The Aventures of my young Natasha

It is around the magic age of eighteen that some beautiful women begin to outshine their rivals. They become, what men who know them call, Goddesses, they have an aurora of beauty which is magnetic and irresistible to men. Natasha was just such a beauty but she was more than this for she was also blessed with discernment and intelligence which made her quite fatal to young men who knew her. Her long brown locks had a golden tinge and fell onto slim shoulders and seemed to lead the eyes downwards to her bust which seemed to assert itself above her slender waist. When she stood elegantly dressed the more forward of men wanted to hold her close and kiss her, while those introverts wanted to throw themselves at her feet and kiss her fine fashionable shoes.
It was not surprising then that Natasha found herself working for a video chat company, and she was in big demand, for even on the screen her personality and Goddess qualities showed through. Natasha was immensely popular and she could pick and choose just who she chatted too; like all popular girls she played the field quite mercilessly.
When she was off she would sit in her expensive flat and play Chopin on her Sony electric piano. She loved the haunting tones of the nocturnes and often a tear of sorrow would roll down her pretty cheek as she played. When she felt more lively she would play a waltz and imagine being whisked around a beautiful ballroom under magnificent chandeliers.
But beauty cannot feed forever on itself; so Natasha wanted real company in the flesh and she found herself attracted to a young man who chatted to her on video chat: Dmitry appealed to her because he was not obsessed with sex, as so many of the young chatters seemed to be, yet he had an air of romance about him and a winning smile that showed he wanted a physical relationship.
Now it so happened that Dmitry had a friend who ran a fashion shoe shop and hearing that Natasha was always shopping for clothes especially shoes he offered to meet her and take her to the shop which he said was one of the most expensive and best in the town. This offer clinched their first meeting and they met at the Metropole Club where young and fashionable people went to fraternize and dance on Saturday evenings. They danced together and Dmitry held her close to him, she was so beautiful and sexy and his passion was often aroused in the evening by the warm fullness of her shapely body. The curve of her two breasts made him dream of her nipples and he longed to suck on them and explore her young gorgeous body.
But in spite of her arousal she with held herself from him that evening preferring to keep him on heat for her, for she had in her a cheeky mischievous streak that she liked to use on her male admirers often not realizing this could be quite dangerous.
The next day Natasha went to the shoe shop and boldly asked for Ivan who Dmitry had spoken of. He was tall somewhat older than Dmitry fair-haired and blue- eyed.
''How can I help you Madam I understand you enquired for me, wishing me serve you,'' he looked at her quite smitten by her beauty especially her long smooth shapely legs as she sat down.
''I'm looking for some fashionable light weight red dancing shoes,'' she flashed a smile at him that slew all resistance.
Ivan knelt down and cupping her heel he gently removed her right shoe she could feel him shaking as he touched her ankle as saw his tongue briefly touch his upper lip.
At the third pair of shoes Ian said: ''perhaps Madam would like to try these for the evening and I would call in the morning to see if they were suitable.''
''Why that's most kind Ian I look forward to seeing you,'' her eyes sparkled she knew in her heart he was her slave and the very thought thrilled her.
True to his word and with a beating heart Ian knocked at Natasha's door and was duly asked into her flat.
''What did you think of the shoes,'' he asked looking at her feet.
''Oh they were very comfortable do you think they are pretty enough,'' she looked at him and raised both her feet from the floor.
''Oh Madam you have the prettiest feet I've ever seen,'' he looked flushed and excited.
''Then you may kiss them Ian.''
In an instant he was on his knees kissing for all he was worth and she pushed her tiny foot into his mouth while he sucked her toes.
Now his actions had become sexual Ian was quickly aroused and began to kiss her legs.
''Enough she cried standing up I have to go out very soon but before I go you may lick these.''
She removed her panties and threw them onto the floor watching him as he smothered them in kisses.
''Oh Madam when can I see you again please I need you badly you are my Goddess.'' In silence she handed him her card and gently pushed him out of the door.
As soon as Natasha closed the door she heard a gentle knock. It was the young man from the opposite flat and he looked very worried.
''Can you please come and help me,'' he said ''I am trying to wrap a present for my girlfriend who is arriving soon and it needs an artistic woman’s touch to make it look perfect.''
So without any panties Natasha went into his flat to see if she could help. He had certainly made a complete mess of the job so she ripped all the tape and wrapping paper off, ''we must start again,'' she said, ''its the only way.''
She dropped the scissors on the floor and immediately he bent down to pick them up and looking up her skirt as she was wrapping her caught a glimpse of her pussy and realized she had no panties on.
Now Maxim was a solid sensual type and he was immediately aroused to full erection by this beautiful young woman who appeared to want sex. He did not wait but slid his hand up along her thigh. Natasha was shocked and she remembered she had no panties and this fact he had noticed from his vantage point. Her breasts tingled and suddenly she wanted him to make love to her.
Maxim had forgotten his girl friend and in his lust he was kissing her thighs working his way between her legs to reach her sweet fanny nestling in soft brown hair. Just as he got close enough to inhale the rich aroma his girl friend pushed the door and caught him in the act of cunnilingus.
Maxim left to his feet , she struck him hard around the face turned around and walked out. In the confusion Natasha got up straightened her skirt and ran across to her own flat closing the door.
So the three men Dmitry, Ivan and Maxim were hot as red coals for Natasha and the very thought of this served to encourage a most dangerous and mischievous plan in her mind.
Natasha invited all three to her flat at the same time. She knew it would be dangerous but she was one of those girls who liked to live dangerously and after all in a way she liked all three of these very different men. Why Natasha often asked herself was it assumed a girl would only want the company of one man surely such a view was old fashioned in these enlightened days.
Dmitry arrived first and handed her a box of chocolates, ''my you look ravishing Natasha,'' he said and immediately began to smooch with her; he was indeed determined to have his wicked way with her as soon as possible but to his surprise as soon as he lowered her on to the couch the bell rang and Ivan came into the room. Now Natasha had the two young men sitting each side of her on the settee when a third came in smiling with expectancy and saw them all.
Natasha smiled sweetly at him ''perhaps you will close the door now Maxim I think you are the last,'' and she laughed.
Maxim took a seat, ''why Natasha ''he said staring at her,'' you are shut in your flat with three male admirer just supposing things were to get out of hand you would be helpless and would have brought it on yourself by foolishness.''
Natasha laughed, ''and who I wonder would be the first to loose control of you hot bl**ded males?''
Dmitry took this as a signal and began to cuddle and kiss his idol and as he was doing this she felt Ivan kissing and licking her feet. The three males were now intent on stripping this delectable piece of womanhood and she felt them handling her un zipping, removing, they were focused on her beautiful body and she was in her underwear in moments. Her long legs were opened and she could feel Ivan’s hot breath on her pussy as his tongue licked among her brown hairs arousing her juices. Dmitry concentrated his attention on her fine fulsome breasts he sighed as he fixed his lips on her swelling nipples. These men were literally feasting on her body gourmandizing greedily burning with lust for her and the effect was to arouse her even more.
Maxim had dropped his trousers and stood watching his huge cock in his hand. His equipment was quite amazing the fat long barrel and tight full sack seemed to make his hand seem small as he manipulated himself. He drew closer and Natasha reached out to hold his cock making him groan with delight as she rubbed him slowly up and down. By this time Ian had found her clit and locked his frenzied lips over it and was tonguing it as he sucked down her juices.
They turned her over and Dmitry entered her pussy lips from behind while Maxim fed her mouth with his monster. Dmitry eased in sliding up in delicious thrusts, his balls were like a loaded gun and he knew he could not hold much longer. Natasha now enflamed with passion opened her willing pretty mouth as wide as possible and succeeded in getting the huge throbbing head of Maxims dick into her mouth and sucked hard on it rolling her sweet tongue over it as he moaned with delight. While this was going on Ivan had rolled underneath her chest and was working on her swollen nipples with fingers and tongue she was in ecstasy her whole body throbbing and tingling with this constant attention. The males seemed to encourage each other in these activities and all that could be heard were moans and groans, licking and lapping as the four bodies were locked into a passionate orgasmic quest for completion.
''OOOOh,'' Dmitry cried out as he shot his load into her pounding against her fine rump with his balls which quivered as they released his sperm in spasms of hot white spunk. Natasha could feel the tension building around her pussy and the inside began to tingle spreading the orgasm to her hips and down her legs as the hot spunk released inflamed her passionate response. The moment he withdrew she felt hot lips pressed to her labia and knew that Ian was drinking his friends sperm, as she had suspected he was a cream pie man, the sexiness of this deprave act aroused her again and she pressed her pussy lips on his mouth excreting her juices as he gobbled the contents of her vagina.
Then Maxim began to unload into her mouth which was filled at the first outburst. His second ejaculation began to spill over her face running down her chin and dripping onto his balls. She swallowed quickly but a third load filled her mouth almost choking her as she ground her pussy on Ivan’s mouth she swallowed all she could and began to lick the hot stick sperm from Maxims dying knob. She was about to climax for the second time her liquids washing down Dmitry's spunk into Ivan’s working mouth.
At last they lay still a pile of satiated bodies exhausted by the oldest need of all, the need that all must respond to in their various ways the need for sexual gratification.

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very good
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very good, part 2???
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Nice story
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