Surprised by neighbor

I am a fit, middle-aged married guy who has a pretty good marriage. But there is one big problem. My sweet wife has such huge hang-ups from her fundamentalist religious upbringing that she has never really enjoyed great sex. She never would experiment or let go. This of course has been a source of much stress to me as I have had to masturbate frequently to relieve the stress that builds up in my life. We have never had sex more than 2-3 times in a month in our entire marriage.

Well, I was suffering through a particularly long dry spell without sex recently, often longing and aching for the touch of a naked woman's body, her scent, her soft touch etc. It got so bad that I could almost taste the cum in my mouth that seemed to be building up inside me. My prostate felt full and enlarged, it was as if I had been sitting on a tennis ball.

I live next door to a lady who is roughly 65. Her husband passed away about 2 years ago. She disappears for long periods and then I will see her mowing her lawn, raking, etc., then disappear again for a few weeks. I often wonder about how lonely she must be, however, she has never seemed to me to be the type of lady who longs for sex. I have spoken to her a few times but it is typically about work, money, social security and other boring topics. She generally seems kind of prudish but still friendly.

It was during this period that I really, really longed for a woman that I found myself wondering if she had any physical interest in me. I would go out in my yard and purposely take my shirt off, flex a little and hope maybe she was inside looking out at me. One day I purposely mowed my lawn only wearing shorts and sweating profusely and even pulled my shorts up while sitting on my rider mower rubbing myself innocently and almost giving her a shot at my cock, if she had been looking.

A few days went by and I really didn't see much evidence that she was around. One afternoon, I was particlarly horny, the wife was gone and I had been looking at porn on xhamster. I couldn't take it anymore, so I thought I would be brave and go next door and ask her if she wanted to split the cost of a fence (it was all I could come up with to talk about).

I knocked on the door and heard someone inside. She came to the door and slowly opened it. She was barefoot and in a nice white robe tied at the waste. I kind of choked out that I wanted to talk to her for a second about a fence and she said "Sure, come on in, I'm not totally dressed for the day, but I'm nothing to look at anyway." As I walked behind her to the living room I noticed that she had nice hips and calves. She sat down on the couch and folded her legs so that I could catch a slight glimpse of the underside of her thigh. I hoped she did it on purpose but doubted it. As we talked I noticed the robe slip down a little so I could see part of her breast. She pulled it up to cover up and I just blurted out without thinking "Don't be too modest, you are fine."

It was at that moment that I gazed at her eyes and she gazed back, we didn't say anything for a few seconds, I swallowed, she reached down and undid her robe exposing her milky white breasts and belly. She whispered "I am so lonely. I've watched you work in your yard, you have a nice body."

It was then that instinct just took over, I leaned forward and began to suckle on her pink nipples, then I started to undress. I stood up and took off my pants and shirt and stood before her bulging in my shorts. I whispered to her "Oh God I need to fuck so bad." I pulled my dick out and order her to "Suck me good."

She then leaned forward, her robe fell on the floor and she began madly sucking on my cock and balls. She also licked her finger and slid it in my ass while madly sucking. I thought I would explode. That was a new sensation for me. While she sucked me and fucked my ass with her finger I noticed that she was trimmed and what pubic hair she had was gray. She had some skin that hung and wrinkles but on the whole she had an awesome body for a 65 year old lady. She sucked and prodded, rubbed my prostate, finger fucked my ass and then stopped long enough to take out her false teeth and continued wildly sucking, jacking me off, finger fucking and rubbing my prostate until I was ready to explode. My cock was throbbing, she then stopped.

She slowly leaned back on the couch spreading her legs (my god she had nice thighs) and said "I want you to fuck my pussy and then cum in my ass." Oh my god, I immediately stuck my cock in her hot, wet pussy and fucked her harder than I had ever fucked a woman in my life. Harder and faster I went, I even managed to f***e my balls into her cunt. When I thought I was going to cum I pulled out. My balls were ready to burst.

She got on her hands and knees, presenting her ass to me, and I bent down and in all the excitement I licked her ass and even stuck my tongue inside noticing how she tasted, it just made me go wild. I had never done anything like this before. I then got on my knees and slowly pressed my cock inside her ass hole. First a little ways in and then as I thrusted and she relaxed I pushed my entire dick up inside her tight ass as hard as I could pushing and pushing inside her all the way in. She went wild when I did this and yelled "Fuck my ass honey, fuck my ass, harder, faster." I soon climaxed and shot my cum inside her ass. It had been building up for days and there was cum coming out of her ass, on the couch, on my legs, on her calves, it seemed to be everywhere.

We laid there exhausted, I held her, kissed her,rubbed the cum that was on our bodies. She would rub the cum that was on my legs and lick it off her finger. "You taste good" she said. What an amazing feeling as we basked in the release of such pent up sexuality.

I will never forget that day.
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1 year ago
not bad, artistic licence regarding the build up of cum, it gets reabsorbed into your body if you don't ejaculate for a period of roughly a few days, i know, everyone goes on about a weeks worth of cum etc, if it was true there would be millions of men pushing their balls around in a wheelbarrow
2 years ago
She sounds like every young mans wet dream.
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
great story!