In The Car

I remember a particular incident that happened many years ago with married friend that I had known for many years but never in a sexual way.We were in his car and travelling quite a distance to buy plants from a specialist nursery,long before the days of garden centres.The talk eventually got round to sex, as it often does between men and after a while he asked me what I thought about sex between men.I had to be very careful before I answered as my wife and I had known him and his wife for many years and apart from the usual sexual banter that happens with couples with nothing serious intended.
After so many years it is difficult to recall the actual details but I do remember saying something about being wanked by someone was a thing I often thought about.
Robert said that was something he too thought about,but didn't want a man to touch him. I think I said something about I wouldn't mind if he wanted to wank me.After the usual reassurances that it was to be kept strickly between ouselves and me assuring him that was obviously something I would never tell anyone about, (and here I am telling you) we eventually turned down a lane to find a secluded soon as we stopped Robert said what do we do now.So to give him a bit of encouragement I lifted myself up and pulled my trousers and underpants down to my ankles and laid back in the seat.Looking very embarrased he reached over and held my cock.God i almost came right then.Almost lying so that his face was close to my cock and he wouldn't have to look at me he began to wank me off. It was fantastic and within a very short time I was shooting my spunk all over my belly Robert was loving it and he continued untill he'd milked every drop from me.This happened a couple of times after that but the first time is the one I hold in my memory.

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1 month ago
when i was young it was either in the back of a car, if you were lucky, or in a shop doorway.
4 months ago
4 months ago
yes happy memories of me amy mate in my car wanking each other off
8 months ago
Too bad he didn’t want to be touched! I would have begged you to stroke my foreskin up and down! When you saw my pretty sissypink panties, you would have!
11 months ago
Parts of your experience are a mirror reflection of mine as a Young man with an Older Man... our relationship progressed from there for years!
Private Message Me if you want more details on that and other relationships that I had growing up!
1 year ago
that sounds so exciting.. wish it had been me.
1 year ago
Wow this si so sexy and exciting; I wish I could experience something similar in a car
2 years ago
very nice story right to the point..
2 years ago
did you ever get to return the favor?
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very nice.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Love genuine stories.