Peek a boo. I see you sexy

I would always make sure he was at his window at 12am sharp. I would look out into the darkness and across to the next building. She was always there. Her beautiful brown skin glistening in the moonlight as she danced around her apartment. She had a curvy sexy body,that would make any man or woman stop in their tracks. There I was with my cock rock hard. Wishing that I was in that apartment getting ready to give her a good fucking. The more she danced around naked the harder my cock got and the faster I stroked. I blew my load in a matter of minutes and went off to bed.
The next day I was doing laundry in the complex. I looked over to my right and there she was. The mystery chick with the gorgeous body. She had on the tightest pair of cutoff shorts and a bikini top on. Her DD's were oozing out of her top. My eyes were glued. She had her basket of clothes heading up to her apartment. I asked her if she needed any help and she said yes.Her name was Leslie she said. The whole time my ass was ready to rip her fucking clothes and eat her pussy right in the elevator. When we reached her apartment she invited me in. I looked around and she seemed to have a cool place. She told me her roommate was out for a bit and that she got stuck doing the laundry. She offered me a beer and we talked for a while. I did confess to being a peeping Tom and she laughed it off. Then I left her apartment with blue balls.
That night I went back to my usual spot at the window. My girl had already went to bed and I wanted to beat my meat in peace. As if she were on que she was naked and caressing her body. My cock was aching for a piece of that ass and a taste of her sweet pussy.All of a sudden I noticed that she was waving for me to come over. I pinted at myself in disbelief. She pointed back and stuck her fingers inside of her cunt. She pulled them out and licked them so slowly. I zipped my pants up and bolted out the door.
I didn't even have to knock on the door. She was there in the living room with her pussy wet and nipples hard. She said that she had been thinking about sucking my cock all day. I had to admit to her that I was craving her cunt.
We started off with deep passionate kisses with our tongues exploring each others mouths. My hands found their way into her already wet pussy. She moaned with pleasure and found her hands wondering over the length of my cock. She stroked it slowly and I fingered her pussy even faster. I decided to get on my knees and get a better taste of her cunt and it was as sweet as a peach. She threw her head back and her pussy began to gush with wetness."Oh suck my pussy you nasy muthafucka!" I licked and sucked her cunt until my face was soaked. My olive skin looked like I had been eating a Krispy Kreme donut.I begged her to relieve me from my throbbing cock and she dropped to her knees. She ran her tongue all along the side of my cock.It was actually jumping around in her mouth as she sucked it down to the balls.She was a pro at sucking cock and she made me bust my gism in her in a matter of minutes.
It was time for a break and we kissed but only for a few minutes. I told her that it was time for me to fuck that tight lil cunt of hers. She stuck my fingers deep inside her juicy pussy and then sucked them dry. I asked her if she liked the way she tasted and she told me "Fuck yes!" " I know you love the taste of my cunt,don't you." That was a fucking no brainer. That shit tasted like a bottle of sweetest honey that ever touched my lips. I told her enough with the questions please. It was time to get down to some serious fucking.I didn't have much time to be fucking around. My girl was right in the next building.
"Spread that pussy open for me baby!" It was well manicured and I couldn't wait to get my damn cock in that hot lil cunt. It was so hot inside her pussy it felt like a damn sauna. I just wanted to pound it even harder."Fuck this is some good ass pussy baby!" She was jerking and throwing her cunt up to meet my fat ten inch cock. She cried out for a minute about how big it was. "Take your time hun." " I'm gonna fucking split your little pussy in half sexy!" She had been a cock tease for a few weeks now. Shit! She owed me this good back breaking fuck I was giving her. "Geesh!" I'm going to cum baby!" She let her juicy pussy flow out all over my cock. That was just the beginning sexy. Time for some of that nice round ass.
"Not my ass please!" I asked her if she was joking and she said no. Just then the door opened and in stepped a gorgeous creature. My focus went directly to her roommate."Looks like I am missing a good time." I told her there was plenty to go around. She said "I can see that from here." "Your cock in huge and I want to suck it." She helped herself to my hard ass prick. I fingered Leslie's ass to get her ready for my dick.Jessie was the roommate.Tan and long bottled red hair. Never fucked a red head before. But I was going to tonight. " I asked Jessie if I could eat out her cunt and she spread that shaved pussy with no problem. I stuck my cock in Leslie's ass very slow. She could only take the head in at first. I spit on my cock and drove it in as hard as I could. I was tired of being nice about it. Pounding the hell out of it,like there was no tomorrow.Jessie was cuming all over my face and I loved every minute of it. I decided to stick my cock in Jessie's pussy for the moment.It was so damn tight that I didn't want my cock to leave it's new home. I told the girls to kiss each other as I blew my load all over their gorgeous faces.
What a fucking night! Time to sneak back in the apartment before Kat wakes up. I know she wants to wake up to a hard on.


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