All-female lovemaking is the most creative form of sexuality
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Xhamster is a classy porn site, with a great variety of videos, pics and stories.
I am definitey not a porn lover in the general sense of the word at all, for I only love videos that show erotic human encounters in which people share love, empathy, tenderness and passion on a basis of total equality.

The reason for my preference is quite simple, really.
Lust can bring great excitement and pleasure during a limited time ( lust will fade away once all the novelties in it have been tried and then they will certainly wear off..), but in terms of a long lasting relationship love is a much more effective and stable drive. It offers much more protection to those who depend on that love, such as children that were born out of that relation.

My video collection refects aspects of sexuality that drew my attention and most videos show what I really like.
I did NOT upload the movies myself, because where I live being caught while uplading or downloading copyrighted videos will bring you in serious trouble. Per movie one has to pay a fine of €5000 = $ 6000!

So,the greater part of the videos I brought together show the kind of lovemaking that - in my opinion- adds to a person's self-esteem, confidence ,emotional strength and wellbeing. .
Lovemaking should contribute to a person's awareness of being wanted, needed, appreciated.It should restore somebody's soul.

I think that a video ,with a title in which a woman is being referred to as a slut, whore,street meat, or bitch will not show a woman as a valuable personality, worthy of appreciation and respect!
By means of these degrading words her value as a human being is being reduced to a status, in which she has been deprived of any moral thresholds.
The hidden message behind these demeaning qualifications is that people can do to anything they feel like to such a woman and that she will go all along with that!
A woman who really would accept that situation has lost her self respect! What person would ONLY want to be judged in terms of 'fuckability'?? That is not a real compliment to any woman,is it?

In principle nearly all videos that I have brought together here have the qualities that I like. They include all aspects of human sexual interaction and inclination.

There is absolutely one category of sexuality that I detest immensely.
It is sexuality of an very abusive nature: CHILD ABUSE!!
All people have sexual organs, so in principle they are all capable of sexual activities, but it takes an adult frame of mind to understand the full nature of sexuality and the context it takes place in.

Children may be compared with flowers that have not opened yet.
They will,all by themselves, when their time has come.They deserve a period to grow up in quiet harmony under the protection of their parents.
Nobody has the right to wake up kids sexually before their own time! All people ought to wake up by themselves. Child abusers ruin a young person's future!They must be punished severly.

Videos that contain sexuality with powerful and healing elements in them ,are - i.e. in my opinion !- the ones that show women who emotionally and physically express their affection for each other!

I am inclined to think that -generally speaking- the erotic instincts in women are more subtle and refined than men often come up with, but feel free to disagree with me, of course.

I also believe that the sexual drive in women is at least as powerful as the sexual energy in men and it is definitely fat more creative. You can even see that in the way women please themselves.
Xhamster member Karen wrote most interesting comments on female masturbation. For those who would learn a thing or two: please visit her page, http://xhamster.com/user/Karen32f and read what she has to say about it in her profile!

It is most regrettable, though, that the love between women may well be under very serious threat again in the near future.
One of the causes of this growing danger lies in the given fact that Islam shows no tolerance at all for this kind of love and wants to remove lesbianism (and homosexuality as well, of course) from the face of the earth and when we watch the developments in the world closely we can see Islam's growing influence all over the world,including the western hemisphere !

So everyone who sees the enrichment and value of lesbian lovemaking should stand up for women who love women and defend them!

Statistically ten percent of the female population on our planet is lesbian orientated. And in addition to these impressive numbers we might well consider something equally important : a far more greater percentage of the women in the world is probably bi-sexual, although they may never act on this specific inclination

In my opinion this great gift of loving and deep caring in women may have biological roots, for it's the women that literally bear life in themselves and give birth to it, so the connection between women and life as such must be very strong and love has to do with the meaning of life, isn't it?
Where would we be without it?
And wasn't the first hand that caresses us when we were babies the hand of a female? So there.. :-)
That may be the reason why female lovemaking is so strong.
Every man can learn a lot from it.
I did, anyway :-)
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1 month ago
Thank you, dear. Love to you, too:-)
Get well soon.
1 month ago
1 month ago
Dank je, Joy, Ik heb inmiddels een serie van jullie (posing on a table) als een aanwinst bij mijn foto collectie gevoegd.
Heb je mijn verzameling video's ook bekeken.
Jammer dat jullie alleen vrouwen als 'xhamsterfriends'toelaten. Ik ga mij bijna gediscrimineerd beschouwen :-) )
1 month ago
Psst, ze zijn weer open
3 months ago
Thank you ever so much,Daisy.This is one of the greatest compliments I have ever read
I wrote my profile in earnest and -indeed- my favourites clearly show what I like, so if someone can testify to that I know that I made myself understood.
3 months ago
Thank you, halpme:-)
3 months ago
Really loving your style.
3 months ago
Thank for your warm kindness,Harouna,your words are really very much appreciated :-)
3 months ago
Great to see your return! ★
3 months ago
Thanks for the comment on my story, it is just wrote as it happened
3 months ago
love you. hugs
4 months ago
Thank you for your reply, Layla.I read your profile..and I hope that you will be able to see your kids more.They will never forget their mum who loves them:-)
I wish you true happiness and a life in freedom and safety.
Just visit my profile,read it and have a look at my favourite videos.You may like some of them (I hope)
5 months ago
Thanks for the sweet comment
5 months ago
I'm so glad I found your page, profile, etc. It would seem we share certain views, and may have much in common. I'll definitely be in touch.
5 months ago
I truly share your thoughts as given in your profile and love your favourites .... :)
5 months ago
Thanks for the nice comment on my video
5 months ago
I love your analysis and writing, great taste!
5 months ago
6 months ago
ur words are very true and full of inspiration
6 months ago
9 months ago
Great japanese lesbian favorites and I agree with you, Women should be more loved and respected, thank you :).
10 months ago
Thank you for your friendship. My videos show natural inter racial couples having passionate oral, anal and vaginal sex without awareness of cameras. Please enjoy rate and comment. Please click on heart under the video if you really like the video. Feel free to criticize the videos and to PM me with ideas.
10 months ago
I agree with you outlook completely. I too hate plastic porn and love a strong basic human connection to lesbian movies. Going to explore your collection now knowing I will enjoy it.
11 months ago
Lovely collection of faves ... we have very similar tastes :)
11 months ago
Great faves Henk, nice to find someone as obsessed with lesbians as i am!
1 year ago
Superb Lesbian video gallery!
1 year ago
hope you like my new fotos
1 year ago
superb favorite videos.
1 year ago
Thanks for your comment,leaving a little smile :)

1 year ago
If every one followed your philosophy this world would be a great place :)

Mike paid you a visit,have a great day.