Natasha's Surprise

The tall muscular powerful young blackman stood in his boxer shorts staring at a letter that had just come in the post.
Hello my name is Natasha and I'm Twenty two years old and as yet I have never met a blackman although I have seen many on the internet but I long to see one in the flesh, and maybe have a little fun with a well equipped powerful blackman.
Apunda's face broke into a smile another mad white bitch he thought, then he uncovered her photograph from and drew in his breath sharply; what a fine white bitch she would make a perfect slut for my pleasure and single too, no servile wimpy husband to get in the way. He stared hard at her picture and his cock began to lengthen and expand hanging half errect a good six inches from his boxer leg. His black meat was thick and knotted and obviously well used he lowered his boxers to reveal the tight pecs of his stomach he was a superb specimen of manhood standing six feet three tall his sexual tastes were what he called white bitches and what's more he like to use them just as he pleased.
Apunda began to stroke his huge dick which quickly expanded at his touch; all the while he was staring at Natasha picture, I must have this white pussy to train for cock service I will make her bow to my b**st, I will make her kneel infront of it and worship it, I will make her kiss my balls and lick them and the thought of all this made him laugh. She will be helpless and unable to escape and I will feed her with my hot black spunk forcing her to swollow as I empty my black sack into her pretty white mouth. The thought was too perfect he began to shoot jet after jet from his huge snake as he man handled himself. The young girl was fixed in his brain and he intended to capture her and use her for his a****l lusts.
Firstly Apunda phoned his friend and accomplice Lusala. '' Listen I have chance of some beautiful single white pussy but I need your flat and equipment to train this bitch to submit if you agree we can share her she's only twenty two absolutely fabulous all we need to do is enslave her.'' So it was agreed and arrangements were made for Natasha too be broken in by Apunda and shared with his friend Lusala.
The shock for Natasha was the sheer size of Apunda: he was jet black and looked as if he had just stepped out of the jungle she also noticed how he sniffed the air when her stared at her as if he could smell her womanhood with his wide black nostrils. She was frightened and felt her stomach turn over what could she have been thinking of to hand herself over to such a male a****l. He pulled her into the flat and told her to sit down.
''Let me show you something, he stood infront of her and lowered his boxer shorts, she gasped at the enormous cock absolutely speechless, fascinated and at the same time horrified. It stood plusing with a life of its own, shining black, the bulbous head seemed to almost nod to her and the long shaft was highly veined; below like a great puffed up bladder were his black balls she could see they were loaded with semen.
He moved towards her,'' go on feel it grip that cock you've gotta get use to it cause its gonna fuck all your lovey pretty white holes.''
Natasha drew back and a big black hand streched out behind her head and held her firmly, ''dont be shy little girl he's going down your lovely white throat to tickle your tonsils,'' and he gave a deep wicked laugh.
''No its too big please I can't get my lips around that thing,'' she tried to pull back again but his grip was like a rock and the cock touched her nose the length streching from her chin to the top of her head.
''Just you listen you aint got no choice after sending that letter you don't leave this room until I'm satisfied white pussy; so you better get a grip and do as your told understand me?''
As he said this he held her head with his right hand and began to slap her face with that huge cock first one side then the other slap, slap, slap that hard meat stung her tender young cheeks and Natasha knew she had no choice she was helpless in the hands of this strong f***eful blackman and he was going to have his way so she decided to surrender to him. Natasha hoped he would be less aggresive if she gave way and did what he wanted, yet in a strange way she felt aroused by her own helplessness and the fact that this brute of a man was focused on her; it was as if her beauty had a****lised him and he wanted to posess her completely.
''Open your mouth bitch,'' he was panting and to assist her he held her nose and chin pulling her pretty mouth open as far as her jaws would allow and thrusting the bulbous meaty head of his rampant cock inside. Her saliva filled her mouth and her tongue was pushed to the bottom of her mouth as he filled her blowing out her pretty cheeks he grunted with satisfaction looking down on her puffed up face he began to move his hips jiggling the cock around her mouth loosening her up.
''Just what you need eh you little white slut I'm gonna fill your mouth with hot black cum and you are gonna swollow every drop,'' he grunted again and began to use her mouth holding her head firmly between his big black hands applying a little more presure at each stroke of his groins satisfying his a****l lust on his absolutely helpless victim. Natasha could hardly believe what was happening she could feel the big throbbing member at the back of her throat creeping futher and further down with each forward thrust almost choking her then suddenly he withdrew and she gasped his steaming cock was wet and hot infront of her face again and she felt him tighten his grip on her hair.
''There take a good look at him little tart you will be seeing plenty of him now just tell me what you think of that big black cock,'' she felt him screw her hair and she winced, ''and you betta make it good cause I'm a listening.''
Natasta had not expected this she quickly gathered her wits, '' its beautiful,''she said.
''He gave her hair a twist, ''not good enough''said,'' now say after me bitch,'' oh black Master I love your big cock when can I drink your black cum Sir?''
She repeted his words as he listened, ''thats better your leaning to obey now kiss my big black balls and say, 'oh Master what wonderful big balls you have its a real honour to kiss them.''
Once again Natasha did exactly as she was told and his ugly black face looked down at her with his piecing black eyes. A satisfied smile spread across his face, ''now,'' he said now your goning to enjoy a nice hot meal as I empty my load into your white throat, the forplay had made him almost climax with pleasure and she could see a few drops of pre cum trickling down his monster dick.
With a sharp thrust he entered streching her lips and holding her head firmly between his two powerful hands. Now he began to work like a piston back and forth squeezing a bit more inside her open jaws
Resistance was useless the great black drill pulsed and she felt herself gagging then it began to spurt out hot sticky and like a jet, she just had to swollow or choke and down it slid into her stomach. Still he heaved and groaned as still mor poured into Nastashas gaping mouth his balls twitching with the effort of ejaculation.
The door opened and behind her in came Lusala and kneeling behind her he began to remove her skirt and panties and as she was cleaning the big black cock dripping infron of her face she felt his hot breath on her buttocks. He lifted her up and slid is black face under her arse and began to eat her pussy which was already wet with fluid.
When he had had his fill of her juices he decided the time had come to get his enormous cock inside her. ''Go on get it up the white bitch,'' said Apunda as he stood his great meat hanging infront of her face. When Lusala opened her entrance she gave a short scream as his head entered her streching her lips wider than she had ever known his big brutish hands holding her hips drawing her into him taking her like a dog. And as he mounted and fucked her the sight began to arouse the hanging meat of Apunda again and between long pumps she watched it errect itself and again he made her open her exhusted jaws and take him into her mouth. Between them now the two big blackmen were almost supporting almost all her weight as they used her at both ends.
''A fine bitch eh b*o getting just waht she needs, and he laughed.
Natasha's body was being used and she had totally surendered to these two brutes yet she began a strange way to feel she was controlling them as they pounded her both seeking oragasm. While it was true they were literally devouring her flesh for their own satisfaction it was her body that had driven them to this extreme; she represented their lust and she began to feel new sensations throbbing from her pussy and spreading thoughout her legs and torso. From their point of veiw she was struggling to escape but to her she was climaxing as she had never done before. She felt owned by these randy male a****ls, possessed by them, they need her and she was their property, very important property indeed.
Then thought ceased and she was taken up with total feeling, she screamed as she climaxed, nothing mattered except that rush of release her whole body shook and spasmed and the two men grunted with a****l delight as the plateau of pure enjoyment spread itself in triumph through all three holding at a peak and then slowly returning them to reality.

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good story