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[Story] Natasha's Surprise

The tall muscular powerful young blackman stood in his boxer shorts staring at a letter that had just come in the post.
Hello my name is Natasha and I'm Twenty two years old and as yet I have never met a blackman although I have seen many on the internet but I long to see one in the flesh, and maybe have a little fun with a well equipped powerful blackman.
Apunda's face broke into a smile another mad white bitch he thought, then he uncovered her photograph from fetishka.com and drew in his breath sharply; what a fine white bitch she would make a perfect slut for my pleasure and single too, ... Continue»
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[Story] The Aventures of my young Natasha

It is around the magic age of eighteen that some beautiful women begin to outshine their rivals. They become, what men who know them call, Goddesses, they have an aurora of beauty which is magnetic and irresistible to men. Natasha was just such a beauty but she was more than this for she was also blessed with discernment and intelligence which made her quite fatal to young men who knew her. Her long brown locks had a golden tinge and fell onto slim shoulders and seemed to lead the eyes downwards to her bust which seemed to assert itself above her slender waist. When she stood elegantly dressed... Continue»
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[Story] Власть и Порок

- Не дотрагивайся до повязки! – предупредила девушка, за рулем мчавшегося автомобиля по ночной Москве. Пассажир одернул руку с лица, но через несколько секунд снова попытался незаметно левой рукой прикоснуться к черной повязке на его глазах.
- Я кому сказала! Еще одно движение и ты вылетишь из машины!
- Ну ладно, понял – проворчал юноша.
Лиза любила быструю и агрессивную езду, ее черный джип резво шнырял между машинами, красный свет светофора для нее был не совсем красный, и она руководствовалась своими правилами дорожного движения: кто агрессивнее и дороже тот прав.
Молодой пассажир ок... Continue»
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