The Transformation part III

Since Mistress Anna had left me to sl**p with a vibrator shoved in my sissy hole It took a great deal of time before I decided I had had enough of the pleasurable sensation. It was long after she left that I actually slept. Despite the handcuffs and lease I found I slept amazingly well. Surprisingly being locked away in chastity was far from my mind. Then I woke up.

I felt someone step onto the couch where I was laying. When I opened my eyes all I saw was black and realized my eyes were covered. My head was grabbed and I felt a hand guide me to a lowering pussy. The taste said it clearly wasn't Mistress Anna's but it didn't matter. I was so turned on knowing I had been found on the couch dressed supremely slutty and some strange woman had decided to take advantage of me. Her pussy was soft and sweet. I licked with gusto and began sucking on her clit. Then she moaned.

I recognized the voice and realized that it must be Heather. She had finally gotten home and without seeing her I was being made to worship her pussy just after she found me in this sissy state. Shock caused me to pause.

"Don't you stop yet bitch!" She yelled. It shocked me more because those are words I never heard from her. While I still hesitated she grabbed the metal cage on my clit. "GET BACK TO WORK OR I'LL MAKE SURE WE LOSE THE KEY!"

Not wanting to face an untold amount of time in chastity I did as she said. I licked and licked. I sucked her clit and dug my tongue deep in her pussy until she moaned loud while her pussy convulsed on my lips. She stood up and I felt her hop off the couch.

"Damn, you were right. He is one hell of a tongue" said Heather. I couldn't help but feel proud of her comment.

"Did you think I would lie?" asked Mistress Anna.

Heather laughed, "I suppose not, but I didn't expect that. He even looks passable!"

Anna clapped. "Good, he'll want to look like a girl for what is coming. Take off the blindfold will you?"

Heather took off my blindfold and I got my first glimpse of my two friends dressed in black corsets. Neither of them had on panties and both had their tits exposed. My clit strained against it's prison. They unbound me from my restraints and then lead me into Mistress Anna's room. There Heather sat in a soft chair. Her stick thin figure and tiny tits sunk into the chair. She spread her legs and pulled on my leash. "Come here slut," she commanded.

Once again I found myself licking her sweet pussy. I wasn't sure how long it took but before too long Mistress Anna came up behind me. She leaned over my body. I was standing on all four so I could properly address Heather, Mistress Heather's request. I felt Mistress Anna's tits on my back and groaned as my clitty pressed against the metal. She leaned in close to my ear and whispered, "It's time for you to be my bitch."

Her tits lifted and I heard her spit. I felt her fingers rub my stretched sissy hole. I moaned and pushed back but she moved her fingers. "Oh, someone is feeling slutty today! Tell me what you want!"

I mumble, "make me your bitch..."

"Louder and like a girl you whore!" she shouts.

I pause for a moment, swallow, then shout in a feminine voice, "MAKE ME YOUR BITCH!!!"

"Good girl." she said. Then she pushed my red face back into Mistress Heather's pussy. I felt something rub my ass and then my ass was stretched and filled. Mistress Anna began slowly fucking me. I found myself in a trance. There were things said to me I never heard. I felt her hips slam on my ass changing me into hers. I was becoming hers and hers alone. I wasn't aware of the fact that both of them were laughing. I wasn't aware that Mistress Heather had already orgasmed. I certainly wasn't aware that I was the one fucking myself on Mistress Anna's cock. All I could feel was pleasure. All I could feel in the end was my sissy squirt pitifully falling from the clit cage.

Then as they laid me down praising me for being such a good whore I heard them say to me, "get a good nap because our friends are coming in a bit and you'll really become a true cock slut when they are done with you." As they shut the door I crawled over to the puddle of my squirt and with my face lying on the floor I slowly lapped it up.

"I am a good sissy slut. I want to be a good girl. I can't wait to taste more." I repeated over and over in my head, beaming with happiness.

I hope you enjoyed this! If you did, send me a friend request or leave a comment. There is one more part if people show enough interest!
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8 months ago
Great story series looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks for writing & sharing the stories with us
8 months ago
hope to read the rest love it so far
8 months ago
well you made me cumall over myself so hard it was wonderful
8 months ago
yes would like the see the next installment please thanks!