Was Someone Watching Me? - A Very True Story

Situation: This is a very true story of what happened to me when i lived in woodland hills, Ca back in 2000 - 2003. I had just moved back to the San Fernando Valley in 2000 (previously lived there during the mid-90s) and moved in with a guy that i met from work when i lived there previously. I was in my mid to late 20s and he was in his mid to late 40s (his name was Tom). Tom was the owner of the house and was looking for a roommate since he just gone through a divorce. He was great guy and the type to help anyone out that he considered to be a friend. He worked for the same contractor (different department though) and worked a lot of mid shift and night shift work while i was strictly on day shift. So, we both thought it would be a win-win for me to move in. The only other person i knew was Tom's neighbor, Mike, who lived next door. I had met him one day when i came over to check out the room.

Background of room i had: the room was located on the right hand side of the house and the window was located at the back wall. The curtains reminded of a hotel's in that they slid from side to side. The exception was that the curtain tracks didn't overlap. They met in the middle. The curtains were non-transparent...think shower curtain types. If you looked outside from the window, you would be viewing the side yard. The side and backyard was enclosed by an 8' high wooden fence and all of the houses in this neighborhood were single story/ranch style homes. Surrounding the perimeter of the house was about 5-6 feet of white rock. When you walked into the room, the bed was on the back wall to my right - dresser to the left that had my tv on top of it and window at the backwall with nothing in front of it.

True Story: okay, i jack off a lot. As much as i can and being that i hadn't had a girlfriend in a long while, i was jacking off in the morning when i woke up, whenever i would go home for lunch, and then twice after work - right after getting off of work and then finally before going to bed.

Well, on 1 particular night, i was doing my usual routine and put some porn into the dvd player and started watching. i still had my loose fitting shorts on my was playing with my cock. My cock soon got hard and there i was laying on the bed with my back up against the wall, legs out in front of me and i was pitching a tent. At that moment, i heard footsteps on the rock that surrounded the house. At the time, i didn't think anything of it and was still playing with my rock hard cock through the shorts. I also started hearing some, "mmmmmmm...yeah!" However, they were whispers and i had the volume on the tv on so i couldn't tell if it was coming from the tv or from what i suspected (someone outside). I took my shorts off and was wearing nothing but my hard-on...no whispers though. So, i went back to playing with my cock. My curtains were closed, there were no peep holes in the room and so i went back to stroking my cock and playing with balls and dickhead. I then heard the rocks from outside make some noise like if someone were "adjusting" or "moving" around from side to side...it wasn't like the noise from someone walking. I stopped what i was doing and even muted the tv to see if this was my mind playing tricks on me. After several minutes of hearing nothing, i went back to jacking my dick, got rock hard again, and blew my load of jizz. Then i heard what sounded like, "mmmmmm...yeah!" I cleaned up, turned the tv off, and then went to bed. I didn't hear any footsteps on the rocks so i just blew it off but my curiousity was getting the best of me so i decided to call up my roommate at work. I made up some excuse of me calling and he picked up. I believe my excuse was for him to make sure i was awake when he got home (that i didn't oversl**p).

For next couple of nights, the same thing would happen. I was completely befuddled by the whole thing and chalked it up to "i was just hearing things" and the porn on the tv didn't help things. Again, these phrases were like a whisper so i couldn't tell if a "person" was making them. Also, we had motion detecting lights in the side and backyards. Whenever they would come on, i could definitely tell since the light could be seen from my window. They never came on whenever i heard these "footsteps" and "rocks adjusting".

Okay, i'm back at it again only this time i really got myself worked up - i was on my back in my usual position but then slid down so my head was no longer propped up against the wall but laying on a pillow on the bed. I heard the rocks move from outside but only this time there was about a 10 second pause between the steps/"noises". Again, not thinking anything of it at the time, i raised my feet into the air, legs spread out - think knees being under my arm pits with me stroking my dick...then i heard what sounded like, "mmmmm...pussy!" I stopped in mid-stroke and started to look around the room...turned the tv on mute...listening intently. Nothing but the wind from outside. I went over to the curtains and pulled them apart to where i could see the side yard and saw nothing but darkness and the fence. I closed the curtains to their original position and just for shits and grins (because i wanted to see if was being watched), i decided to put myself in the "face down, ass up" position. My legs were spread wide while in this position so there would be a clear view of my asshole while i stroked my dick in this position. I heard nothing. Hearing nothing, i flipped over onto my back and blew my load of jizz. I cleaned up, turned the tv off, and went to bed. After about 10-15 minutes, i heard the "footsteps on the rocks"...as though someone was walking away! "WTF" was what i thought to myself.

To be continued...pls let me know if u think someone was watching me and/or filming me or if it was just my imagination. More to come...this story is long from being over.
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10 months ago
LOL! Wish you did!
10 months ago
I was outside, working up the nerve to make a move on you. check outside for cum spots
1 year ago
LOL! It was pretty hot and my mind was constantly racing on if I was bein watched. I am sure I was!
1 year ago
Nice...wished I was watching and got caught! Think of the fun!
1 year ago
Great story I want to know what happens. I often wondered what it would be like to have strangers watching me jerk off. I would love to watch you jerk off...MMMMMMMMMM
2 years ago
2 years ago
yes, like the reast, I would love to know more...
It does seem that you were being admired.
2 years ago
2 years ago
That was hot! More please~
2 years ago
more plz...
2 years ago
Well done start....
Look forward to more.....
2 years ago
More please!