Mary's weekend workout

This is a fictional story about 4 persons having some fun together. Sam and Mary are 34, Marc is 29, John is 25.
English is not my motherlanguage, so please forgive me wrong words, tensechanges or typos.
It's my first writing, so I hope it is not too unsorted. Now go and enjoy the story. :3

It was a warm evening in June as her phone rang. She lay in the bathtub, the undergoing sun threw the last warm rays on her body and were caressing herself, thinking of Sam's hard cock rubbing her insides, impaling her on his massive dick. Groaning that someone disturbes her right in the moment she nearly climaxed she grabbed the phone. "Porter." She said in an angry tone, as she took the call. "Hey Minx. It's me. I wanted to ask if you want to come over for a drink or two." Sam's voice at her ear made her bl00d rushing down to her already well juiced cunt. While slipping 2 fingers into her needing snatch she answered: "Sure, are we going to be alone?" Sam answered: "Nah, John and Marc are here as well." A bit dissapointed, that they would not be alone and she maybe would not get a chance to have some sex with Sam she accepted to come over though. "...Just let me dress, then I come over, you catched me while taking a bath," she giggled. "Ok then, see you in a bit," Sam said before he hung up.
Mary climbed out of the bathtub and dried herself with the warm towel. Watching into the mirror in front of her she looked at herself. She was blonde haired, steel-blue eyed and not tall, many would call her chubby and some of them maybe fat, but she liked her big butt and her big breasts with this piercing that made her nipples always standing. It was a tight ring behind her nipples, hold by a pierced staff through her nippleskin. Also Sam likes her how she is, he likes to grab her hips roughly when he is pounding his massive cock inside of her greedy cunt from behind and making her tits whiggling. Her hands wandering down her body. Yes, she is kind of cute and still needy, she recognized with a sigh.
She went to the bedroom and grabbed her black dress out of the wardrobe. She took the black bra with the red roses print and begann to dress herself. The bra fit perfectly and she adjusted her nipples in it. Even with the bra on they look erected and stiff, thanks to her piercing. She throws over the black dress which is ancle long, slipping into her shoes and checks her look in the wardrobe mirror. She noticed that her cheeks became rosy and her pond getting wetter on the fact that she is going to leave without pants.
She locked the front door and went to her car, driving the 20 minutes to Sam's house. As she arrived she parked beside the cars of Sam and John and went up the stairs.As she rang the doorbell Sam appeared at the door and welcome her with a passionate kiss, before pulling her into the house, kissing her greedily while closing the door. His hands wander over her body, grabbing her ass. "No pants?" he moaned into her ear. She shakes her head, laying her hand on the bulge of his trousers. "Holy crap, i am horny..." he pressed out. "I can feel it... and i want you too... ...but haven't you said you have guests?" she brought him back to reality. "Yeah, let's go to them," he said. "Are you sure they shall see this bulge?" she asked him with a grin."Am sure they don't mind, they are playing soccer on Playstation 3. We could fuck in front of them and they won't even notice."Mary could not believe that she was answering: "Mind if we try that out?" with a lustful look on her face.
Sam stared at her, not believing what she just asked. On the other hand it makes his cock growing even more, so he took her hand and guided her to the living room. John and Marc were sucked into the game and did not react as they entered. "See what i meant?" he whispers into her ear while grabbing her tits from behind, squeezing them. She nodded and relaxes under Sam's caring hands, her pond getting wet and wetter. Sam took her dress at the bottom and undresses it with a quick move, laying it over the chairback. His left hand squeezing her left tit in the bra and his right hand slipped between her legs. "Holy shit... is this turning you on so much?" he moaned as his hand got soaked in her juices. He could not see her blushing deep red cheeks as she whispered "yes..."
"Turn around, undress the bra and go on all fours over me..." he whispered under moanings into her ear "...i want your lips on my candy and mine on this wonderful wet honeypot..." He undresses himself meanwhile, laying on the back on the soft floor in front of his couch, his 29cm long and 5cm thick pole standing hard up. She crawls over him, her pussy in his sight, bowing over his cock, her lips touching it, then she begins to suck it greedily. He lays his hand on the sides of her asscheeks pulling her pussy down to him, starting to lick her flooded pussy. Both continuing heavily moaning.
John and Marc meanwhile finished their game and wondered over the moaning noises behind them. They turn around unisono and what they see made their yaws standing open. Their friend and his girlfriend eating each other, without even noticing being watched. "Damn... if they don't stop I will get hard..." John mumbled embarassed. "Already to late," Marc pointed on the bulge in his shorts. "When they start fucking I will push my cock into this little whores mouth and make her gag on me...' Marc moans, while unwrapping his 25cm long and 4cm thick member beginning to wank a little. "You sure that he won't kill you trying this?" John asked fearful. "When they don't want company, they shall fuck in their bedroom and not here. Think the slut has a hole for everyone of us, so get your sl€€pyhead awake, or you will miss the fun" Marc said harshly.
Sam licks Mary's honeypot with passion and drives her close to a climax, but stopping to keep her aroused and repeating this game. He moans as she takes his cock as deep as she can, rubbing her tongue on his shaft. Oh how he would like to fuck her deep into her troat one day... Soon he will bury his boner deep and hard into her pussy, as she likes it. He pushes her hips up, leaning up to her face. "I want to fuck your greedy cunt darling" he whispers into her ear.
As they both are kneeling face to face he starts to kiss her passionately, recognizing his two friends, meanwhile both wanking their members instead of playing, having an idea.To avoid Mary seeing them right now he grabs for the silk scarf that lies on his couch. Seems she forgot it last time. He covers her eyes with it, silently whispering: "I will tie you onto the table now, so i can reach every part of your body easily. Blindfolded you can enjoy it even more darling." She is a bit scared, but her desire to feel him inside of her is bigger, so she follows him with lumber steps to the table.
He helps her up, places her ass close to the tableborder and ties her knees to each lower corner of the table. Her legs stretching open wide through the ties, showing her shaved wet pussy and her tight asshole to him. Then he continues, tieing her hands to the upper corners of the table, placing a pillow between her neck and the tableborder. He looks at her lustfully and begins to caress her tits with the stiff nipples. As she moans in joy, he wraps his lips around and tickles the nipples with his tongue.
He gives Marc a sign to step by silently, he holds Marc's hard cock at her lips and she instantly starts sucking it, thinking it is Sam's. She hears his voice calmly saying: "Just relax darling, this will drive you to heaven and beyond." Then he goes to the middle of the table, giving John the sign to step by silently to fondle her tits. He listens to her moans, watching her sucking his best friends dick, feeling a bit dissapointed that not his own cock will take the virginity of her troat, but that is the deal. He does not want to allow her pussy getting fucked by another one than him.
-at least not today xD-
As Sam trusted his massive cock with a single move into her incredibly wet pussy, Marc trusted his cock deeper into her mouth. Mary froze for a moment. How can she suck his cock and at the same time he can impale her on his cock? She started bucking in her restraints. Sam felt the fear in her and caressed her softly. "Darling, there is no need to fear," gently he rubs her clit while moving his boner deep inside of her, John licking her nipples and Marc slowly fucking her mouth "we just want you to have a special evening. Noone of us will hurt you. Just relax and enjoy.
"Mary felt, even if this situation was weird, that she were still horny. She actually enjoyed to be the centre of this strange game. She moaned -due to the cock in her mouth just a little groan was to hear- as she felt the cock in her pussy increasing depth and speed, while the other one fucking her mouth deeper and deeper. She gagged as he entered her troat, but he did not stop forcing in. She gagged twice more, but then the pleasure that overtook her body due to her pussy getting pounded deep and hard let her climb the ladder to the relaxing climax.-just the first of many others this evening^^-Her saliva dropping out of her mouth and over her cheeks, the cock fucking her troat continuously, pulsing and growing in thickness, he hold still and squirted his cum deep into her troat. Marc pulled his slowly shrinking cock out of her mouth, letting her lick it clean and gave John his place in her mouth.
Sam pounding her slippery pussy ballsdeep, pushing her to another climax while John streches her mouth with his 19 cm long and 6 cm thick cock. Mary is coming heavily, but can't make a sound, because she has Johns huge bell-end in her mouth sucking on it.
"Nhhhhh.....hhhffff, nhhh....hhhh....hhhffff" is all they can hear while her body trembles and shakes in lust.Marc kneeled down between the legs of Sam watching him slide in and out that incredibly wet pussy. Her juice runs down to her asshole and is dripping onto the floor.
He begins to pet her asshole gently with his thumb. In little circles he gives her third hole a little massage. Sam's balls slapping against his thumb, when he slides in hard and deep and pushes his thumb into her ass that way as Mary relaxed the muscle a moment. As he is inside this hot and tight hole he can feel her contracting muscles which indicate she is coming again.
Sam couldn't hold it any more and with a loud @nim@lic groan he squirted his cum deep inside of her greedy pussy, short followed by John who oozed his sperm into her mouth. Marc took his thumb out of her. All guys standing beside the table, looking at Mary. Heavily panting and decorated with saliva and cum Mary looks even cuter, Sam thought and released the blindfold and the ties.Mary sits up with swinging legs and looks deeply content and smiles at her three lovers. "Thanks guys. This was a wonderful evening. Can we repeat this next time untied and can I have one of your cocks in my ass then?"That was the moment Sam thought to himself that he created a little cockloving monster, he liked the idea though. Then he walked towards her, kissing her passionately while the other two left the living room and went into the bathroom.

(To be continued)
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