The Transformation part II

I was in the closet dangling surrounded by mirrors for what felt like an eternity. Mistress Anna, my once friend now dominatrix, had helped me to the best orgasm of my life but my penance was to stay handcuffed in her closet seeing my sissified self in all the mirrors she had set up around me. I felt ashamed and aroused all at once. It was probably a few hours later that the plug finally slipped from my ass as I started to doze. The glass plug thudded on the carpet and woke me from my daze. I could hear footsteps.

She was gentle with me. She carefully lifted me and unlocked the handcuffs. She attached a collar around my neck followed by the click of a leash and guided me to her and Heather's living room. The blinds were open and it was dark out. I wondered if it was still saturday and if anyone could see me in this corset through Anna's window. Would they even recognize me?

"Lay here on the couch," she commanded me sweetly. Her voice was calming. "You're going to squirt your little sissy cum one more time before bed because I have a surprise for you!"

She was still wearing her green corset only this time she pulled her tits from the cover. They were beautifully pale with soft pink nipples. All I could think was I wanted to suckle on each of them. I laid down on her sofa and she preceded to lower her breast to my mouth. I took her nipple and began frantically licking and sucking. She moaned and laughed at my eagerness. "That's a good sissy," she said while rubbing my cheek.

My sissy clitty was already stiff and sticking up out of my panties. She pulled her breast from my mouth and spun around. She climbed on the couch and before I knew it I was in the 69 position looking at her magnificent ass and pussy.

"Please your Mistress Anna now sissy!" That time she yelled. "I have something to shove back in your sissy pussy since you dropped the plug!" Her tone was no longer sweet but instead sultry and almost harsh.

With gusto I began to lick and suck her clit. She moaned and reached back pulling my face to her ass. I had never tongued someones ass before but I was hardly in a position to argue. Without hesitation I gently licked her asshole and began to do all I could to please her. She wasn't idle this time either. While I was face deep in her ass and pussy she was preparing her vibrator for my now stretched hole. She pushed my legs apart. "Take a deep breath," she said. Then I felt a large tip at the precipice of my ass pussy. "Relax!" she shouted! I concentrated and relaxed my pussy and with one swift push she inserted the lubed vibrator deep into me. It filled me and served to only invigorate my clitty's condition as well as my attentiveness to her ass and pussy. "Someone must really like this!" she said while smiling. All I could do was continue to moan and grind my pussy on the vibrator. She laughed because all she was having to do was hold it in one place.

She then started to lightly lick my sissy clit. I groaned. She carefully moved my panties off to the side and lifted my red swollen cock, I mean clitty excuse me. She wrapped her fingers around it and began to suck my clitty while stroking it. I knew it wouldn't take long so I began to focus on her clit and pussy to bring her to an orgasm. It took very little work before my efforts came to fruition. She sat up and ground her pussy on my tongue and her ass on my nose. I couldn't really breathe but I certainly moaned at the pleasure of her sitting on my face and at the loss of her mouth on my sissy clit. After her orgasm subsided she leaned back down and began again. She sucked with a vengeance slurping on my clit and then she reached down and turned on the vibrator. It was incredible. I squirted in a matter of seconds. She sucked the cum from my clit and once again came to my face. This time she held my mouth open and dribbled my cum into my mouth. "Play with it and then swallow sissy," she said. I did as she commanded, rolling the cum side to side over my tongue before swallowing the salty sticky mess.

She turned back around as soon as I finished and I felt her touching my flaccid clit. I was exhausted and had no energy left to fight her but suddenly I felt cold metal on my clit and before I could fight there was the snap of a lock. She had locked my clit up in chastity. I was speechless.

"Now," she said. "Get some sl**p my sissy. Tomorrow will be a big day for you! Heather gets home in the morning and she's been very excited about what we've been doing. I've been sending her updates and pictures! The chastity was her idea since you like to talk about sex so often. She thought it might help you focus. Anyway she has a big surprise for you tomorrow morning and we have company for dinner tomorrow night that will require some help from you." She tied dropped the leash by the bed, handcuffed me, locked the door and took the key, then she turned off the lights and went to her room. I was left in the dark exhausted with a vibrator buzzing away in my ass. I could have taken it out but all I could think was how good it felt and that it will eventually work it's way out...and I wondered what will happen tomorrow as I watched my clitty leak what little was left through the metal cage.

I hope you have enjoyed part II! Again comments are appreciated as are friend requests! I do like the encouragement to keep writing and as you can see there are still two parts ready to go!
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7 months ago
o am so stiff ... love the story .ty
7 months ago
keep it up can't wait to read more of this story
8 months ago
looking forward to the next chatper hope you get it soon
8 months ago
Great Story!
8 months ago
keep writing! loved it!