Boys will be boys and friends will be .......

It was girls night out. My friends were looking hot and so was I. I had my long brown hair pulled up in a sexy ponytail. My makeup was flawless and my body was showing every sexy curve that I have. My friend Devin was looking gorgeous in a white dress that was see through. She had on a red thong underneath,that was very visual. My girl Cherri had on some sexy hot pants and a half shirt that showed off her tits. While I was getting ready my boyfriend was sitting in his usual spot watching tv. Maybe I should say pretending to watch tv.His eyes were glued on my sexy friends asses. Especially Devin's ass.
I noticed her sending sexy glances his way as well. I kissed my man and we were off to the club.
While at the club me and my girls were getting trashed. Devin seemed to be the type that can't handle her liquior. So I called her a cab back to my place. I gave my man the heads up on my friend and to let her in the house. When the cab pulled up Mike was there to greet her. She said " I know I look a mess!" Mikes replied " You look pretty fuckin hot for a 40 year old woman." She smiled and walked to the bathroom. While she was in the bathroom she yelled for Mike to bring her something to sl**p in. He returned with a tshirt and tossed it into the room. She told him thanks and began to bathe. The shower was steaming up the glass doors to the shower but you could still see her body. Mike thought he heard some moans and talking coming from the bathroom,so he went to check on Devin. The door was cracked so he peeped inside the room. He saw Devin slowly bathing and fingering her pussy.He felt bad for watching but he just couldn't help himself. He was like a statue with his cock glued to his hand. He began stroking it up and down as he watched Devin pleasure herself. She was moaning and whispering things. All of a sudden he heard her say,"Thats it Mike.lick my pussy!" Mike was shocked but so fuckin turned on. He walked in the bathroom and opened the glass door. He knelt down in front of her and began to lick her pussy."You mean like this!" Mike said. She looked down in disbelief but didn't turn him away. Instead she pulled his face closer to her swollen clit as he lapped it up like a puppy. He couldn't believe how sweet her cunt was and how juicy it had become.She was thrusting and bucking her pussy all over Mikes glazed face. He was loving every bit of it. She made a loud shrill and came all over his face.
The couple decided that since they were already being naughty,they needed to finish the job. Devin got on her knees and took in all of Mikes rock hard cock down to the root. Gagging and slobbering all over it. His head dropped back as he yelled out in pleasure. "My God!" he shouted. " Devin was sucking his cock like it was the only fluid on the planet. He wrapped her beautiful hair around his hand and started banging his cock deeper down her throat.He was giving her a good face fucking and she was cuming all down her inner thighs. Mike pulled her head close and shot a huge load in the back of her throat. She never let one drop hit the bottom of the shower.
Devin was about to walk out of the bathroom ,when Mike pulled her back in. "This shit isn't over baby!" he said." My friend here is still hard as a muthafucker!" He lifted her body above his head and backed her up against the wall. She was worried he would drop her. He reassured her that it wouldn't happen and to trust him. He pushed her upward until her cunt met his awaiting mouth. He began to lick her pussy and she was going crazy. She was shouting out how good it felt and how she planned to be sick because she knew it would be worth it. Cumming uncontrollably all over his face. Mike lowered Devin down to his now throbbing cock. He played with the clit with the tip end of his engorged dick. He wanted her to beg for his dick and tell him that he was the best. She reached down and shoved his cock deep into her pussy. He pounded it like it had no bottom. She was meeting his every stroke.They were going at it so hard that they didn't even notice the door open.
"So is this what you do to my d***k friends!'I asked. They didn't stop.They continued fucking until Mike busted his nut.He was caught but it was too late to care.I looked at him and told him he better be ready to fuck us all. We were all d***k and horny and continued our fuckfest throughout the night.
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2 years ago
LOVE it LOL, the puuuurfect punishment!!! There should have been more of your friends with you and MORE to the story.. Like him begging after the 4th chick that he could not go on.. *Giggle* Very HOT

3 years ago
wow he got very lucky
3 years ago
good one