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I'm:Felicia ♥, 24
From:Forest, Ontario, Canada
Personal Information
Occupation:Drink all day and play all night .
Star sign:Leo
Physical Information
Body type:Slim
Height:5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Hair length:Very long
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
About Me

We're both sick and tired of people asking us for msn or if we do 3sums, its ALL explained in here!

&& starting now, we will not be accepting people with no picture. SORRY !

Hiii- im Felicia.
New to this,
I love older guys- older then me atleast.
I smoke pot on a regular basis, i know it may not look like it, but i do :)
msn is for friends only, and i plan to keep it that way .
We also DO NOT do 3sums, so dont even bother asking :P
we also dont "play" with each other, yes, Sarah is a sexy young woman, but shes straight, and i'm bi-curious, and there is nothing that will change that .
Im not 20 by the way - i am 18.♥

Favorite Female :
Brianna Frost.

Heythurr, im Sarah ! (the blonde)
a little about me would be,
I am 18 years old young!
i go for the tall dark and handsome guys ,
i love a guy with a nice body, and nice cock ;)
no i will not add you on msn or yahoo,
thats for friends only, if i meet you on here and we become more then friends, maybe ill add you on msn, but for now, you're all strangers :P
i'm here to have fun :)♥

>;; Me and Sarah share this account, if you want to talk to her, in the beginning of the message just say "this is for Sarah" and ill let her know, and she can read it an reply, do the same for any messages for me (Felicia)
We don't do 3sums, nor have we ever, so dont ask.
We also love receiving comments on our photos :)
thaaanks! kisses+hugs
-Sarah and Felicia ♥ ♥
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8 months ago
You girls are beautiful! I also love to smoke so points for that for sure!
1 year ago
Hi...just wanted to say that I love your avatar!! :) smoke on girl!
2 years ago
hello xhamster and xhamster fans and supporters!

i love how you support organizations that help people in need. but after all, aren't we all people in need?

we're in need for change. for collaboration. for progress.

people around the world have noticed how much all the systems in this world desperately need improvement.

imagine our ancestors would have stayed up in their trees, because their leaders told them that tools and walking on two feet had no future. imagine the leaders of our ancestors would have repressed the creative ones and labeled them terrorists.

it's about time for all of us, each and every human being on this planet, to unite and actively collaborate for a better future.

stop voting for politicians and start voting for plans of action!


please spread this message =)
2 years ago
August 1, 2012, 7:34 am
damn look at you, you are way do pretty for all of them creep except for me of course i look better then you so you should holla back!Grab the chance while you can you lucky girl!! hahahaBut seriously if your bored or anything holla back (dont worry i am not acreep i even love cats!!!!)lonely nights... you know what i think you way to pretty to have lonely nights so you must be a closet freak i know i am the same i dont have to watch porn i do it cause i wanna... you shoul holla back us good looking people gotta stick together and you dont wanna chat whit a guy who has his cock for profile picture!!hahaPEACE
P.S:Should i post a big picture of my fat dick it seems way popular!! i almost believe that some of them dont even own picture of them anymore just the dick...imagine the guy preping his dick like its elementary picture day all over again shit they should even put a little tie on it HAHAHA.BY the way sorry for the syntax im not dumb juste french, ya know montreal boyz!!!4 20 all day (except when i am at the gym working,but still)goodbye lovely!!!
2 years ago
love the profile, 420 all the way
2 years ago
hello to both felicia and sarah...very straightforward intro you both lay down the law quite well. so how do i find you both today?

2 years ago
Your full of Awesome!
2 years ago
Nice pics more sexy please
3 years ago
I would love to smoke a bowl with you if your ever in niagara falls
3 years ago
My three wishes from me to you for 2012
1- Get you closer
2- Know you well
3- Make love to you unconditionally!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Both of you are incredibly sexy. Would love to chat...
3 years ago
3 years ago
nice vid and pics
3 years ago
3 years ago
Beautiful pics :)
3 years ago
QUICK TIP: Click on "My Friends" atop the screen. Then scroll down to the bottom of your friend list and click on "Defriend all retired users". This will enable you to add more friends by removing the users who've left xHamster.

Afterwards, I hope you will send me an invite.

There's a method to my madness...
3 years ago
you 2 are very beautiful women. sorry im pretty fucking tired right now if i dont make much sense in this comment lol. but damn. what a bunch of idiots most of the guys who ask you 2 for 3sums. just because its 2 women doesnt mean they have 3sums. they shouldbe showing respect for you 2 ladies and not being perverts.
3 years ago
you two are just the hottest girls EVA!
3 years ago
i am sooooooo fucking baked right now
3 years ago
Come back!!! lol
3 years ago
Hello sexy sweety!! :)

You're delightfull! :) you're very nice!!!

kisses from France! ;*
3 years ago
hiya ladies great pics
3 years ago
Hello ladies love the photos thanx
3 years ago
What's up beautiful ladies? I love your avatar and the fact you're a fellow pot head is a serious turn on for me. I wish we could smoke a bowl together sometime,but that won't happen. Well that's all from me. Peace,oh yeah. You guys made my dick hard!Peace and blessings.
3 years ago
Fucking rights, i was starting to think i was the only pot smoker on here.
3 years ago
You both are very pretty
3 years ago
smoke weed everyday !!!
3 years ago
hows the hurb where your from ?
3 years ago
god your hot as hell!

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