From Bad to Worse

Warning! This story contains extreme depictions of brutality. If you aren't into violent fighting/sex fantasies, then don't comment on how you didn't like it. With out further adeau:

Kira loved these record-heat days, especially when Beth and her husband, Jim, came in to workout. Oh, Jim…how Kira loved to watch him pump iron and batter a heavy bag. Jim would workout without a shirt on; sweat would accent his chiseled body and muscular arms. On a normal day she’d sit in a private area and just watch with raging arousal as he worked out, on days like this, with a 100º heat and 90% humidity, she couldn’t contain herself, she’d masturbate to the sound of his workout grunts and heavy bag thuds, watching his chiseled body flex and twist to his routine.
It was Saturday, 5:15PM, the gym had been closed since 5:00, and the gym was abandoned except for Kira, Beth, and Jim. Since Kira owned the gym, she always let this couple stay so that she could watch Jim workout privately. Kira never let Beth know how she felt, how she lusted after Jim. As far as Beth knew, they were all great friends and didn’t suspect that the woman 10 years her senior was so wildly attracted to her husband. Kira was a gorgeous, bisexual 40+, and large, firm breasts, and even more amazingly, Kira’s boxing career wasn’t overly obvious on her face, she still had a lovely face, despite years of brutal boxing. Beth was an attractive woman, as well, petite little breasts, pretty face, petite, muscular body. Beth had only boxed a little bit, since most of the female boxers in the gym were lesbians or bisexual, which made most of the private matches for stakes, she didn’t fight as often as the other women. Beth was straight as an arrow, not a bisexual bone in her body. She could take a lot of punishment in the ring, and was also a tactical boxer, carefully choosing her attack before striking.
Kira watched the couple work the heavy bags side by side to each other. Jim looked like he was under a shower, sweat was pouring down his body so much. Kira decided that today she’d make a move on Jim. She was going to take him away from Beth, doing whatever was necessary to accomplish it. Kira walked out in her high-cut boxing trunks and sweat-soaked white tank top to her ‘friends’.
“Beth, Leya left you something by your locker, she told me to let you know when I saw you next.”
Beth stopped and caught her breath for a minute and looked over at Kira, “OK, I’ll go have a look, maybe she finally brought back my good gloves,” she laughed. Kira smiled at her, and helped her with her gloves. Beth wandered off to the locker room, being watched the entire way by Kira.
“Now that we’re alone…” Kira said, immediately after Beth disappeared into the locker room, “We can talk about more important things,” she cooed at Jim. She pulled her now almost see-through top off, revealing her large, firm breasts and shiny, sweat soaked body.
“What do you say about coming back to my place with me?” she purred. She rubbed her slick, built body up against his muscular body.
“Wha-…Kira!” he started, “I have a wife, remember?”
“Oh I know, but I also know that she can’t give you everything you want, not like I can,” she said as she continued to rub up and down his body with her breasts. “I watch you workout every day and I want you more every day. I want you tonight. Get your little bitch to go home, make any excuse, and we’ll have the best fuck of our lives right there in that ring.”
“Kira, I can’t…” he said, desperately trying to avoid being aroused.
“But you want to…” she whispered as she ran her lips from his ear to his neck. She ran her hand down to his crotch, and he instantly hardened. “I want to. After one night with me, you’ll never even think of her again.”
He moaned softly as arousal took over his body, “What will I tell Beth?” he managed to say. His arms involuntarily started rubbing Kira’s body. Kira didn’t answer, instead she brought her lips to his and kissed him passionately, their bodies were locked together in a passionate embrace, their hands wandering all over their hyper-charged bodies.
“Hey Kira, where did you say she left…” Beth stopped short as she emerged from the locker room, seeing her man and Kira in a passionate make-out session, their sweat-shiny bodies pressed together.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing, bitch?” she yelled as she ran over to them, “Get your nasty snatch away from my man!”
Kira nonchalantly let go of Jim and coolly turned to Beth, “I’m giving Jim what he wants, what he needs – a real woman that can please him over every square inch of his body. What he doesn’t need is a little whiney bitch like you, who I’m frankly amazed can even get him up.”
Kira took a step towards Beth, strutting her large breasts. “That’s right, step away from him, bitch, or you’ll regret ever thinking of fucking him,” Beth growled.
“Oh, I don’t think that you’ll make me regret anything, except not taking him away from you sooner,” retorted Kira. She loomed up on Beth, pressing her naked tits into Beth’s petite tits still in their sport bra.
“Ladies…” started Jim.
“Quiet, Jim, you’re my man, and this bitch isn’t going to seduce you as long as I’m standing here,” Beth snapped.
“See? There you go again, being a little bitch, when he’s trying to talk you out of something that you’ll regret,” sneered Kira.
“What is some old-assed bitch going to make me regret?”
“Well you said I couldn’t seduce him ‘with you standing here’, so the only solution is to knock you on your ass and take your man home as a prize.”
“You want to fight for my husband?”
“We don’t have too, it’ll be less painful for you if you just walk out of here now, and leave us alone, because he’s all mine whether or not I have to wreck that pretty face of yours,” Kira said as she grabbed Beth’s chin like a little c***d.
Beth pulled away angrily, “Bitch, don’t touch me. You want to fight? I’ll give you a fight, no one messes with my man.” She tore off her sport top, revealing her petite breasts. Beth’s nipples had hardened as the adrenaline filled her body. “Get in that ring, we’ll settle this right now!”
Kira stalked back and forth between Jim and Beth, “Let’s do it then, but be clear, this fight doesn’t end until one of us is knocked out. I’m not letting you chicken out of this by conceding after 10 seconds of me punching you around the ring.” She cattily walked behind Jim, “Jim here will keep track of the rounds. Since we’re fighting to knockout, there will be no limit on rounds. If you are still conscious after 10 seconds of being knocked down, he’ll use his strong arms to pick your sorry ass up. You should enjoy it, it’ll be the last time he holds you in his arms,” Kira hissed as she ran her hands up and down Jim’s Adonis body. “And no first aid between rounds, this is going to be a true test of who is the better woman,” she added, as she deep-tongue kissed Jim.
“You’re on, bitch!” Beth said, noticing how hard Jim was at this whole prospect as well as the attention paid to him by the gym owner. She walked up to him and yanked Jim away from Kira.
“Yeah, you’d better take a moment with your husband, before I hospitalize you. I’ll go get our gloves,” Kira remarked, “I have some special gloves for special occasions.”
“Don’t worry, baby, I won’t let any woman take you away from me.” Beth reassured Jim. They kissed tenderly, then Jim sheepishly said, “To tell you the truth, I’m looking forward to whoever wins, whether you or her. I’m kind of hoping she wins.”
“Don’t talk like that, you aren’t going to be fucking any woman but me tonight.” Beth asserted.
Kira returned to the ring area with two pairs of red 6oz gloves. They were tiny, brutal little gloves. Beth knew that she would feel every knuckle through the undersized gloves. The two sweaty women climbed into the ring. Jim helped each of them get into their gloves. They stood in opposite corners glaring at one another. Beth kept her feet moving, she was eager to fight, she shot hatred through her eyes at her buxom enemy across the ring. Kira stood tall and proud with a smug look on her face. She rested one arm on the ropes, while gently massaging her pubic mound. Her face had a combination look of hatred, arousal, and determination. She clapped her tiny-gloved fists together; soon her mercilessly small boxing gloves would be crushing Beth’s face. Jim, eager to watch the brutality that was surely ahead, walked over to Kira and put her mouth guard in. Kira pulled him in and kissed him passionately. He generously returned her affection, massaging her pubic mound. She moaned loudly, enraging Beth. He walked over to his wife and put her mouth guard in, as she glared at Kira. He gave her a brisk slap across the face, making her angrier. Her husband was showing more and more partiality towards Kira.
He motioned them to the center of the ring. Both women, already slick and dripping with sweat from the heat and humidity, came to the center of the ring and stood close, with their gloves touching while their arms were at right angles, their breasts and erect nipples pressed into each other. They glared hard at each other, neither of them really hearing Jim reiterate the brutal rules to which they had agreed. They punched each other’s gloves and walked back to their corners. This was it, there was no turning back for either of them now, one of them would leave with Jim, and the other would spend the night in agony on the ring floor.
Both women were now antsy in their corners, chomping at the bit to fight. “Fight!” called Jim. The women came right out from their corners. Kira’s fighting style was that of strength, preferring to brutalize her opponents into u*********sness. She came out immediately asserting this style, not even bothering to size up the younger woman. Her first punch was a brutal haymaker that connected perfectly with Beth’s head. The punch sent Beth reeling, bouncing off the ropes and to the floor.
“What, already? Get up, you little bitch, I’d hoped you had more endurance than that,” growled Kira. Beth got to her feet rather quickly. The hard punch had stunned her, she had mostly faced tactical boxers such as herself. Kira was 20-30 pounds heavier than she was. She took stance, facing Kira, keeping her fists high to protect her face. Kira moved in again and struck Beth in the face with a couple of jabs before Beth moved out of range. She moved in and socked Kira with a hard uppercut to her face. She followed up with a right and a left to each k**ney. Kira grunted in pain and retaliated with a hook to Beth’s petite chest. Beth backpedaled into the corner inadvertently. Kira closed the distance and began to assault her in her own corner. Face punch after face punch quickly produced a bl**dy nose from Beth. Beth push off the corner and into Kira’s arms for a clinch. Their erect nipples rubbed together, arousing Kira even more. She held Beth in the clinch while punching her mercilessly in the ribs.
“I think before I fuck your man, I’m going to make you eat me,” she taunted and began to kiss her enemy’s neck and shoulders. Beth pushed out of the clinch and caught Kira with a haymaker.
“Get off me you dyke slut, you aren’t fucking anything tonight!” Beth roared as she pursued Kira. She drove two more jabs into Kira’s face, causing a sudden nosebleed.
“Round!” called Jim, looking at the stopwatch. The women stormed back to their corners. Jim watched the two fighters wallow in their corners. He got them both water bottles to keep them hydrated. Sweat was running off of them like they were standing under a shower. Their nosebleeds stopped on their own between rounds, and the bl**d running was thinned out by the copious amount of sweat on their faces.
“Ok, ladies, Round 2.” The women rose from their seated positions. “Fight!”
They met in the middle, starting the round with a brutal back and forth face punching. Neither woman bothered to block as they relentlessly pounded each other’s heads. They occasionally changed up, blow for blow, to their bodies and breasts. For the entire 3 minutes they punched each other non-stop, with one arm around each other’s waist to keep them from falling away from each other. Jim was beside himself; he was throbbing hard watching his wife and potential mistress battering each other all for his benefit. He didn’t want to call the round, but figured that he should to let them gather steam to continue the fight.
“Round!” he called. The women had to be peeled apart. The women staggered back to their corners. Kira’s nose was bleeding profusely; her lips were split and bleeding badly. She had a welt forming under each eye and at the corner of her mouth from Beth’s accurate punching. Breathing heavily, she sat down and sucked down water, pouring some all over her heaving body. Beth was in similar shape, gushing bl**dy nose and mouth, welts on her face, and her left pectoral was beginning to show color from a bruise. Kira had brutally punched her left breast repeatedly. Jim walked over to Beth with a fresh water bottle, and then took a fresh bottle over to Kira. She reached into Kira’s trunks and stroked her clit. She stiffened up immediately, highly aroused by his maneuvering.
“Come on, baby, I want to see you beat my woman. Make me yours.” Jim said. Kira was ready to go again, and Beth, having heard everything, was as well, raging to kill the flirty MILF.
“Round 3, girls, Fight!” Jim called. The women came out for more back and forth brutality. Round after round, the fight carried on into the double digits. By round 5, Jim had started to towel the bl**d off of their bodies, so they could see the fresh damaged they’d caused one another after each round. By the end of round 15, he had gone through 14 towels on each of them. The women’s trunks were bl**dstained and soaked from the bl**dy sweat mix running off of their bodies. The wraps on their gloves were reddened from bl**d, even their socks and shoes had red stain on them. Kira’s ring floor was splattered with bl**d, both from her and Beth trying to kill each other. Jim had abandoned any pretense of rooting for Beth, and was wildly cheering for Kira.
The women sat in their corners after 15 rounds, having had the bl**d toweled off of them, glaring still at one another. Kira’s face was swollen badly, she sported deep bruises around both eyes and around her mouth. Her breasts were black and blue, her ribs were visibly bruised, as well. Kira was still energized to fight, still horny for her prize, and turned on even more by Jim’s support of her victory. Beth looked as bad, she squinted through her badly swollen face at her hated enemy across the ring. Her breasts were bruised badly, as well. Jim had resorted to just dumping a bucket of water over both of them between rounds, rather than pouring bottles over them. The women rose for the 16th, with water and sweat dripping off of their battered bodies.
“Ok, girls, Round 16. Fight!”
The girls danced out towards one another and started into each other again. Throughout the brutal rounds, the women were fighting closer and closer to on another, seeking to inflict as much punishment as they could on each other. At this point it was a matter of a few punches before one of the fighters would fall down. Kira would knock down Beth, Jim would haul his battered wife to her feet, give her a brisk slap in the face, and the fight would continue. Beth would then knock Kira down. Jim would hoist her up, and massage her clit for good measure. The girls were getting more and more wobbly as the 16th and 17th rounds progressed. By round 18, the women had given into dirty punches. Their sweat soaked boxing gloves would crash into their womanhoods; they threw elbows and crushed their faces with head butts. Kira had a bad gash on her forehead from Beth’s elbows and head, and Beth’s face sported 2 nasty gashes, one above her right eye, and one on her right cheek. Kira had slowly pressed the advantage against Beth, and by round 19, Kira was punching Beth with almost no retaliation. Jim still had a raging hard-on as the women continued to fight. Kira moved the smaller, younger woman into the ropes. Beth tumbled to the floor just from the push into the ropes. Jim picked her up and propped her against the ropes, arms hanging over the top rope for support. She could no longer stand on her own or raise her arms to fight or defend. Kira smiled through her bl**dy face, and drove jab after into Beth’s ruined face. She switched up to haymakers, snapping Beth’s face back and forth, whipping her brunette hair back and forth.
“Kill her, Kira, knock her the fuck out! Batter the bitch! Fuck her up!” screamed Jim. Kira was more than happy to comply. She saw the consciousness draining from Beth’s increasingly weak body. She backed off and put all of her weight behind an uppercut that struck square in Beth’s face as she slumped on the ropes. Her head snapped straight back in a spray of bl**d and sweat. She fell forward off of the ropes on onto the mat. Jim didn’t even count; she was most obviously knocked out. Jim looked over at Kira, who looked with contempt on her fallen foe. Jim rolled Beth over onto her back, and Kira spit her bl**d mouthpiece onto her bl**died, beaten opponent’s body. Jim stood up to raise Kira’s arm in victory.
“Not yet, wait till the loser bitch wakes up, She’s earned some extra punishment for making me beat her so badly.” Kira scowled.
“Did you want to shower off before we…you know…?” Jim smiled.
“No, I have arousal and adrenaline coursing through me right now, if I shower, I’ll relax, and I’m looking forward to fucking you like a wild a****l,” she said coyly.
After about a few minutes of gently trying to wake Beth, she came around, stirring slowly. She opened her swollen eyes to see Kira and Jim standing over her. It wasn’t lost on her that Jim was still hard. She burst into tears, buried her head in her gloves sobbing loudly. Kira put her foot on Beth’s naked chest as Jim raised her arm in victory.
“The winner and superior woman…Kira!” Jim called, as if to an audience. Kira and Jim kissed passionately. Kira leaned down to Beth, grabbing her throat with her gloved hand.
“Now we’re going to have a little fun, bitch. I told you that before I fuck your man, that you were going to eat me, now it’s time to collect.” Kira sneered.
“No! I’m not a lesbian; I’m not even bisexual! Just fuck Jim and get it over with!” begged Beth.
“The loser doesn’t get to tell the victor what to do,” warned Kira.
Jim pulled Kira’s trunks off of her thighs, revealing her gorgeous large hips and shaved pubic region. She placed one leg on either side of Beth’s beaten body. She slowly went to her knees. Beth started to resist, but Jim held her arms down while Kira got to her knees. Beth was pinned below Kira’s sweaty cunt.
“Get those clothes off, and get that cock over here, I want something to suck on while your wife experiences my pussy up close.” She commanded Jim. He wasted no time in releasing his erect manhood from his shorts and moved to stand over his wife, his throbbing cock at face level with the beautiful Kira.
“Eat me!” Kira commanded the younger woman. Beth, crying harder now, complied, and began eating out her first woman. Kira threw her head back on the initial thrust of Beth’s tongue. She then took Jim’s waiting cock, vigorously sucking him. The Kira continued to ride Beth’s face for 20 minutes, orgasming several times. She serviced Jim, but didn’t let him cum. The load moans of ecstasy filled the gym. Beth continued to sob as she tongued Kira’s clit. From where she was, she could only watch this other woman please her husband. Kira orgasmed a final time, shuddering wildly as she came hard.
“You BITCH! You lick pussy pretty good for a straight girl,” taunted Kira as she got off of Beth. Beth put her hands back on her face, sobbing and demoralized. Kira slid down her sweaty body and started to pull Beth’s trunks off. Beth squirmed and twisted to keep Kira from pulling them off, but to no avail.
“W-what are you doing?” cried Beth.
“I’m going to f***e an orgasm out of you, while you watch your man plow me doggy-style,” replied Kira. She spreads open the broken woman’s legs, while Jim assumed the position behind Kira.
“Fuck your prize, honey,” she cooed to Jim. Jim was all to ready to comply. He began stuffing her slowly at first, but soon picked up the pace. He was fucking her with a****l determination. Kira screamed and moaned and then went down on Beth. She placed her tongue around Beth’s clit and shook her head wildly back and forth. Beth sobbed and screamed out as her hips involuntarily pumped in rhythm with Kira’s tongue action.
30 minutes of rough fucking brought Kira 4 violent orgasms. Kira could hear Jim’s breathing change as he was getting close to shooting his load. She licked Beth faster, determined to f***e an orgasm out of the straight girl before Jim had cum. Beth’s tone changed, she screamed a primal cry as her hips shuddered uncontrollably. She came hard, squirting all over Kira and the ring beneath them. At about the same time, Jim moaned louder and louder, and pumped faster and faster. He shook and released the last several hours of sexual build up deep into Kira’s tightened pussy. Kira came hard with him, squirting, herself, all over Jim. Jim pulled out, and Kira sat up. Jim kissed his prize passionately as he could feel her body still convulsing.
“You up for one more, lover?” Kira said to him coyly. Jim was still hard, but he’d never cum twice consecutively before.
“I’m always up for more with you,” he replied. Beth lay still on the mat, still crying, holding her face in her hands. She was void of any energy; all she could do was watch the rest of the passionate lovemaking between her husband and her enemy.
“Fuck me on my back, I want her to watch you cum inside of me,” declared Kira. She laid back next to Beth and spread her legs wide. Jim got between them and pumped her hard. Kira moaned as Jim plunged deep and hard into her. She grabbed Beth’s chin and held it towards her, forcing the loser to watch the prize fuck. Kira’s breasts bounced back and forth wildly why Jim kept thrusting his entire 12 inches into her. Kira came just about every other minute. It only took 10 minutes and Jim was getting close again.
“Finish in me again, baby, fill me up,” moaned Kira. Jim complied, fucking her faster in shorter strokes. She tightened her feminine organ around his hardened cock. He came powerfully, filling her up for the second time. Kira looked over at Beth and smiled. She had won, Jim was hers, and Beth was a physically and mentally broken wreck of a woman. She enjoyed the aftershocks of the rough sex with Jim as he lay next to her. Beth very slowly crawled out of the ring and staggered to the showers. Kira followed close behind her, with Jim in tow. Beth cleaned the bl**d and sweat off her body, while Jim and Kira made out while washing the evening’s events off of them. Not a word was said between the three of them as they got dressed to leave.
“Let’s head to my place, and pick up where we left off.” Kira said to Jim. The two of them left the gym, without so much as a second thought of his wife. Beth watched Kira walk out the door with her man. She sat alone in the locker room, battered, bruised, and defeated in every sense of the word, and sobbed contemplating the depths of her defeat. She was the loser, and the loser walks alone.

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wow & yes brutal
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nice story