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The maid was really getting her pussy ate out,like a champ. I could hear him lapping her now soaking wet cunt. I was wishing I was there to take part in this sexy session. I had my own pussy to deal with. At that moment it was wet as hell.
With words of encouragement my man's face was glazed with sweet pussy juice. She was thrusting and jerking around like someone betting shock treatment. I heard a yell and saw a stream of cum shoot across the bed. She was definately a squirter. My baby was licking it up like a new born.He wanted to see her do it again. He trusted three fingers in her pussy and began to pound it as hard as he could. He teased her clit with his long tongue and it was as hard as a brick.
She fucking squirted directly into his mouth and he never missed a drop. I came all over my fingers and licked them with satisfaction.
I then watched as he lowered her onto his throbbing cock. Slow movements and rotating movements. She was meeting every stroke, from his huge cock. She was getting the pleasure of a lifetime and he knew it. I moaned out ," Fuck her ass baby! I want to see you fuck her beautiful ass!" The immediatley got into doggie position. His huge cock barely getting pass her hole. He took his cock and rubbed it in her pussy juice and stuck it slowly into her ass. She let out a small cry and began taking it in slowly. Then I watched as this sexy maid began thrusting and bucking her ass all over my man's cock. He just leaned back and let her do all the work."Damn Daddy your cock is huge!' she screamed.
"You like daddy's huge dick? Don't you bitch!" he yelled out. "FUCK YES! PLEASE GIVE ME MORE. DADDY!' she was losing it. Then I got a freaky idea, that I just had to share. Baby I yelled out. Get that vacuum hose. I bet she would love to have her cunt sucked by that hose,while you fuck her ass. He didn't say a word. He got up and reached for it. He handed her the hose and turned it on. She moved it to her clit and you could hear the suction sound. She loved it!
Getting fucked and having her clit sucked by a vacuum was too much for her to handle.
She turned off the switch and cum gushed down from her pussy. "Geesh!'he said.
He spit and licked her ass and rammed his cock deep inside her. Pulling her hair and fucking her like a mad man. It was such a fuckin turn on. He pushed her back on the bed and gave her a mouthful of cock." This is your sexy ass your tasting baby!" he told her. She couldn't answer with all that cock in her mouth.
He pulled his cock out and kissed her down her belly. We are not through at all. He sat her on the desk and wrapped her legs around his shoulders. He stood up and began to slurp up that beautiful hot cunt. My pussy is getting wet just thinking about it. She held on for dear life as he ate her so slowly. I just watched my baby bring this bitch to an ultimate climax. With his cock still hard he flipped her upside down and lowered her to his prick. She gobbled it up like a mad woman. And then.....
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Damn this is a great story
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well fuck me