Laptop Fuck pt.2

I watched in disbelief but I was interested in what she was about to do next. He was still in a deep sl**p moaning and stroking. I have to admit it was really turning me on. I saw the maid bend over and lick the tip end of his cock. He let out a soulful moan as if he wanted more.I was thinking to myself that this chick is either bold or horny as hell.
I began to finger my own pussy ,as I waited in antiipation to what was going to happen next. Her beautiful dark hair tickeled his thighs. She decided it was now or never to taste his fat juicy cock. She took his brick hard prick down to the balls. He slowly began thrusting his cock into her mouth and moaning with pleasure. He finally decided to open his eyes.
When he finally opened his eyes he was very pleased. Shocked as hell but pleased. There was these sensual pair of lips wrapped around his cock and giving him the pleasure he was aching for. She was about five ft six and 140 lbs.Dark brown hair and carmel in color. She looked up at him as she sucked his cock harder and faster. He was about to blow his load and he made her stop.
I looked to see if he had noticed if the PC was still on,but I think it was the furthest thing on his mind.
He gave her a smile and guided her to sit on his face. She crawled upon the bed and opened up her thick thighs across his face. She began grinding her pussy deep into his face and rotating her hips. His tongue darted in and out of her dripping wet pussy.My clit was hard as a rock just watching this hot sexy session. I was wishing I could be right in the middle of it. Sucking his cock as this gorgeous creature fucked my mans face.
She began thrusting her pussy as she pulled his hair. He was enjoying every bit of it. She reached back to grab a handful of his cock and started to stroke it.
"That's it baby! Fuck my mouth you sexy bitch!" She was encouraged by his words and stroked his cock faster. "Eat my fuckin pussy! I FUCKEN LOVE IT!" she screamed out. Then I yelled out "That's right baby! Eat that bitch's pussy!" I forgot that the mic was on. Mike heard me. He stopped and walked over to the PC.
He told me he was sorry and I had to explain to him that I was turned on. The poor little maid didn't know what to think. I told him to finish what he started.He returned to the bed and placed the sexy vixon back on his tongue.
He told her it was all good.
I began telling him that I wanted a closer look at him eating her out. So he laid her on her back and spread her legs. I hsd a great view.
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