. I still wanted to see what was happening. I begged Mike to take off my blindfold. He was so caught up in getting his dick sucked,that he forgot about me. The fucking sucking noises were too much for me to handle. I was screaming for Mike to take this fucking blindfold off.My cries were muffled by his moans. I heard him get off the couch and move toward me. He ordered me to open my fucking mouth. Then he shoved his cock deep inside. He gave my mouth a few hard thrust and I could feel his cum hit the back of my throat. I was gagging and trying to swallow his load at the same time. Then he slapped his cock against my face. I could feel his cum spreading across my lips and cheeks.
He then whispered ,"Baby I am going to fuck her now." I was so fucking wet. My panties were soaked. I wanted him to fuck her. I wanted to hear her cry out from his gigantic cock. I also wanted to take part in the fun. Just then he bent down and said "I want you to see me fuck her." I was curious and I wanted to know who it this woman was. I wanted to know who in the hell was sucking his cock and letting him eat her pussy. He took the blindfold off slowly. The lights were off and candles were everywhere. It took a while for my eyes to adjust. I looked over at the couch and there was my 18 year old babysitter. I thought I was fuckind dreaming. He gave me a kissed and walked over to the couch .
There was Lena with her legs spread wide open. This wasn't the shy girl that watched my c***dren. This was a busty and curvy young woman. She was horny and she was sucking and getting ready to fuck my man. Her long ponytails hung down to the floor and her nipples were sticking straight up from those 38 DD tits. She looked good enough to eat and fuck. Mike wasted no time spitting on her pussy and sucking her clit. He wanted to get her ready. She looked a little unsure about fucking his huge dick."Mr. Michael I don't know if I can take all of that in my little cunt." He told her to hold her breath and drove his cock deep into her pussy. She let out a scream so loud,that it probably woke up the neighbors. At this point Mike didn't give a fuck. He slowly stroked his big cock in. She was wiggling and crying in pain. He kissed her hard and told her she would be ok. He reached for her tits and licked and caressed them gently. She slowly started moving her hips to meet his thick ass cock. "Oh my God!" she yelled. He was starting to pick up the pace and she wanted more. " Give me more of that fat fucking cock!" she screamed. She was starting to lose all control. I was loving it. " Is her little pink pussy tight baby!" I moaned. "I bet it fits like a fucking glove." I exclaimed. I wanted him to give her a fuck of a lifetime. The kind of fucking that you only experience once in a lifetime.
She was getting it from my big cock man. She was thrashing around and screaming out all kinds of trashy shit. I wanted to taste her. I wanted to feel his cock in my cunt. It is my turn now.
"I want to fucking eat her pussy as you fuck her ass baby!" I shouted. He looked a little stunned but he was all for it. He quickly came over to me and untied me from the chair. I told Lena to sit on my face. I wanted to taste her sweet young pussy. It was so juicy from fucking Mike's cock. I dug my tongue deep inside her cunt. "Mmmmmmmmmmm." I moaned.Her pussy was like sucking the nectar from a peach. So fucking sweet and juicy. I lapped at her clit and put my fingers deep inside her cunt. I began to finger her hot pussy. Mike was entering her ass from behind. Teasing her asshole with the big mushroom head of his cock.She wiggled and backed her ass up to try to shove it in. He liked the thought of her wanting his cock so bad."STOP FUCKING PLAYING WITH ME!" she yelled out. Just then he spread her cheeks wide and buried his cock to the balls. She was in heaven. She loved anal sex. I couldn't believe that this lil girl was the kinkiest and horniest chick I have ever met. I loved it.This nasty little bitch will be in my house and Mike and I can fuck her when the mood hits us.Lena was ready to bust a nut. There was juice flying everywhere. I love the smell of good sex.Mike was fucking her ass and fingering my cunt. All the while I was eating her pussy.
It is time to switch up. She was eating out my big round ass, Sucked his cock. I was tasting her ass juice and wanting more. I got up and mounted Mikes cock. I think I came all over his dick, as soon as he put it in. We fucked and sucked for hours. Mike finally pulled out his cock for the both of us to lap up. His cum jetted out his massive cock,for us to lick clean. We sucked and licked up every drop. Then we layed down for a long nap.
Tomorrow she works until ten. I can't wait.
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That's hot. Can't wait for more.