Sexploits vol.6

so im coming home from work one time, it was around 9.30pm. i get on the bus and see this slutty lookin woman sat at the back with a few cans of cider. i was only 19 myself and i guessed she was around 30 even tho she sed she was 27. anyway we got chattin and it turned out she lived a few stops on from where i was gettin off. an older guy who worked with me was on the bus also earwigging and understandably jelos wen she asked me 2 stay on 2 hers. agreeing we arrived at her street wen she sed she was popping to c her frend and i had 2 say i was her cousin. i went along with it and the next thing i knew we were in some dodgy pub while she sold some knocked off stereo equipment then we bought cans of lager and went back to hers. i got steadily intoxicated and the enivatable ensued. i thought i knew wat sex was about but she educated me 2 another level. she had the full lingerie on and basicly used me as a fuck toy. we fucked like bunnys all night and in the morning i started 2 sense she wasnt telling me the whole picture. mens deodrant, two toothbrushes, then i noticed slash marks in the sofa. she finaly admitted she hadnt long split up with her ex - hu just hapend 2 be a big rasta of cors! needless 2 say i made my excuses and left, never 2 c her again. but in all fairness she bought me a maccy d's before i left.
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