Don't Talk To Strangers pt. 2

"Holy Shit!" Is this bitch k**ding me. Fuck I didn't know whether I was coming or going at this point. All I know is she licked the hell outta the leftovers. She is gazing down at me in all her glory. Skin looked like carmel that covers a sweet apple. I bet she was just like a carmel apple. She looked warm and slightly dark on the outside and I bet juicy as fuck on the inside. She offered me a drink and helped me to the edge of the bed. "Sure I need a drink",I mumbled. " Sorry we had to meet like this sexy,"she says in her remorseful voice.She explained to me as we sat drinking about her man having this as his fantasy. Picking up some chick at the bar and bringing her home to ravage. Oh lucky me to be the victim. I could hear water running from the next room. I guess he was trying to refresh himself from the fuck.
"Are you ready for round two Bitch!" he commands. "I think she's ready babe,she just had a drink." she responds. Oh I guess this bitch must have been the comforter so I would relax a little. Damn,it worked too. I was relaxed and I decided right then that if anyone was going to do the demanding it was going to be me. "Take these cuffs off my fucking ankles! Let's get some real fucking on!"They looked confused but wanting,wanting to do some freaky ass shit.He reached down and and released my legs.The felt numb almost and I wiggled them around to get the feeling back. I took a sip from my drink and stood up in front of the both of them. "Look fuckers!I could have you both arrested for k**napping and beating my ass,but I wanna get something out of this situation."I walked over to the man and slapped him across the face.I smacked the shit out of his face and his cock got instantly erect. "Suck his cock bitch! I mean now!" His wife dropped to her knees and engulfed his cock like she was sucking on a popsicle.His head flew back and his eyes rolled in his head. "Yes bitch,get that fucker ready for my pussy." I love running this shit now. I look over my shoulders and I notice a leather belt that he had hanging on a chair. I lashed it across her ass. "Aaaaaaah! "she belts out.Her carmel ass turns red instantly. I grab his face and pull his head back and kiss his lips. I bite his bottom lip hard and straddle his face. He began lapping at my pussy like a kitten.My cunt was dripping from my power trip,that I was enjoying. I look down watching his gorgeous wife suck his cock with such passion. It looked like it was about to explode, it is time to fuck.
"Get the fuck up slut!" I push her on the bed. She is on her back and I straddle her smacking her beautiful brown breast.I pinch her nipples as her man gets ready to enter my pussy. I spread my cheeks and look over my shoulders. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING ON FUCKER! FUCK MY CUNT NOW!" I feel him grab my waist and with one big thrust he was in. I kiss her lips as he plunges deeper inside my cunt. She sucks my nipples and I tell her how good her man feels with his huge cock inside me. "Your man is fucking this pussy sooooooofuuuuuuuckinggoooooood!" I could barely get the words out in my ecstasy. His balls were slapping against the entry of my ass and I wanted him in there now. "ON ALL FOURS COCKWHORE!" I tell her and I climb on her back. There he has a full view of two sexy asses on two sexy ass bitches. "YOUR GONNA FUCK US BOTH WITH THAT NICE COCK OF YOURS!" he starts with hers. She wimpers as he pumps and shakes us both with each thrust. The friction of our bodies touching is getting our cunts soaking wet. My tits grazing her back and me pulling her hair and kissing her face was enough to get anyone to blow a massive load. "FUCK YES BABY! FUCK ME!" she bellowed. I was loving this shit. Damn! I'm just as warped as they are. Aww who gives a fuck. "IT'S MY TURN MOTHEFUCKER!" he pulls out and plugs up my sweet ass. I bite her ear and inform her that her husband has the best cock ever and it feels like heaven inside my ass. I reach for her cunt and rub her clit until she cries out. The room is filled with our moans and erotic smells. "IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO FUCKING CUM NOW FUCKER!" and with that command we move out of positions and wait. We take turns licking his cock and I tell her to lick out his ass. I work his cock into overload. "NOW CUM FOR ME!" and he showers us both with his cum. We kiss his cock and each other and collapse on the bed.
After taking a short nap I ask them how long would they be in the city. They informed me that they were looking for a place to live. I tell them of a nice neighborhood and a house for sale right around the corner from me. Needless to say I only had their best interest in mind. (lol)
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Omg these stories have me so fucking wet!
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So freaking hot!!!!! Keep them cumming!