Pt 2 The Old Man Took My Virginity and Cousins Too

The next morning Sarah went downstairs to see if her mom had made the cookies for the old man down the street. She could hardly sl**p last night. She was still aching from the pain he had caused her lil pussy. It was painful but it was an experience she will never forget. The foul stench that floated throughout his household and the cob webs that decorated every wall. All of that grossed her out but it didn't stop her from thinking about the feeling she had. That sexual feeling between her legs,when she thought of him. Sarah had never had anyone eat her pussy before much less fuck her little twat. She tried to escape the feeling but she couldn't get him or it out of her mind.
"Mom did you make those cookies for that nice old man?" she asks. "I don't think you should go down there hun. That man is like the Freddy Kruger of the neighborhood." " No mom he really isn't he helped me with my bike yesterday." "Is that right ..... well I do have some extra cookies you can take.Oh yeah By the way your cousin will be here this morning." "Lisa is coming over early?"Fuck!" she slips out. " What was that Sarah!" " Oh nothing,mom." Then there was a knock at the door. It was Lisa, all geared up for cheerleading that afternoon.Sarah wasn't a bit pleased because she had wanted to get some more of the old hermits tongue and cock. "Hey cuz , so where are you going with those cookies?" " Uh... to the old mans house on the corner." "That creepy old man that hardly ever comes out of his freaking house!" "Hey he helped me out yesterday." "Can I come with you?" "I...I ...I don't know if that's such a good idea Lisa." " Well why the hell not! What are you holding back on Sarah? I know when you are up to something." Sarah tried not to look so sneaky but it was written all over her young face. She took Lisa by the hand and led her to the front yard. There she went in detail about the old nasty man who took her virginity. Lisa was in shock! She told her that maybe she should report him to the authorities. Sarah wouldn't hear of it. She liked the old mans giant cock in her snug cunt and she wanted more. "Look you can stay here or you can go! You better not breathe a fucking word of this Lisa!" "I won't. I promise you cuz!" With that they rode their bikes down to the dead end street.
Sarah slowly walked up to the door. The stairs creeked and the unkept yard was full of flies and bees. "Don't knock too fucking hard the door may fall off.whispers Lisa. Suddenly they heard some loud footsteps. Lisa began to quiver and her fear level was on a high. The door slowly opened and there stood the nasty old hermit. He looked just as gross as he did the day before. Sarah smiled and held out the cookie. "What the fuck are you doing here!" yelled the old man. "I thought like some cookies." The old man snatched the cookies from Sarah's hand. "Who is your lil friend?" he grumbles. "I'm Lisa her cousin." "Well isn't that fucking special." he says in his sarcastic demeaner. "Hurry and get the fuck in here!" The girls rush in and he slams the door behind them. Lisa holds her breath as he guides them both to the kitchen. The kitchen had dishes piled up to the ceiling and bugs scurried across the countertop. "I think I am going to be sick." Lisa tells Sarah. "Thanks for the cookies my pretty young cunts. Now I want some of your cookies." Lisa looked over at Sarah and shook her head,no. He looked at Lisa up and down. He admired her tall frame and curvy figure. "How old are you?" he inquires. "None of your fucking business!Too young for you to put your old dick in!" she screams. That pissed the old man off! He grabbed her by her arms and snatched her down the hall. Sasha quickly followed to see what the fuck was going on. "You have a fucking smartass mouth you little cunt! I am going to shut it up with my cock!" The old man threw Lisa back onto the bed and pulled his cock out of his dirty ole pants. Her eyes about popped out of her head when she saw the girth of his dick. She gave a big sigh and started to panic. The old man pulled her face close to his cock. " Ya see lil missy, this is what I use to plug up holes and I am going to plug up your pie hole with this." Lisa held her mouth tight as the old man tried to shove his cock inside. She wasn't going for it and she fought like a wild cat. Sarah stood there not knowing what to do. Should she help her cousin or tell her to give in to one of the most sexual experiences she would ever have. "Pull her panties down! he commands. Pull her fucking panties down! Sarah pulled her panties down as she was told. Both girls were crying and didn't know which way was up. "Hey! I want you to lick her pussy!" " What! She is my cousin,I can't do that!" "Sure you can and you will!" Sarah got on her knees trembling. She slowly spread Lisa's legs open as he held down her arms. She thought that this is so wrong, she couldn't believe that she was actually doing it. She could hear Lisa sobbing as she began to slowly lick at her clit. Sarah noticed how pink and pretty it was against her dark lil muff of hair. She licked again,unsure if she was doing it right. She had never licked anyones pussy before and this was her cousins pussy at that. She licked a little more and with each lick it grew a little faster. She was amazed to see how her clit started to swell around her tongue. Lisa's cries started to turn into moans. She lay there on the bed causht up in a crazy situation. She thought she was in a bad dream but her eyes were wide open. She could hear Sarah lapping at her cunt and she noticed herself that it was becoming very juicy. "Damn! Look how it shines from her pussy juice.I want her to make my cock shine like that." Sarah kept licking and sucking her cousins sweet cunt."Mmmm Lisa your pussy taste so good." Lisa couldn't believe her ears. Sarah was licking her cunt like some hungry lesbien. Lisa was starting to let guard down and go with the feeling. Her hand found the top of Sarah's head and she played with her long black locks as she ate her pussy. "Oh fuck cuz it shouldn't feel this fucking good coming from you." "It doesn't matter bitch who it comes from,just let her finish licking your cunt until you cum in her fucking mouth!" Lisa began grinding her fresh pussy deep inside her mouth. She was rubbing her clit and carrying on. The old hermit stood there,his cock in his hand stroking without any remorse. "That's it you two teen cunts.Lick that sweet young pussy. You help her get juicy for my big cock!" "Oh Gawd! Are you putting that big ass thing in my tight lil twat!" "You bet your young pussy licked ass I am!" He shoved Sarah out the way and took a couple of licks for himself. "Oh shit! Damn I can't believe this pussy is this damn good!" He licked at it for a while as Lisa threw her legs up and around out of control. " Fuck ole man!You eat pussy better than Sarah!" she screams out! " I'm gonna tear your fucking little teen cunt up! Are you a virgin too!" "Yes! Try not to hurt me!" " Fuck you!" he slammed his cock deep into the bowels of her pussy. His cock felt like it was inside her little belly." Shiiiiiiiiiiiit! Oh..Oh...Oh....Fuuuuuck!!" she screams. "Oh fuck what!" as he yells as he continued to drive his cock deeper inside her little pink tunnel. "Oh...Oh...Oh! FUUUUUUUUCK YEEEEEEESSSSS!" her pussy started to stream out crimson and cream. Her cunt was so tight that the old man dare stop. He was fucking the hell out of her. "Quiet her down girl! Sit on her fucking face! and Sarah crawled on the bed and mounted Lisa's face. She slowly rocked as Lisa tried her best to lick her pussy. She was so busy screaming that she could barely stick her tongue out long enough to service her. Sarah held on to her firm tits and rode her cousins face hard. The old man slobbered and grunted as he was about to reach his climax. He pulled out her pussy and began to shower the two young cunts with his jizz. The two girls sucked and lapped it up like starving a****ls. The old man looked down with pleasure as he had never experienced in his ripe old age such good fucking. "Pull your clothes on girlies and get the fuck out!" "No we aren't ready to go!" " We want more Mr.!" they both agreed. The old man told them then they would have to clean his house and then for their reward he would fuck their tight little pussies all day long. "We have to be home for dinner." they tell him. " I got your dinner here babes. Ball Park Frank!" he snorted and laughed out loud. The two girls managed to find a clean cloth and began dusting. "Hey! Take off your clothes! I want to see you clean naked! And so they did as they were told.
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5 months ago
Goodness me. I haven't read stories for ages, and this one is making me hot in the right place.
2 years ago
Its't it weird the house appears so much cleaner when done by bared birth-glissening fresh pussy? And, TWO pussies at that.

Damn, "hot" just doesn't get any better!
2 years ago
2 years ago
awesome wish some sweet young girl would cum do that for me
2 years ago
This is the perfect onset for a whole series. Please keep them cumming.
2 years ago
mmmm ya, very hot story's both parts mmmm more? please
2 years ago
i enjoyed that as much as the first one!!
2 years ago
Maybe in my wicked lil mind. There is a part one.
2 years ago
Good part 2, is there more parts?
2 years ago
hot story
2 years ago
sound like a series of stories cumming up here!