Reprise...Don't Talk to Strangers

FUCK!PLEASE DON'T......." That was all I could say for now. Tears streaming down my face,body covered in blue and red bruises. How in the hell did I end up this way. Shit!I didn't even know the answer to that fucking question. I feel like i'm going to black the fuck out. My head feels light and I swear my whole body is numb.
Earlier tonight...................................................

"Hey guys I will be back in a few hours," I explain to my roommates. Before I leave I take one last look at my sexy ass in the mirror."Damn I look hot!" This fire red dress and spiked heels is gonna make any head turn male or female. With that I slam the door behind me and hit the town. It only took me about 20 minutes to make it to Club Lay. That's right I was going to get my freak on tonight. I had my freakem dress on and no panties. My pussy was smelling fresh and I was looking fly. Somebody is going to get into trouble tonight. I walk in the club and I could feel all fucking me as I walked to the bar. I perched my sexy ass on the bar and let my long legs dangle from the stool. My acceries are placed just right, necklace accenting my gorgeous 38DDD tits and my rings showing off my long french tipped nails. I ask the bartender for some Henney and place the straw up to my glossy pink pouty lips. The music was sexy and so were the people. I was bound to get laid in this bitch. Well at least I was hoping I would.
"Daayum!" I was thinking outloud. Here comes one of the finest men I have ever seen in my life. He was tall, dark and handsome. He had big brown eyes and nice wavy black hair with just a hint of gray. My pussy started to twitch at the sight of his fine ass. " Anyone sitting here," he whispers in my ear. I couldn't even think straight. What the fuck am I doing losing my cool, hell no.
"It's all yours sexy." I moaned. Damn he probably thinks I am talking about my kitty. Shit! Who am I trying to k**,I wanna fuck the hell outta this dude. After I had one two many Hennys I decided to hit the floor. A nice slow jam came on. He lead me to the floor and we began to grind to the music. His hands were around my waist and holding me so tight. I could feel his heart beating fast. It was probably my own heartbeat,but I felt something. Anyway I started to feel a little bulge growing between us that ended up being a big bulge by the end of the song. The music stopped we kissed and then he lead me outside.
He asked me to go to his hotel room and I said to myself "Oh what the hell." and I was outta that hot stuffy ass bar. Luckily his hotel was in walking distance from the club.
"Nice room." Uh...... fuck I don't even know his fucking name. Damn I can be such a fucking slut. He tells me thank you and sits in the chair across from the bed." Take your fucking clothes of bitch." comes out of his mouth. Did I hear this muthafucka right. "BITCH COME OUTTA YOUR FUCKING CLOTHES!" he commands. I was shaken at this point but yet turned on. What woman doesn't like a man to be the boss sometime. He took it to a whole new level. I started stripping out of my dress and let it cascade to the floor. Here I am standing with a bra and no panties. He walks over and unsnaps my bra. My big tits tumble before him. " Marvelous!" he says in approval. He takes hold of my tits as if he was holding up the Berlin wall and sucks with such f***e that my brown girls turn red. I started to push him away but he became very f***eful. " Don't think your leaving here cunt!I'm gonna have this pussy and ass everywhich way but loose." he said it and meant that shit. I was crying on the inside but I wasn't about to punk out now. He continued to suck on my tits for another 15 minutes or so,then he pushed me back onto the bed and told me not to move. Here I am looking up at the ceiling wondering what the fuck is he going in the drawer to get. I should have taken the opportunity to haul ass but I didn't. Then I feel the cold metal around my ankles. "What the fuck! I cry out. "Ssssh Bitch!" he whispers. I settle down and he kisses me on the forehead. He tells me not to worry and just relax. Then He sits on my face and f***es his thick 7 inch dick in my mouth.I begin to gag and spit as he pumped it in and out with such f***e,that I thought I was going to strangle. All you can here in the room are the swishing sounds of saliva and the popping sounds of my lips off of his cock.He leans back and begins to rub my clit. Finally I am getting something out of the deal. He rubbed my pussy so good that I forgot all about the choking. He finally pulled it out and I could breath again. I sit up with his his hand cuffed in my hair and his fingers deep in my now soaked cunt. He bends down releases the cuffs and places them on my wrist. He spreads my legs open and begins to eat my juice twat. " You better not cum until I fucking tell you bitch!" Is he fucking k**ding me. This shit is fucking awesome and I can't cum. I let out a moan and I felt the juice roll out my cunt. He stands up grabs me by my fucking hair and throws me on the fucking floor. "BITCH I TOLD YOU NOT TO FUCKING CUM!" SLAP! Right across my fucking face and another on my ass. Fuck that shit! I slapped him back and he knocked the shit outta me. I tumbled back on the floor and he stood over me and dared me to move. I was now shaking and shocked. I have really fucked up now. I might as well do as this crazy mutha fucker says.
"Damn I love your fat ass!" He says as he smacks and squeezes each cheek. I felt something wet hit my asshole and then without any warning,he rips it wide open."FUUUUUUUUUCKKKK!" I cry out in fucking pain. He starts pumping me like he is trying to dig for oil. I could smell fucking bl**d in the air and I felt like I was being split in half. "YOU SEE BITCH!I KNOW YOU WANTED TO GET FUCKED TONIGHT,BUT I BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS GOING TO BE LIKE THIS!" His words were falling on deaf ears. I was too busy worrying about my ass and if I would ever be able to shit again. Then he reached around and grabbed two handfulls of tits and began rocking me like a horse. Everytime I would fall he would smack me hard and fuck me deeper. Then he finally decided he wanted some pussy and shoved it in deep. It was a relief compared to the brutal beating my ass was taking. I have to admit his cock was feeling good to my tight little cunt. He was rough but it was beginning to turn me on."Mmmm baby you got some tight pussy." he whispered while biting my ear. If this fucker only knew that I am barely 18 he would shit. He was turning me on now, his breath stale from the alcohol and cigs but his dick was all up in this good pussy.I was digging it too." His thrust became stronger and harder with each stroke and I was being tossed about like a ragdoll. My tits were scr****g the floor as he plunged to the depths of my cunt. Then with one big switch he was back in my ass again.He was staddling me and pounding my ass like he was breaking up cement. My neck is in a crook and I can't even breath. "Please....... Oh Fuck! Please Don't!....Don't" " DON'T WHAT,MY NASTY LIL FUCKWHORE!" "DON' FUCKING STOP!" I LOVE THE WAY YOUR COCK IS BUSTING OUT MY TIGHT LIL ASS!" He had won this battle of the fucks. This man had me bouncinc up and down on his dick and begging for more......."MAY I CUM NOW SIR!" "DON'T BE FUCING SELFISH BITCH! I'M CUMING FIRST!" His load shot all over my back as he pulled out his cock. He sprayed me with all that jism and I began to lap it up with hands still bound. Here I lay ass up in the air and convulsing. It's over. Just then a harsh wet tongue enters my ass for the cleanup.It felt good but it didn't feel as rough like a mans touch,as the hands stroked my clit."I'M CUUUUUUUMIIIIIIN!" I cry out in pure ecstasy. "Mmmmm you taste good." was the sexy voice that uttered these words. A sexy female voice at that. With that I turn around and look back and there is a beautiful latina woman,beautiful black hair flowing down her back and my cum staining her succulent mouth. " I see you've met my husband.".................... " Holy Shit!"
I feel a round two coming on.

85% (8/1)
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