Karen - an older woman

For as long as I can remember being sexually aroused (this probably started at about age 6) I have been attracted to older women. I'm not sure what got it all started; I do remember accidentally walking in on my mom as a young boy in the bathroom and seeing her bent over toweling off after a shower, totally naked. I was astounded at how big her tits were as they hung down and that she had a hairy pussy and nice soft thighs. Her nipples were brown and actually erect when I saw her. That image was forever burned in my brain. My mom had a great body.

I also remember at a real young age finding some porno magazines that my neighbor had thrown away and just being overwhelmed with the images of naked women who were probably at least 30 years old. Oh my god I was in heaven, but also felt like such a sinner. The older the woman, the more I was intrigued and lusted after her body. As I was growing up, I would fantasize about all the older women in the neighborhood. My friends' mothers, young married ladies, widows, etc. I just loved women older than me.

My best friend's mother had large tits and a big ass. She was a bit overweight. I was always very timid around her as I was so attracted to her body and wondered about her tits and how big her nipples were, their color, etc. Her smell really got me horny and one time when I was about 12 years old, I was using the bathroom in their house and noticed the laundry basket on the floor. I could not resist looking through it and finding a pair of large white underwear which were her dirty panties. I picked out the panties and took a few sniffs. This really excited me. The thought of rubbing my face on her ass and in the hair of her vagina gave me a hard on. Holding her panties, I felt close to her privates. I actually rubbed the panties on my face and then took off my pants and rubbed her panties on my cock. I stroked my cock with her dirty panties but did not cum because I was too young to ejaculate. It was an amazing sensual experience nonetheless.

When I was about 14 I had my first experience with ejaculation. It happened while I was dreaming about looking in the window of one of the neighbor ladies and seeing her naked and fucking a man. I woke up with cum squirting out of my hard penis. It got all over the sheets. The next day I wondered if my mom would notice what I had done when she cleaned the sheets to my bed. I spent the day with my friend, and that night I was at a sl**p over at my friend's house. I just lusted after his mom all evening hoping his dad wouldn't notice, and then we went outside to sl**p in our sl**ping bags on the lawn. After everyone was asl**p, I started stroking my cock thinking about his mother and rubbing my cock on her tits and fucking her. I was able to cum again and then fell asl**p.

At about age 18 I found a magazine that was devoted to older ladies. There were ladies in their 50s and even in their 60s. Something about their naked bodies just drove me wild inside. I wanted to fuck an older lady so bad. Of course at 18 I would have fucked just about anything, but an older lady was what I wanted most.

My best friend moved away about that time and a new f****y moved into their house. I got to know them over the next few years when I was in my early twenties. They had a boy my age and two girls (one older than me and one younger). Their father had a fantastic stash of porno magazines in his closet and when no one was around, my new friend and I would go through them and lust after the naked women. Both of his s****rs were sexy, but my new friend's mother had an amazing body (she was probably in her 50s at this time). She had really big tits that seemed pointed at times the way she wore her bra. She also had a large ass. Her hair was dark and she usually wore tight levi pants and a t-shirt. I was so envious of my friend's father - he obviously had an amazing love for women's bodies and had married a woman who could have easily been a centerfold in her day. My new friend's mother's name was Karen. Karen would bend over to pick something up and I would have that image etched in my mind for hours.

At about this time (I was home from college for the summer) I was working construction and had a pretty muscular physique, dark tan and was in the best shape of my life. I was working really long hours so wasn't home much except for holidays when we weren't working. As the 4th of July approached, my f****y went to visit relatives but I stayed home to take care of things for them. I had the house to myself and a couple of days off from work.

On the afternoon of the 4th of July, my friend came to my house and asked if I wanted to join his f****y next door for some food. They were going to barbeque, drink a little and maybe do some fireworks. This sounded great to me. I went next door and joined them. The girls looked amazing (they were wearing very little) and Karen had on a halter top and shorts. I could get a good view of her tits from the side or if she bent over. This just made me horny as hell.

As the evening wore on, we were all a little tipsy. I excused myself and thanked them for the food and went home to unwind. It was hot, humid and sultry. At about 11:00 or so I was getting ready for bed when the thought struck me that I needed to cool off, or I would not fall asl**p, so I went out in the back yard in the dark and sat. I could see into Karen's bedroom from my back yard and for some reason the lights were on in her room and the d****s weren't shut. I saw her walk into the bedroom and she slowly started to take off her blouse. I had an immediate erection. She didn't bother to close the d****s. As she took of her blouse, her large tits flopped down and I was totally hard. She walked over toward the window and looked out, I thought of hiding but didn't, she saw me sitting there in the dark (there was just enough light coming from my house to see me)and actually kept looking out at me fondling her tits. I reached down and undid my pants. I pulled out my cock and started stroking it. She looked at me, fondled her tits and nipples and then reached into her panties and started rubbing herself. I was so turned on by this!

Karen motioned for me to come over and I put my pants on and walked over into her back yard. As I stood there looking at her through the window, she whispered to me through the screen. "Leave your door unlocked. I'll sneak over in about an hour." I told her "Okay" and went home to wait. My god I was excited waiting for her!

I sat in the living room in the dark, and eventually, I heard a soft tap at the door and then heard it open slowly. It was Karen. I walked over to her; she smiled at me, and undid her blouse, her large tits dangling and nipples fully erect in the dim light. "Suck my tits" she said. I sucked one and then the other. I played with them, nibbled them, pinched them, worshipped them. I then took my pants off and she let me rub my cock on her tits, rubbing the pre cum on her erect brown nipples. She shuddered a bit.

Karen then got fully naked. She was a bit large, but soft and smooth. Her 50 plus year old body had seen some wear but the flaws made me even more excited for some reason. I got on my knees and buried my face in her bush. I loved the smell of her cunt. I licked her cunt, her inner thighs, turned her around, bent her over and licked her ass. I even put my tongue part way up her asshole. She loved it.

Karen then laid on the couch and spread her big legs for me. I licked and carressed her soft body for about 15 minutes or so. She quivered and shuddered as I ate her pussy. I sucked on her clit while finger fucking her. She was in heaven, her tits erect, her body shaking.

Finally, I asked her if she wanted my cock. She responded with "Please, fuck my cunt, fuck me till I'm sore." Oh my god, I fucked her and fucked her. I eventually shot cum inside her as far up as I could and we collapsed in each other's arms. My young body was able to keep stiff and I then turned her over, and worked on fucking her enormous ass as I fingered fucked her cunt. She loved that as well. She then got in a reverse cowgirl position and leaned forward. She worked my cock with her ass going up and down until I exploded with cum again.

As the night wore on we fucked a few more times and then Karen said she had to slip out and go home for the night. As she left she whispered in my ear, "If you EVER want to fuck me again, just let me know."

We ended up fucking every chance we could that summer. Me in my early twenties, she in her fifties, we made quite the fuck buddies that summer.
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1 year ago
What an erotic awakening to the new elder "woman of the neighborhood"! Great.
2 years ago
Awesome story.
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Great story!
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More please
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Excellent story...loved it.