Laptop Fuck

It all started with a noise from a squeeking door. Then I heard someone say " Housekeeping." My man was passed out on the bed,as usual.We had stayed up half of the night talking on Skype, and we accidently left everything on. I was still in a bit of a daze but I noticed this beautiful maid tipping around his room. I watched as my baby snored and looked as if he was having one hell of a dream. The snoring soon turned into wierd noises. I saw him reaching down and rubbing on his cock. The maid noticed it too and she began to watch.
I knew that this was about to get interesting and I wanted to see just how interesting.I could see that my man was naked and his cock was getting harder by the second. Shit! I wanted to jump through the screen my damn self and suck his cock.
Then maid tried her best to continue cleaning, but it wasn't working. My man has gorgeous olive skin and coal black hair. He is six foor seven and 250 lbs. He is one sexy ass man. She couldn't take her eyes off his 9 inch cock.his cock was beginning to look like a tent,underneath that sheet. Then I saw the maid walk over to the bed and slowly ease the sheet to the bottom of the bed. Now there was my baby in all his 9 inch glory.The maid licked her lips and began rubbing her pussy. She lifted her dress and put one foot upon the bed. She was so fucking horny and so was I by now.
My man was still in lala land and stroking his cock. I saw the maid stick her fingers inside her pussy and lick them. It was obvious she had cum running down them. She could see his precum gathering at the tip end of his cock.
She licked her lips and gently tipped her finger in it. She brought it up to her lips and sighed. You would have thought she tasted icecream. She enjoyed it and I could tell she wanted to taste more.
I began fingering my pussy and getting it ready for what was about to take place. I should be mad but I wanted to get my cum on.........
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2 years ago
3 years ago
i managed to read the second part before the 1st put em together you have a good story
3 years ago