Mary's human-kittypet adventures (1)

This story is another fictional story about Mary, Sam and Marc (all adult!) and the topic is human petplay. If you dislike it, please read another story, instead of ripping my fur off because of my ideas and imagination.
In case you find typos - keep them as houswarming gift. ;)

Mary's human-kittypet adventures (1)

Mary lived half a year now with Sam. The biggest change in their relationship was, that she moved to Sam's house and now works in Sam's company. She became his Secretary, but her actual job was to sit or lie beside him in her new cat-furred-outfit.

She wore a tight black (open between her legs and where her tits are) falsepelt catsuit with added paws and cat-eared hoodie, her ass was plugged with a 3,5cm plug with an attached tail and her with 12 rings decorated pussy was stuffed with loveballs of 8 cm length and 3,5 cm cross-section dimension and was closed tight by 6 padlocks, which were attached to each pair of rings, that she could not press the toy out. The loveballs have a vibration function and a wireless remote control with which Sam played at the moment.

Around the neck she wore Sam's leather collar with the attached pendant on which his name is engraved. Her face was hidden under an especially for her designed cat-face mask which is closed behind her head with a couple of leather belts. It was wonderful detailed with a rosy nose and a cute muzzle, the eyes were a smooth smaragd-green through which she could look through the left out black pupils. This way she could see just what is in front of her and she had to turn her head to see more. Her mouth was held open by a ball gag and she lay relaxed on all fours in her comfy kittypet bed right in front of his desk.

Sam had a wonderful view on his kitten in front of him. He looked at her stuffed, closed, ringed pussy and her ass which was whiggling as he turned the vibration of the balls to mid-speed. Her moans were muted by the ball gag, but her movements showed it pleased her. His hand wandered to his bulge and he rubbed over his stretched trousers. He had to do something against it, the meeting at 10 o'clock could not be handled being aroused. He stood up, opened the trousers and undressed them, then sat down bare assed on the black leather executive chair and leaned back.

"Cumtoy, come here" he called. Mary stretched herself as she upraised her forlegs to get onto all fours to move towards him. The new round bells attached to her nipplerings were heavier as the old ones and pulled her nipples towards the ground, ringing on every pawstep. Slowly she moved to Sam and layed her head on his knee.

He pet her head and called her a good kitty, then he took the ballgag out of her mouth.
"Cumtoy, I need your rough tongue to please me. I need to come."
Mary crawled down between his legs and started licking his big halfstiff cock and his balls with her tongue. Sam's cock reacted promptly and grew up to his full size of 29 cm lenghth and 5cm thickness. Sam took the wireless remote control from the desk and turned the intensity of the vibrations of the loveballs higher.

Mary began to moan while licking his cock. "Cumtoy, suck him now," he ordered "and you better do it good, or I will go on full intensity to see you struggling even more."
Mary trembled anxiously, full intensity of the balls leads into an instant orgasm, even 3/4 speed was torture when she wasn't allowed to come, but she fought down her own desires and started sucking on his cock.

Sam moaned as he felt her soft lips around his rock hard cock. Her tongue rubbed against his shaft while she sucked him slowly. He took her head and pushed her more onto his cock. She gagged as he went deep into her mouth. His massive cock in her mouth blocked her breathing and he kept her in this position for a few seconds. Then he let her lose, she panted for air.

He waited until she calmed a bit down and replayed it. He slipped deep into her mouth just to hold on and enjoy her choking on him. Sam moaned lustful and let her lose again, to give her the chance to breathe. Mary was panting heavily. Sam stood up und pushed his chair back, then he took Mary's head again and held her still, as he started to fuck her mouth. First slowly, with growing extasy he pushed quicker and deeper, moaning heavily. He felt his orgasm building up, his cock pulsed and with a loud moan he squeezed his cum into her mouth.

Mary swallowed his salty warm milk and licked Sam's cock clean. "You're a good kitty, Cumtoy. Come here." He pet her head as she layed it down on his knee after he sat down in his chair again. "I will have a meeting in a few minutes and you will stay on your kittybed until I return. No strolling around! But I have an interesting challenge for you." He kept talking while attaching the ballgag again to her mouth. "As long as the meeting goes your loveballs will please you on highest intensity and you are allowed to come, you just have to count how often you came. Now go back to your place Cumtoy."

Mary slowly padded back to her kittyplace, the bells on her nipples ringing silently on each pawstep. She lay down on all fours, presenting Sam her pussy and ass high up, hindlegs wide spread, forlegs beside her head, her tits pressed to the blanket. Sam meanwhile put on his trousers again and took the wireless remote contol and set it on full intensity. He leaned at the side of his desk and watched his human pet moaning into her gag, trembling and shaking as the first orgasm wave rushed over her. He went towards her, slapped her ass and went to the door. "I hope you will enjoy your new toy as I already do. See you in 2 hours from now."
Then he left her alone and went to the meeting room.

Mary lost the count after the 7th orgasm. She lay whining and squirming in her kittybed, f***ed to come again and again. First it was fun, but now it was just torturing...
Suddenly the door opened and Mary thought her pain will be over because 2 hours have been passed. But it was just Marc who wanted to speak with his friend Sam.

As he saw Mary he looked interested on her. She was squirming and coming again and Marc enjoyed to watch the scene. He went to Sam's chair and sat down, taking the wireless remote into his hands, looking at it. He wondered for what it could be and played with the modulator.
He turned it slow and Mary relaxed a bit. He set it on 2 and she began to breathe heavier. On 3 she moaned into her gag and on 4 she started whining again.

He layed the remote back onto the desk and went to Mary. He knelt down beside her, watching onto her ringed pussy, which seemed to hide a toy. His fingers stroke gently over her tight lips, touching the rings, slipping his finger between one pair of padlocked rings. Hell was this girl wet, he thought to himself and wondered how long she were left behind with this vibrating toy.
He'd liked to play with her, but he should ask Sam for permission first.

He stood up and walked to the desk again, the bulge in his trousers told he was enjoying the scene. He sat down in Sam's chair and took his Blackberry out of his pockets and wrote Sam: "waiting in your office, enjoying the show."
Short time later his Blackberry beeped and Sam's message appeared: "make yourself at home, enjoy to play, meeting takes longer than expected, give her a bit water before you start, she's probably parched, don't take off the toy but slow it down, we talk later. thx bud"

Marc stood up and went to the fridge in the corner of the room and took a soda and applejuice out of it. Then he mixed 2 apple soda and put the bottles back to the fridge. Then he took the two glasses to the desk and lowered the speed of Mary's toy. He waited until she relaxed and went with one of the glasses to her. He knelt down beside her and took her head up gently. "Come here little one, let me free you and give you a drink." He said softly.

She padded to him, laying her head on his knee. He pet her head and took the ballgag off. "You must be thirsty little one, isn't it?" He asked. She meowed and nodded. He gave her the glass and she drank the apple soda greedily. He gently touched her fursuit, petting her tenderly.
"Sam said we can play a bit, are you in a playful mood?" He asked her, while taking the empty glass, standing up and walking to the desk.

She followed him, with ringing bells. "Come here to me, little one." Taking seat in the leatherchair. "Let me watch this bells of yours." Mary padded to him and knelt between his legs, her forepaws on her hindlegs, pushing her tits forward in this position. Marc tenderly touched her breasts and squeezed them. "These bells suit you." He flicked against one to make it ring and Mary moaned. He repeated it on the other side and she moaned again.

The bulge in his trousers ached for release, so he opened the zipper and took his (25×4 cm) cock out. Mary looked hungry on it as he stroke it. "Want my milk, little one?" He asked. Mary nodded and moved closer. Marc took his hand away and let her take his cock in her mouth. She started sucking him passionately. "Mhhm, take him a bit deeper little one... ... ...Ohhh yesss!" He moaned as his cock slipped fully into her mouth.

She sucked Marc's cock deep and slow as she heard the door opening, someone coming in and the door closing again. She smelled the familiar perfume of Sam and went on sucking Marc's cock.
"I hope she does her work well?" She heard him asking, while he sat down on the desks edge to watch them. Marc nodded and moaned, holding her head down on his cock. "Ohhhh little one, that's gooood." He moaned.

"Her name is Cumtoy, because she likes to swallow cum and likes to be filled up in every hole with it," Sam said with a smirk to Marc. "Cumtoy... fitting name for her." Marc answered between his moanings. "If she likes it, then she will get it. Ahhhh....hhh" Marc's cock squirted a huge load into Mary's mouth and she swallowed it greedily, licking the cock clean before releasing it from her mouth.

"Go to your place Cumtoy." Sam ordered. "And we want to see your pussy, so lay on your back with spread legs, paws on your knees." Mary padded to her kittybed and followed Sam's order. Marc watched amazed at the whiggling bells while pushing his cock back into his trousers. "I like what you did to her cunt. It works like a chastity belt, you know?" Marc said to Sam.
"Sure I know, that's why she got the rings. This is my territory, so noone can enter it without my permission," Sam explained to Marc. "Plus, I can hold toys in place, as I did today." He added with a smirk, as he watched to Mary. "She used to take them out when she meant she had enough, that's for what the lesson is today."

Mary blushed in embarassment as she heard the last sentence. Wait... Did he say 'is' or 'was'... She shivered anxiously as she got, that her lesson maybe has not ended yet. And as if the loveballs wanted to agree, they began to vibrate at mid-speed. Mary moaned and whiggled on her kittybed. Noooo.... please.... i can't come again, she thought to herself.

"Cumtoy? How often you came while I were away? You know I wanted you to count."
She could not give an answer to that. She lost the count at 7. Shall she guess? Or admit she coudn't count any more? In both cases she will get a punishment.
"Cumtoy? Your answer... I am waiting!"

Mary mumbled: "could not count..."
"So you want to say that you don't know that you came 12 times in 2 hours?" Sam bellowed, more amused than angry, but just Marc saw the grin on his face. Mary flinched and closed her eyes as he bellowed at her.

Sam went closer to Mary, before leaning against his desk in front of her he took the wireless remote control from the desk, turning it to full. "Maybe you can count it now, start with 13!"
He hoped she would not see the amusement in his eyes, while trying to sound angry enough.
Mary moaned heavily as she were f***ed to come again, she did not know how long she could bear it any more.

Sam stepped out of his trousers, his rock hard cock pointing up more than ready. He took some lube out of the desks drawer and went towards Mary. "I show you how much I like that my orders are not followed, on all fours! Now!"
Mary followed immediately. Sam took her tailplug off and lubed her ass and his cock up. Then he placed his tip at her assole and pushed it's whole lenghth in without stopping. Mary squeeked in pain. "Shut her up!" He ordered Marc.

Feared to get his cock bitten Marc put the ball gag into her mouth and closed it at the back of her head. Gently he pet her head and fondled one of her tits, sitting beside her. Mary moaned into the gag and Marc could swear he saw a tear running down her cheek. Sam thrusted his cock back and forth in her tight asshole. Marc slipped with his head under Mary's tits and licked the nipples.

Mary shivered heavily as she came in an orgasm which was followed by more waves she ever had experienced. Her body shakeing and trembling, Sam thrusting his cock deep inside her, the loveballs vibrating on max, Marc nibbling her tits and she was coming again and again.
Eventually Sam shot his load into her ass, Marc slipped away under her and she fell exhausted onto her kittybed.

Sam put a bigger lubed plug into her opened ass to prevent spilling his cum all over the place, then he shut off the loveballs and crawled over to Mary, sat beside her and took her into his arms. Cuddling her softly, after taking away the ballgag. She mumbled: "21," before her head sank down onto Sam's laps and she fell asl**p in an instant. Sam grinned proud at Marc and kept petting her tenderly. "See, at least she counted, even if it seemed impossible. "I lost my count at 19," he admitted with a smirk.

Marc just smiled and thought of getting himself a human pet as well...

( to be continued? decide^^ )

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