Club My Place...We finish with Veronica

All she could hear was the lapping and squishy sound of Veronica's pussy. It was hard for me to drive with one hand on the wheel and one hand on Mike's cock. The faster she stroked the faster he seemed to lick at her moist cunt. The thumping of the car seat was an indication that she was fucking his mouth with that tight lil pussy. He was the lucky one this time. She had already had my share at Club My Place of that nectar. Sasha could tell that he couldn't get enough. It sounded like someone that had just ran a marathon and they were just handed a bottle of water. My man was gulping it up as Veronica was pumping her pussy juice out. "We are almost there." Sasha informs the two. The car pulls in the drive way and into the garage.
Mike holds Veronica's ass over his head and scoots it to the side. It was time for them to finish this shit. They were all ready for a night of fucking and sucking. Everyone started pulling off their clothes. There was a sea of dresses and shits and pants on the living room floor. "I want you here on the kitchen counter Veronica." Mike says. He lifted her body and sat her on the counter,spreading her legs open to finish his meal. Sasha threw herself onto her knees and began to suck his cock. Their slurping sounds were loud and greedy. Just like a pack of wolves feasting on its prey. Sasha tightened up on the base of Mike's rigid prick. She stroked it with her tongue and pumped it harshly with her hand. She usually wasn't so rough but the sight of him munching on Veronica's cunt gave her such a fire inside. "Work that bitches pussy babe!Veronica is my baby taking care of that sexy cunt of yours?" "Ohhhhhhh baby! He is speaking in tongues." She pushed his head down deep into her cave and Sasha could hear her gasp as his tongue flipped over her clit. Suddenly he pulled her down and pushed her head down to help me suck his cock. The two of sharing Mike's cock was wonderful,sucking and licking. Swapping spit and precum as it oozed out of his tip. "Mmmmm delicious baby,mmmmmm give us more." Veronica moans. Sasha leans over and smashes Veronica's tits together. She shoves both nipples inside of her warm mouth and begins to suck. Taking her tongue teasing them and sucking and squeezing them both. She was giving Veronica such pleasure.It was making it difficult to concentrate on Mike's dick. So she tilted her body to the side and cocked her head to stroke his cock and let Sasha have full control of her tits. Veronica takes the other hand to keep her balance. Sasha sends chills down Veronica's spine as she slowly tongues her way down to her twat. Her body was on fire and the passion was growing by the minute. Sasha kissed her friends thighs and blew her hot breath on her pussy. " Ewwwwwwwwwww sweeeet giiiiiiirl" she whispers. She licks slowly and nibbles on her clit. It grows like a tiny erect penis and the juices roam down her index finger and slide down her wrist. She began jerking and her hand stroking harder on Mike's cock. Mike was looking down at his hot bitches. One bitch was forever and one for just tonight. Who knows maybe a quicky if she was game on another day. " You bitches are a mans fucking dream cum true. I'm ready to fuck you both! he announces. The both turned around and spread their legs wide open. He licked at Sasha's cunt and fingered Veronica's. They were ready to receive their fucking for the night. Mike inserts inside Veronica first. " Fuck baby! Your tight as hell!" he tried to get her a little more moist. Shit he thought as wet as her pussy sounded from Sasha licking it ,she should be able to handle his dick. Slowly but surely it moved into it's wet dark entrance. "FUUUUUUUUUCK!" was all he could say at the moment and he fucked her like a man that just got out of lockup.Sasha already knew how tight her pussy was from their encounter in the bathroom.She just kissed Veronica deeply as she whatched her cunt take a beating.Mike pulled out of Veronica and inserted is dick inside Sasha's pussy. She sighed as he pushed deeper inside her honey pot."Oh baby work that fucking cock for me baby! You fucked our friend good but that is my cock,so you need to put more effort in it for me!" Mike threw her legs over his shoulders and gave her the PD position. Her body rising off the carpet and his hands firmly around her waist. He began fucking her pussy with no remorse. "IS THIS WHAT MY FUCKING WHORE OF A WOMAN WANTS!YOU WANT ME TO FUCK THE BOTTOM OUT OF YOUR HOT CUNT!" YES FUCKER! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I FUCKING WANT!" He banged her so hard that beads of sweat dripped down her face. Her hair was plasterd to her forehead and her nails dug in his skin. He was fucking her fast and hard and she was throwing her body all into it. Turning her head somehow to meet Veronica's sweet kisses. Veronica laid there in envy. She was ready for some more of Mike's beautiful cock. She gave my the come hither look and he took her up on it at once. He pulled his sloppy wet cock out of Sasha's pussy and stuck it in Veronica's mouth. " I believe you had this taste earlier Veronica." she gobbled it up and sucked it dry. "You ready for this dick? Im ready for that sexy cunt.Bring your slutty self over here and ride my cock!" She tongue traced her lips in hunger and she mounted him quickly. Now it was easy for him to glide into her scrumptous pussy. Her latin ass was nice and plump and it stuck out so far her could barely get his hands on each cheek. He thrusted her up and down on his cock and her ass jiggled like jello with each pump. Her tits flung back and forth as she started spouting off shit in her native tongue."Bitch I have no fucking clue to what you're saying but I am guessing you like Daddy's dick!" She was sweaty and a nasty cum whore,fucking the hell out of his cock. She reached her orgasm and fucked her pussy on his cock like a damn drill. He held on to her big ass for dear life as she spunked his cock and down his balls. "Holy Shit Veronica! BITCH! YOU NASTY LIL CUM SLUT! YOUR FUCKING PUSSY IS THE BOMB!" she finally came in a halt and gave her dismount. Sasha greedily ate the cum out of her steaming pussy. She looked over at Mike as he yelled at the two of them. " Come for dinner sluts!" They began to share his cock, one more hungrier than the the other. Sucking and licking his dick like there was no other cock left on the planet. He jerked in rhythm and splattered their bodies in a creamy filling that would make Debbie cakes jealous. They took turns licking it off each others bodies and kissed and sucked on each others tongues. Veronica woke up the next morning with breakfast by her side and a note that read. .....Thanks for the good time sexy. Cab fare is on the night stand. Just creep out. We are still fucking in the next room. You also have the option to join us. xxxxooo.
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loved it
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OK you need to publish. You have what it takes to compose an anthology of erotic short stories. This stuff is so hot and vivid.
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Mmmmm sounds like fun.
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