Mary's first creampie

You remember Sam, Marc, John and Mary from the first fictional story I wrote? No?
Than you can read it here:

This part of the story takes place some weeks after Sam shared his girlfriend with his friends.It is not neccessary to read the first part, this one can stand alone as well. As for the last one: if you find typos, tensechanges or wrong words, please forgive me. I try my best to write understandable english, but sometimes I fail. :3Now let's go!

Some weeks after Sam has shared his girlfriend with his friends Marc and John he had an idea. He rented a room in a warehouse district for a little private party. It was a friday morning, as he drove there to prepare the room for the evening. He built up the bed in the middle of the room, tied ropes to the 4 corners of it and then he put a mattress on it. He took a red latex sheet and dr@ped it around the mattress. Also the two pillows got a latex cover, they will be used to point out some parts of Mary's body.

After the bed was ready, he put up a camping table and placed some tools on it. Pvc gloves, lube, 3 bands with attached bells, a bowl with wooden clamps, a blindfold and another empty bowl. In this will be warm water later, to warm up the tubes with lube for better comfort. He sat up 10 chairs for the male guests, also checked the wc for functionality and turned the radiators on to heat the room up until the evening. There are going to be 12 naked persons here and noone shall catch a cold.

Since a month he planned this evening. He searched for men, met with them, checked their health status and told every one the rules. He also warned, that every breaking of the rules will result in getting kicked off instantly. Marc and John would be part of the group as well, they already asked him, if he is going to share his girlfriend again and he said they shall wait until they get invited.

After he checked and prepared all, he drove to his company to work the rest of the day. The hours flew away and then it were time to pick up Mary. He drove to her flat, parked in front of the garage and let himself in with the key she gave him 2 weeks ago. As he entered her flat he could hear, that she were still in the bathroom. He went towards it and entered the room. She stood in front of the mirror, brushing her hair. She wore a black bra, a black suspender belt with black stockings and were humming to the song on the radio.

He stepped behind her, layed his hands on her hips, kissing her neck. "Hey darling" he said, before he turned her around to kiss her red lips. She answered his kiss with passion. They kissed a while until she interrupted it to talk to him. "Hey honey. Good you came. I need your help." She handed him the satin collar over. He layed it around her neck and closed it not too tight. The collar has a hanger with his name engraved on it.

"Turn around for me, I want to look at you" he said while stepping back. She posed for him turning around. "Hey... Isn't there something missing?" he asked. "Yeah. The cat-tail and the cat-ears" she answered. "I thought you want to attach the tail to me" she added, while blushing a little. "Clever kitty, I actually want to do that. Bow over and hold your ankles" he instructed her. She immediately followed the order and presented him her ass. He pressed his thumb at her asshole and it slid in with ease. "Already cleaned and lubed? What a well behaved kitty I have" he said while dropping trousers and pants and getting his cock out.

Through watching her and her outfit he got hard a while ago and now he is taking his chance for a quickie. He lubes his cock and places his hard member at her ass, pushing it into her well lubed asshole. She moaned up as he pushed his big and hard cock fully into her starting to move. Being horny the whole day resulted in a quick and rough pounding of her tight asshole, him squirting his cumload into her and her moaning... wanting more. But this will have to wait. He pulled his cock out and sealed his cumload into her ass by pressing the plug with the attached cat-tail into her ass.

"Thanks honey" she said while kneeling down in front of him, sucking his cock clean and putting his clothes back on. Wow, he thought to himself, the lessons she got in the past few weeks seemed to work. She really got obedient and attentive.The last 6 weeks must have been like hell for her. Nearly every 3 days he gave her the cane, because she talked back, or did not follow his orders. He stroke over her ass, watching the fading red marks on her asscheeks. Todays party shall be the reward she earned.

"I hope you like your fillup. Attach the ears, slip into your shoes and just add your black poncho with the fur-collar to your current outfit" he ordered."Yes honey." She put the hair-band with the ears on, brushed her hair, slipped into her shoes and put on her poncho. Then she went to Sam which waited with a steel (dog)collar at the door. He laid it around her neck, leashed it and opened the door. Outside it was getting dark, so noone would notice them. Mary locked the door. Sam pulled on the leash to make her following him. They entered the car and drove to the warehouse district.

Sam parked the car in front of the door, then he helped her out of the car and took his bag from the backseat and locked the car.They went into the well heated room, and Sam took her poncho off. He walked to the table and took the wristbands with the bells from it. "Come over" he said. The leash dangled down her back as she walked towards him. As she stood beside him, he unleashed her and took the steel-collar off. "Show me your hands" he said and she hold her hands up. He bound a bell to each of her hands, grabbed into his bag taking a pair of cat-paw shoes in chi£drens size out, putting them on her hands.

"Take off your shoes." While she kicked her shoes under the table he took out another pair of cat-paw shoes in her size. "Put them on and take one leg up." She slipped into the fluffy shoes and put her left leg up. Sam bound another bell to her leg. "Now go to the bed, climb on and go on all fours. I will complete your outfit then and tell you the rules for today."Mary went to the bed and placed herself onto the bed. Sam heard slamming car doors, and he knew he must hurry a bit now. He took the empty bowl and filled it with warm water. He layed the tubes with lube into it to warm up. Then he took the blindfold from the table, and the cat-mask out of his bag. He walked to Mary and sat beside her.

"Now listen well" he started talking. "Tonight there will be 8 strangers, Marc, John and me. We want to play a game with you. You have 3 bells attached to your body. Your left bell is for me, the right is for Marc and the one at your leg is for John. Everyone of us 11 will fuck you -once, twice or maybe more- in your cunt or your ass -that's our choice- and on every cock that enters you, you will have to ring a bell or do nothing, if you think it is noone of us. Same goes for fisting, but we will only fist your cunt. Got that so far?"
"Yes honey."
"Now to the punishment. For every time you ring the wrong bell, or don't do when it is one of us, we will add a wooden clamp to your body. The game is over if you:
● guess all right
● all 20 clamps are attached to you
● you use your escape sign, which is 3 times ringing the bell of your left handthen all will stop. Got this?"
"Yes honey."

"Ok, I will blindfold you now and complete your outfit with the cat-mask. Open your mouth."Sam blindfolds her and puts the ring gag of the mask into her mouth, closing the belt behind her head. "Now you look like a cute kitty. MY cute kitty in heat." He grabs between her legs, and his hand soaked in her juice proof that he is right.

It knocks on the door and Sam opens. Silently as arranged all 10 walk in. They look at the girl on the bed, which is dressed up as sexy cat. Everyone of them takes a chair, undresses and waits. As all are ready, Sam starts speaking. "Good evening. As you can see, my cat is in heat and needs release. We will act in no special order, who is hard at the moment she is free, takes the turn. Everyone has maximum 5 minutes to fuck her ass or her cunt, or fist her cunt. When you want to fist her cunt, use a glove and lube! Also if you think she is not wet enough! We want to have fun with her, not to hurt her. All got this?"

All ten nodded. "Ok, then let the game begin. I wish us all fun."Sam sat beside her and fondled her tits, while the first went towards the playground and chose her cunt. It was a stranger and his cock were 18x4cm. Mary moaned as he fucked her with quick moves. He also shoot his cumload into her before his time was over. He pulled off and went back to his place. Marc stood up and walked to the table. He lubed up his cock (25×4cm), turned to the bed and put out the plug of her ass. Then he pushed his boner into her tight ass. She moved her left leg, the bell rang for John and Sam attached the first clamp onto her left nipple, she squeeked and moaned while Marc fucked her ass deeply and shot his load into it. Next was another stranger with a massive cock (29×5cm) he chose her cunt and fucked her roughly right after he slipped in deeply into her dripping wet cunt. She were panting heavily and her body trembled. She moved her right paw, ringing the bell for Marc. Sam attached the 2nd clamp to her right nipple and she climaxed the first time.

For her lover the time went up and John took his place. He took a glove, lubed his hand and pushed 3 fingers into her cunt. Moving back and forth, adding a 4th finger rubbing her clit with his thumb. She moaned heavily, her saliva dropping onto the bed. The 5 minutes went over and a stranger took the next choice. He lubed his cock (18×3) and pushed it into her ass. Her left leg rang the bell and Sam added the 3rd clamp to her left tit. The stranger shot his load into her ass while Mary screamed and came as well. Another stranger replaced his cock (21×5) in her ass. Pounding her quick and rough he also shot his load into her. He pulled his cock out and the cum started to run down her legs.

Marc stood up and took his second chance. This time he slipped into her cunt and impaled her on his boner. Her left paw went up for Sam. And the 4th clamp bit into her right tit. This game went on over 2 hours and 16 clamps found the way to her body. 6 on each tit, 2 on her earlobes and 2 on her tongue. She was dripping cum out of both holes, so often all filled her up. She doesn't know how often she came. At the moment Sam is fucking her overfilled cunt, holding her hips pushing his member in and out. The bell of her right paw rang and the 17th clamp went to her left tit. Through the clamps on her tongue it hang out and she was drooling even more.Sam came and shot his load into her cunt. A stranger took his place and continued screwing her. Her paw went up for Sam and the 18th clamp bit into her right tit. Her body was shaking and trembling, she moaned and came again.

John took the place of the stranger and pushed his fist into her cunt which was spilling over the collected cum. It ran down her legs, her paw whiggled for Marc. The 19th clamp bit into her outer left labia, as she screamed another climax out. Over and over shivering she was close to crying. Sam sat down beside her, softly caressing her.The last stranger which was still undressed took John's place as his time ran out and shagged her cunt roughly. She lifted her left paw for Sam and the last clamp bit into her outer right labia. Sam held her close in his arms, meanwhile she started crying. The last clamp was too much for her.

"Ok, the game is over. Thanks for joining us and I hope you all had a good time. Please dress yourself and leave silently. Have a good night" he said.After that he pulled Mary onto her back and started to move off the clamps 1 by one, kissing and rubbing each place gently. She still were crying after he took all clamps off. He hugged her like a baby in his arms and took the mask and the blindfold off. All strangers left, the only ones still there were Marc and John, which started to clean up. Sam just cared about his little exhausted kitty.

Slowly she stopped trembling and crying and cuddled into Sam's arms. "I love you" she silently whispered. "Thank you for this party" she mumbled before she fell asl€€p. "And I love you, my little kitty" he said and kissed her on her soft lips. He lay her down on the pillow and let her sl€€p as long as they needed to collect all chairs, the table and all tools. Marc and John woke her up and dressed her with her poncho, helping her to walk to Sam's car and climbing in.

After that the 3 took the spilled latexsheets, stuffed them into a sack, dismantled the bed and put all into John's van. They cleaned up all spills, turned the radiators off and left the room empty and clean. They wished each other a 'good night' and 'see you tomorrow' (at Sam's house) and drove home each. As Sam arrived at his house he woke Mary up, he helped her out of the car, up to his house. They took a relaxing shower after Sam undressed her and they fell naked into his bed, cuddled close and passionately kissing each other.
Sam was amazingly proud of her and Mary loved him endlessy. Soon both fell asl€€p...

(maybe continued somewhen)

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