Laptop Fuck 4

He plunged his cock deep inside her hot mouth. She gagged and spit was flying everywhere. He had a fist full of her gorgeous hair and was holding her tight with the other arm. Skull fucking was what my man loved the most. He loves to grab my face and just slam his cock down my throat. I watched in anticipation as he threw her onto the bed. She looked delirious,as she gazed into his eyes. I thought she was about to pass out.
He sat there on the edge of the bed, thinking of what to do next. I told him to come close to the pc,so I could talk to him. He was covered in sweat and it was making me wet. His long cock still hard as ever. I knew this chick was going to be fucked silly. He usually last two or more hours and by the looks of things he still needed to bust a big nut. He laid back on the bed and ordered her to sit on his cock. I told her to face the pc so I could watch her. She turned into a backward cowgirl position and sat down on his dick. She moaned in pleasure as her hot wet cunt slowly slid down his shaft. She was taking all of his big dick this time and she was loving every minute of it. I started telling her to rub her clit. I looked greedy,as if I was the one getting some of her juicy pussy. It looked like a waterfall draining down from her cunt. My baby was fucking that pussy good and I was loving it. I pretended that I was in the front of her licking her sensual pussy lips and enjoying the smell of her fuck juice. Sucking my man's balls as he thrusted into her cunt. I couldn't take it anymore and I came with a vengence.
I yelled "I'm fucking cummin!" He said"I'm right there with you baby! This bitches pussy is tight and juicy and I can't wait any longer!" Just then he pulled out his cock and shot a big load. His cum landed all over her face and she lapped it up like a poodle. It even landed on the cam and I pretended to lick it off. Damn I wish I was there to really enjoy that fuck. I guess the next time we will have to go back to that hotel and look up that maid.
100% (7/0)
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3 years ago
Nice wrap up
3 years ago
Short but nastyyyyyy!