I Smell Sex pt one

I felt a little weird agreeing to Mike's plan. I never was the one to play sex games.I decided to give it a try ,this time. I figure you only live once. So there I was,just sitting in this chair. I had my eyes blindfolded and my hands tied behind my back. I was sort of worried and excited at the same time. I heard him leave the livingroom for a minute and then walk back in. The game was about to begin.
I could smell the sweetness of strawberries, as he let my tongue glide across one of them. I took a bite and swirled my tongue around it.Then he gave me a long sexy french kiss and left the room again. Then I heard him tiptoe back into the room. I could have sworn I heard whispering in the other room.Maybe it was just my imagination. I sat there waiting for his next move. I heard the sound of the couch crunching from the weight of someone. I called out to Mike but he didn't answer at first. Then I heard a small whimper. It was a female voice. "Mike!What in the hell are you doing?" I yelled. "It's all good baby.Just wait and you will see." he said. Then there was silence again. I just decided to go with the flow. Then I heard a womans sensual moan. I know I am not crazy. This was getting interesting.
The moans continued and they grew with each minute. I heard the lapping of something wet. It was almost like the sound of a dog drinking water. Then I heard this female tell Mike,"Oh fuck!You eat pussy so fucking good!" I was surprised but it was a different kind of surprise. Like I wanted to be pissed but it was like listening to a dirty movie. I called out to Mike. " Honey how does her pussy taste?" He didn't answer me at first. I thought maybe I did something wrong. Then I realized he was just enjoying her juicy cunt. She was enjoying his licking and sucking on her clit. I could her her squirming around like a fuckin fish out of water. He was begging her to fuck his face. I could hear the movements of her hips against the leather couch. She was giving his face a good fucking and he was enjoying every minute of it. I wanted to see who was fucking my Mike's handsome face. I asked and he told me in due time.
What the fuck was that suppose to mean. Then she cried out in pleasure and I heard him say " Fuck yeah baby!" She was a squirter. Then I heard the slurping and moaning of Mike and the chick. He was eating her pussy like a greedy ass man. It was fucking making my pussy soaking wet. Then I heard him get up and walk toward me. He stuck his fingers in my mouth. "This is what i've been snacking on." I had to admit it was sweet as honey.
"Time to get my cock sucked baby!" he said. He walked back over to the couch and I could hear him moan.

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Good start.
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