Pt. 2 Innocent (The Story of a Habitual Masturbato

The suction of that hose on my clit sent waves of ecstasy through my body. My teenage pal just sitting there watching, and rubbing his cock. "I've never met anyone like you Innocent." I just nodded, I was so wrapped up in my own self pleasures. I arched my back and stuck my fingers deep inside my warm,wet cunt. I moved them in and out as fast as I could, bringing me to the ultimate climax.Panting and a little flustered I sat up and started to laugh. It was the only thing I could do. I just fucked a vacuum hose in front of my best friend. He vowed to keep it a secret. I sucked his cock. to seal the deal.
By the time I graduated high school I had graduated to the big league of masturbation. Anything I could find with a smooth surface and long, belonged in my pussy. I thought. I remember going to the girls bathroom the day of graduation. Sitting on the toilet in the bathroom stall. Having the sexiest fantasy about Shakira. How juicy her lips looked. Her voice was annoying as fuck. But I liked the way she moved her ass. Her gorgeous skin tone,flat abs and round hips. I bet her pussy was the brightest pink..... I lowered my panties and spread my pussy lips open. I closed my eyes, getting totally focused on my subject at hand. Her long wavy hair,spread out on my cream, satin sheets.I crawl on top of her. Giving her a deep kiss with my tongue. I work my way to her beautiful tits. Taking her brown nipples into my mouth. ( I rub my clit harder)Our breathing becomes heavy as I kiss her flat belly and work my tongue down to her blonde hair muff. So well manicured and smelling sweet. (I remember I have a bottle of vitamins inside my purse. I use it to stuff in and out of my cunt.) I lick her outter lips slowly and sensually. I watch as her back begins to stiffen and her thighs tighten around my neck. She is mumbling something in her native tongue. My tongue is talking to her pussy. Telling it that I love the sweet nectar,the sticky juice that is flowing out into my hot waiting mouth. I hold her arms down and go in for the kill. My tongue flickers faster and faster over her clit. It's stiff and protruding out. It likes what I am doing. I have to make Shakira my bitch tonight. It is my mission. I suck on her clit and stick my fingers deep inside her. She is grinding her sexy ass into my fingers, as if it were a throbbing hard ccok. ( I am almost at my climax.My pussy is wet. Can't you hear my sopping wet cunt) I thrust my fingers harder and deeper inside her. She's so fucking sexy! So hot! I give one last flick of my tongue and it was more than she could stand. She lets out a sensual whine and crumbles back unto the bed. I pull out the vitamin bottle. It is covered with my cum. I hear giggling from outside the stall. I guess I must have really gotten into that fantasy. I was a little embarrassed but fulfilled.
In college I was a bit of a loner. I did manage to hit a party or two,but I would rather be by myself. I was in my own element. I was able to explore more things to stick into my vagina. One day I was studying for a final and I was so tired,my eyes were beginning to cross. I looked across the room and noticed a perfume bottle on my roommates desk. It was odly shaped. It almost looked like a dick. It was long sl**p and one and a half inches round. I thought "Boy that would be interesting. I couldn't. Could I? Should I?" I walked over to her desk and picked up the bottle. I turned on my computer to XHamster and found a nice video of a couple fucking ,their sexy teen babysitter. This will do the trick. I watched as the couple convinces the teen to join them in a little fun. Finally the good part. I watched in anticipation as the husband found his face buried into the young brunettes twat. ( I spit on the perfume bottle,slowly manuevering it in my pussy) His tongue was flying in and out of her cunt so fast I could hardly see it. The faater he licked,the faster I fucked my pussy. I was in awe as the wife spread her thighs and placed her pussy upon the teens face. All the while playing with her firm budding tits. Every once in a while giving them a pinch or a bite. I was close to cuming. I continued to fuck myself harder and deeper with the bottle of perfume. Then I heard the knob turn on the door. I scurried to my feet and used a tissue to wipe off the bottle. My roommate came in with a smile on her face. "Were you at it again Innocent?" "At what?" I answered. She just smiled and gave me a wink. I forgot I still had the damn porn on my computer. She turns around before entering the bathroom and says,"Hey Innocent. You should go with me to the frat party tonight. I'll let you borrow my new perfume." Litte does she know, I already did.
BTW I gave myself an orgasm writing about damn
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19 days ago
love this story, i'm an addict to masturbating my pussy. love how innocence eyes things as .. can that go in my pussy, i do to
9 months ago
Very nice!!!
9 months ago
Another great installment...with an even hotter disclosure about the writing "process."