Massage Parlor - True Story

This is a TRUE STORY!!! I just thought I would start to share some of my better experiances. Everything I write is true because to me I am more turned on by something that actually happened than make believe. Just my preference. Every story I might share in the future will be true - maybe not as exciting - but true.

Years ago I visited a massage parlor. I was young and curious for the experiance. I went to a place not too far from my house. I just moved there and I didn't know my neighbors and figured that no one would recognize me if they saw. So I buzzed the bell and the door opens with a small had beckoning me into the office. I step in and found an older looking asian lady. The kind of look that says "do you want starch with that or not" not "turn over hunny." Anyways, I thought why the hell not. I'm here for the experiance, not love. She then leads me to this room and asks me for the fee. I paid and she tells me to get undressed and wait. Now, I'm a little freaked out because I'm afraid that maybe the cops will jump in now or she might take my money and tell me to get out but she didn't. I stand there naked trying to get myself hard for my massage and distract me from the age of my massuese. In walks the lady leaving the door wide open with me standing there in all my glory. Now that was really uncomfortable. I'm thinkin ummm, aren't you gonna close the door? Next thing I know in walks in a young asian super sexy babe. Now I was happy. She gives me a hug and introduces herself. I'm thinkin this can't get better and all of a sudden another one walks in, and another and another and another. Next thing I know I am standing there with a hardon staring at 5 women staring at my hardon. I was told to pick one and so I did. Out walk the others and my girl is left in the room with me. She walks over to me and feels my cock with her nails. She grabs me by my member and takes me to the shower and scrubs me down completely all the while she is giving me a tongue bath too! She brings me back to the room and she lays me on the table and starts to get undressed for me. She put music on and stripped to the beat. My dick is about to explode from the new sensation of forbidden lust. She tells me to turn over on my back. Dammit! What a tease. She gives me a slow massage while strokin my member ocassionaly. She plays with my asshole and balls since they are sticking straight down between my legs. She then licked my asshole and dick and made me moan over and over. I had never had my salad tossed before but now I am totally into it. She barebacks my dick with her mouth and I couldn't hold n to it any longer and came in her mouth. She sucked it all but told me to warn her next time. She was suprised when I told her sure I will and put her mouth back on my cock. I think she thought I was done but I was just getting started. She got back into sucking me and even kept her mouth on my cock while I turned over and layed on my back. She asked if I wanted to fuck her but I was content fucking her mouth and didnt have rubber anyways. She licked my dick as if it was melting ice cream. She trace my head with her tongue and squeezed precum outthe tip. As I got close I mentioned to her that I wanted her to swallow this time and she said that she doesn't. I was told I can cum on her face though. So she stroked and sucked the tip till I was about to explode and when I came, I shot so hard into her open mouth and across her face that she ended up swallowing some that went into her mouth and letting the rest drip down her face. Needless to say that was a great experiance for me. I never went back because I just wanted to do it once and I am glad I did.

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1 year ago
Nice story. A buddy of mine and myself visited a massage parlor a few times. Perhaps I'll share one of those experiences.
2 years ago
very good & brings back memories
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
Good story. Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Good story
3 years ago
An experience to remember and cherish!
3 years ago
Very good story,, keep up the good work,,and for sure I wood of went back,,
3 years ago
hmmmm methinks I'd have been a regular ;)
3 years ago
wow, good story mate!! very erotic!!