My life - Chapter 1 & 2



This Friday night had started off no different to any other, a couple of quick beers after dinner, followed by a shower and then down to the local student hang out. I was an eighteen, a first year, first semester student full of bravado and shit, invincible. I walked through the now familiar doors into the bar area which was already crammed with students in varying degrees of d***kenness, the noise was comforting and the hoots and shouts of my name as I entered the large room gave me a sense of satisfaction, I was in a place where I felt comfortable among my peers, where I was accepted as an equal and even held in high esteem by some. My exploits of the previous weekend had earned me some sort of hero status among the hard core party people of the campus. Not only was I a regular part of the student drinking team, I was now the master of the “Yard ” I had downed the Yard, three pints of lager in record time with minimum spillage, sealing a team victory over a rival University in a drinking competition, which is always the climax of the weekend after a couple of days of sporting competitions.

I pushed and squeezed made my way through the throng of bodies, taking full advantage of rubbing up against any tits or arse that I encountered on my way to the bar, where I knew someone would challenge me to down a pint and I would win, securing my first of what is usually a good few free drinks for the night. A couple of slaps on the back, punches on the shoulder from people who I didn’t know and a big bear hug from a brut in a rugby jersey confirmed my new found status on the campus. I eventually reached the bar, where the first drink was promptly put in front of me by some geek trying to upgrade his social status. The countdown started, and I had the glass upside down on my head before he had even licked the froth off the top of his beer. It was still quite early and none of my friends had arrived at the pub yet, so I turned away from the bar to survey the room while the next beer was being poured, and that was when I noticed that the two girls at the end of the bar who were watching me with an intense curiosity. I turned away from their gaze to allow me to humiliate some other poor sod who’s father had given him too much recreational money, money I would happily drink away for him. I threw the beer down my throat with alarming speed, creating crescendo of noise around me. I turned my attention back to the girls at the end of the bar. They had watched my little charade of machosim and were giggling and whispering to each other.

The noise in the room seemed to fade into the back ground as I moved down the bar towards the girls, I had become oblivious to others around me, ignoring greetings from casual acquaintances and people who’s names I didn’t know or care to know. The young women stood out from the crowd, they were not dressed in the usual student garb of jeans and tee shirts or short skirts and low cut tops, they were dressed to the nines, looking like they had come from a summer garden party, they were more appropriately dressed for “Ladies Day” at the races, reds, whites and black, complete with hats, bags and heels, visions of sexual desire. I also noticed a group of admirers hovering around them, trying to get their attention. As I became more aware of my surroundings and everything came back into focus and the noise of the room returned to my head I realised that I had no idea what I was going to say to either of the girls. I started to lose my nerve, but I knew stopping now would be the worst thing I could ever do, it would be noticed and I would be trashed, spurred on by my own ego I continued towards the girls, who were watching me as I moved towards them.

I had not enjoyed the most provocative of student careers, my first couple of months as a student had not yielded much more than a couple of d***ken one night stands with young women who were away from home for the first time and eager to please, none were memorable. This was probably due to the excessive volumes of alcohol that was consumed during those early student days. Wakeing up with a hard on and having a good wank seemed to be more the order of the day at that stage of my life. I had not had the greatest teenage sex life. School seemed to be nothing more than a series of hand jobs some finger insertion and tittie gropes.

I reach the girls and somehow managed to keep my nerve and casually ask which one of them was going to buy me a drink, where that came from I have no idea, but it got both of the grabbing for their purses from their bags. This was a line I continued to use with great success throughout my young adult life. The dark haired slightly taller of the two was quickest to react and asked me what I was drinking, I requested a bottle of well known lager and she ordered one for herself and her friend. While waiting for the drink she introduced herself as Sarah and introduced her friend who’s name I do not recall and with whom I can only remember one other encounter, when the three of us enjoyed a three-some in Sarah’s bedroom some months later. The group of male admirers who had showered the girls with offers of drinks and who knows what else, was slowly dispersing. As the girls attention turned to me, they knew that any further efforts to try and get a leg over with either of these two fillies was going to be wasted time and effort. I soon realised that that neither of these two young ladies were university students. Both the girls lived locally in the town which is a university town, surviving on the strength of the university and some of the country’s top private schools. Sarah’s father was a senior science lecturer at the university, a man I would cross sword with on many an occasion over the next few months.

It was not long after we had made basic introductions that some of my friends started showing up at the pub and we and made their way over to join us. We eventually retreated to a vacant table away from the maddening throng of sweaty bodies at the bar. At some point during the evening I found myself sitting holding hands with Sarah and before long we were kissing in the corner of the dimly lit room. I could feel fullness of her lips pressed against mine, our tongues dancing around each others mouth, my hand on her waist moving up to feel her breast, my cock stirring in my trousers as the anticipation of what might happen was awakening the monster from its slumber. As our kisses got deeper, harder more intense, our groping more urgent and the swelling in my trousers more visible, I knew that we had to get her out of there as quick as possible. I managed to organise a lift for the two of us up to the campus. We climbed into the back of the car and by this stage we were unable to take our hand off each other our passion over-flowing, our kisses desperate. When the car stopped outside my residence we fell out on to the grass and lay there in each one anothers arms kissing, touching and feeling each other all over, oblivious to the world around us.

We finally made it into my room, with a very few articles of clothing left on our bodies, fortunately the room was the second one from the door on the ground floor. I snapped the light on, kicked the door closed with my heel. We threw ourselves on to the bed, tugging and pulling the remainder of our clothing off. We lay naked together our young bodies contrasting each other in the bright light of the room, my almost six foot frame lean, hard and muscular from spending my teenage years engaged in combative team sports my skin tanned from continuous exposure to the sun. Sarah around five foot six or seven, her body firm from its youth her skin pale and soft to the touch. Time stopped as I looked into her eye, emerald green, sparkling in the light staring back into mine, a smile on her slightly parted full red lips, her raven black hair spread across my pillow, to me this was the most beautiful face I had ever seen, a moment that I will never forget.

I leaned forward slowly, kissing her cheeks, her mouth, her ears and her neck, my mouth brushing her flesh, tasting every bit of her, she tilted her head backward to expose the soft flesh of her neck, I sucked on her neck leaving small red marks. As I continued to kiss her, I could feel my swollen aching cock pressed between us and became acutely aware that if she was to touch me or I tried to enter her I wouldn’t last a minute. I slowly started moving my body downwards, my hand finding one of her full firm breast, her pink nipple hard and erect, I rubbed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, causing her to moan pleasantly, my mouth moving down from her tender neck in search of the other nipple. I closed my lips around her nipple gently sucking on it and flicking it with my tongue, I was aware of her hand on my head and her deep intake of breath as I sucked slightly harder. I moved from one breast to the other working her nipples over with my lips and tongue, sucking the nipples into my mouth while pulling them upwards with my lips, her moans were getting louder. My hands were squeezing and massaging her firm breasts while my mouth pleasured her sensitive nipples.

My urgency rising inside me, my cock about to explode, slowly I continued my journey down her body, exploring every curve, licking, kissing and touching my way across her body, kissing her belly button, feeling the softness of her stomach. As I moved myself down towards the bottom of the bed, my lips still tracing the contours of her body, I came into contact with the top of her fine, dark, well trimmed pubic hair. I moved myself down between her legs, spreading them without resistance. I lifted my head to have a look at her love hole, the pink soft flesh of her open lips exposed. I knew that all I wanted to do was ram my solid cock as deep inside her pussy as I could. Restraining my a****l urges I slipped two fingers inside her, she arced her hips upwards to receive them. I stared at her wide open vagina her womanhood displayed in all is beautiful glory before me my fingers deep inside her. I hesitated for a second then slowly moved my mouth towards her pussy. I had never performed oral sex before and was not entirely sure what to do. As I moved towards her I racked my brain over the B grade 1970’s porn movies that I had watched. My lips came into contact with her flesh. I pressed downwards pushing my lips against her wet warm pussy. The first sensation was the taste, unique, a taste that even today I find hard to describe, a taste so deliciously erotic, a taste that I had an instant liking for and I knew I had to eat my fill. I pushed my lips firmer against her, my fingers still slowly working in and out of her pussy, I ran my tongue the length of her slit absorbing the essence of her womanhood, I could feel her hips move beneath me. Moving my tongue around her wet slit I felt a little hard lump, I flicked it with my tongue, this caused her to push her hips against my face and moan deeply. I realised that I had discovered the clit.

I continued to move my fingers in and out of her exploring her inner core pushing them as hard and deep inside her wet pussy as I could, while pressing my lips hard against her slit gently sucking and licking her clit, occasionally moving down and inserting my tongue into her pussy sharing the tight hole with my fingers, absorbing her taste and scent, lost in the full eroticism of what I was doing enjoying the full pleasures of her body, totally forgetting about my swollen cock. Within a couple of minutes of what I can only describe as the best meal of my life I felt her thighs tighten, her hands push down on my head, she lifted her hips off the bed and pushed them against my face moaning with pleasure all the time. Her orgasm came in waves, her hips jerking uncontrollably, my mouth working faster, my fingers pushing deeper inside her, her moans louder. Her orgasm slowly subsided and she lay back with a deep sigh releasing my head from her honey pot. I looked up at her looking into those gleaming emerald eye, she smiled back at me.

I moved my body back on top hers, her hand searched for my cock and guided it into her. My cock slipped into her wet pussy, I felt her tense as the full length of my large cock stretched her young cunt. I pushed as hard and as deep into her as I could, I started to withdraw ready for the next long hard stroke, her hands reached around my butt, holding me in preventing me from withdrawal for the next stroke. I relaxed my muscle and lay down on top of her kissing her deeply as she started rotating her hips, quickly I fell into the same rhythm, our bodies moving as one my cock deep inside as our hips grinded against each other, my cock riding high inside her. I could feel her pleasure as her orgasm started to build, my cock still riding high as her hips pressed against mine she pushed hard against me, dug her nails into my butt as she held me inside her and came with a deep groan. My cock that had been held prisoner in her warm wet pussy was ready to explode. I pulled myself back and pushed down inside her as hard as could, withdrew and pushed harder, building up to what was inevitable I started pushing harder and faster, holding her tighter, my cock heaving I pushed with everything I had and exploded, as my orgasm roared through my body I could feel the jets of cum escaping from my cock into her inner core. I had popped my cherry.

Spent, I collapsed on top of Sarah her arms still tight around me, we lay still for a while our bodies enjoying the sensations that ran through them, our breathing and heart beats slowly returning to some sort of normality. After what seemed an eternity, I raised my self on to my elbows and looked at that beautiful face, she smiled back at me and I knew that this was the beginning of something great.

Sarah and I were never in love, there was not a lot of emotion in our seven or eight month relationship, it was a pure physical adventure, but not as cheap as fuck buddies. We experimented with each others bodies being open and frank about what we liked and disliked. We enjoyed being naked together we appreciated each other and respected each other. Sarah was still a s*******n year old final year school girl from an exclusive private school in the area, for her I was a status symbol, for me she was my training ground, I don’t mean that in any derogatory manner, but what we shared with each other raised my stakes in the love making department.

The lure of money took me away from university after only one year. I moved away to join an international audit company as an audit clerk, with the intention of working towards my articles. There were no big break ups or sad farewells with Sarah, we just moved on never seeing or hearing from each other ever again.


Having moved away from university and joined an audit firm, I was now receiving a pay cheque every month, how good life was meant to be for a twenty year old with money in his back pocket. Reality hit very quickly, at university there were no worries, in the real world you were very alone with a string of concerns and responsibilities. As a result of this, I was f***ed to share a house with my elder b*****r and his two d**g addict friends. Not heroin crack pots just pot smoking hippies with their oversized motor bikes. Despite trying too, I could never quite fit in with them I even bought a motor bike to try and ride with the boys. This only led to a stint in hospital and an expensive piece of scrap metal in the back yard.

As I was living a couple of hundred miles away from my parents, my mother had asked one of her friends, who lived a few houses down the road from me, to keep an eye on us. Amelia would come around from time to time usually with a shopping bag full of food, to see if everything was Ok or if there was anything we needed. It was on one of those visits, that things changed between us. Amelia was in her early forties double my age, married with two c***dren. I had been fighting with my b*****r and his friends and they had pissed off in a scream of noise and burning rubber from their bikes. Amelia arrived at the house as the bike disappeared down the road.

She came around to the back garden where I was, my body still full of rage from the incident that had just happened with my b*****r. I was standing out the back in the late afternoon sunshine wearing only my jeans, the sun glistening off my muscular torso, Amelia was wearing a bright coloured summer dress with two thin straps over her shoulders. I had always had the hots for Amelia and had had many fantasies about her. She realised something was wrong and wanted to know what had been going on. I am not one for sharing my problems or emotions with anyone, but on this occasion I let everything that had been built up inside of me come pouring out. As I was pouring out my problems, she hugged me, like a mother hugs a c***d. Her arms around my neck, her hands on my back created an instant reaction in my jeans, and I could feel my cock growing in the confinement of the clothing, and I am sure she could feel it as she held me close against her full mature body.

The sun started dipping behind the hills and she released me from her embrace, without a word she took my hand and led me inside and straight to the bedroom. I lay down on the bed and she sat on the bed next to me, her dress spread out around her. I was about to say something, she put a finger to her lips indicating that I was not to say a word. I lay there staring into her eyes not sure how to make the next move when she took my hand and put it on her leg under her dress. I needed no further invitation, slipping my hand up the length of her firm her thigh, my hand came into contact with her panties. I traced the contours of the clothing before feeling her slit through the fabric. My pleasure was showing in no uncertain terms through my jeans and I could see Amelia looking at the large bulge in my jeans. I sat up on the bed and brought her face towards mine, our lips touched, tentatively at first, I pushed my lips slightly harder against hers and she responded accordingly. Her lips parted and out tongues met, the tips touching send sensations of pleasure though my body. As we kissed I removed the straps of her dress from her shoulders, pulling the dress down to reveal her large firm tits.

I turned Amelia over and lay her down on to her back , without much hesitation I slipped her dress down over her full hips, taking her panties with the dress, I pulled the clothing down her legs and discarded the garments in a heap on the floor. I looked back up at Amelia taking in the beauty of her body her olive coloured skin shining in the twilight. Amelia was of Turkish origin and had the most beautiful colour skin with hair as black as coal and big brown eyes. I laid down next to her and kissed her deeply before engaging on my favourite journey, kissing my way down a female body until I reached the pot of gold.

Iy moved my mouth down to Amelia’s large swollen nipples they were a dark almost plum colour, I took her nipple into my mouth my lips pulling on the nipple larger than any that I had encountered before, squeezing the other with my fingers. I lay next to her sucking her large nipples and squeezing her magnificent breast, she ran her hands through my thick hair, holding my head against her body. I moved one of my hands down her body toward her pussy, my fingers toying through her pubic hair and reaching the top of her slit. I slipped my index finger down the length of her slit across her clit, parting her lips with the rest of my fingers I slipped my finger inside her and quickly withdrew it, tracing my finger back up the length of her slit, gently rubbing her clit and then sliding my finger down and into her hole again. With each passage of my finger down her slit, I pushed my finger deeper into her, her hips rising to meet my finger on its journey into her wet pussy.

My desire to taste her honey pot was so intense I started moving down towards her wet pussy, as my mouth moved down her body, I felt her holding my shoulders as if trying to prevent me from going down there. I quickly moved down and positioned myself between her legs. I looked up at her, she was lying with her head back and her eyes closed. I put my hands on her thighs to push her legs apart and Amelia obliged by spreading her legs wide and bending her knees, presenting her pussy to me in all its marvellous glory. Her heavenly love hole has a spreading of slightly coarse dark pubic hair, her labia were almost purple in colour contrasting with the pink flesh of the inside her pussy, her clitoris large and swollen releasing itself from the clitoral hood. I moved my mouth towards her and took her clit between my lips. Sucking hard on her clit pulling it into my mouth I felt her body tense and a deep moan escaped from her mouth. I reach one hand up to play with her tits and nipples while my mouth worked her cunt. I sucked and licked her clit and then moved my mouth down and inserted my tongue as far inside her pink hole as I could, pushing my lips hard against her I licked the inside of her while sucking her hole drinking all her juices.

Her orgasm came quickly, my face pressed into her pussy soaked with her juices, her thighs tightened, she crossed her legs over my back enclosing me against her and pushed her full hips upwards, her moan of pleasure loud and satisfying as she held me prisoner against her wet pussy. Her moans subsided and her thighs loosened their grip on me. My first instinct was to move up and lie on top of her. I released myself from her leg embrace and she quickly turned herself on to her stomach, drew her knees towards her and presented her pussy to me. I raised my self on to my knees took my cock in hand and slipped it into her warm large cunt. I grabbed her by her hips and pulled her up to meet my cock. Her head pressed into my pillows, her hips pushing up towards me, I rammed my cock in and out of her banging her with all the frustrations and anger that I had built up inside me earlier in the day. Her hand slipped between her legs and she rubbed her clit while I fucked her as hard as I could, holding her hips tight, leaning my body backwards so that my cock pushing hard against the top of her cunt with every stroke. Within a couple of minutes I felt Amelia’s body tense and for a brief moment I thought that I had hurt her with my ferocious fucking, she released a loud almost moan almost a scream as her second orgasm hit her, she pushed her hips upwards to take more of my cock, her hand rubbing her clit vigorously. After a short period of time she collapsed on the bed my hard cock slipping from her cunt.

I fell down next to her exhausted from the physical onslaught that I had used on her magnificent body. I lay there my body shattered from my exertion my cock still swollen, I felt Amelia reach down and grab my cock. She slowly started rubbing her hand up and down the length of my swollen cock, I rolled over on to my back to allow her full access to my cock. She lay her head down on my chest and gently tugged at my manhood. I lay back closed my eyes. Amelia started kissing my nipples, pulling them with her lips. I could feel one of her hand squeezing my balls while the other held my cock tight. To my surprise Amelia moved her head downwards and took the large swollen head of my cock into her mouth. She closed her lips around the head of my cock, I could feel her tongue prodding at the slit in the top of my cock. Her hand had release me from its grip and was now gently stroking the full length of my shaft. Her lips tightly around the top of my cock, her tongue flicking and licking the sensitive organ and her hand stroking my shaft, it felt like heaven. My orgasm started to build inside me, I tried to raise my hips and push my cock further inside her mouth. Amelia sucked harder on my cock, she tighten her grip around the base of my cock, holding it tight, slipping her lips an inch or two down my shaft bringing them back up, keeping the head inside her mouth, she moved her lips up and down faster, still squeezing my cock with her hand, unable to hold myself back, I pushed hard pushing my cock into her mouth, holding her head tight in my hands, she released her hand from my cock allowing her mouth to slide down my shaft and meet my orgasmic release. The cum raced out of my cock filling her mouth with its warm salted fluid. Amelia sucked and swallowed hard, lost in my own delirious pleasure I kept hold of her and pumped my cock in and out of her mouth until I had nothing left inside me mouth fucking her until I was dry. Amelia kept swallowing drinking every drop of cum that was released from my cock.

My affair with Amelia was an intense physical one. She liked a bit of rough, obviously something that she didn’t get from home. We fucked each other hard taking what we needed as individuals from the physicality of the relationship. Our fucking was without words we said very little to each other before, during or after sex, it was as thought we were using one another for our own primal instincts, we did what we wanted to each one an others bodies without complaint. If Sarah had been my training ground for my love making and sexual adventures Amelia was my final exam.

Our affair was just that an affair that lasted for almost a year, when I decided that what I ,as doing with my life was not for me. I chucked everything in packed my bags and yes moved back in with my parents, who had a large property, with a granny flat out the back.

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