My dream encounter with a tranny

There is nothing more hot than to have a slim, pretty body on my hands to fondle. To feel their erections starting to grow and to taste their cocks in my mouth. I lose control when I'm around a shemale.

I have fantasized a lot about getting fucked for long periods of time and in a lot of different positions. Unfortunately, all my shemale hookups have been with e****ts that do the deeds rather quickly and then leave. I still have to find a shemale friend to spend long long hours either fucking, fondling or sucking.

I dream about a hot, slim, tender shemale arriving at my doorstep. She begins kissing me deeply, touching my body, letting me feel her hot bulge growing in her pants. Then she slowly starts undressing me, button by button my shirt begins to fall of my body. She starts caressing me, kissing my neck and then sticking her tongue deep in my mouth. With one hand she starts pinching my nipples, fondling my body, teasing me with naughtyness. My heart is racing now as my cock fills with bl**d for a massive erection. Her hands begin wrapping my ass in a firm grasp. I can smell her as I start relaxing my body and giving in to her pleasures. I start undressing her, passing my hand trough her thighs to touch that hot dick of hers. We then go to the bedroom where she takes of my pants and throws me on the bed. She starts licking the tip of my cock as her eyes make contact with mine. I feel a heavy hot rush through my body as I feel my dick and ass pulsating. She eats all of my cock and sucks me hard. With one hand she starts playing with my ass, rimming my asshole. I lift my legs so that I can take all of her finger inside me. She starts finger-fucking me as she sucks my cock and I start moaning with pleasure. She then stops, and starts dancing for me, stripping what is left of her clothing. I can see her big cock dripping precum and all I can do is crave to taste it. She pulls me up, and pulls my head towards her dick. I start blowing her, gently and slowly. I lick her balls, then go up her shaft and then put her whole meat inside my mouth. As I blow her, I roll my eyes up to see her face. Her expression turns me even more on. I can feel my ass craving for her rod. All my body is warm. I become a slave and want submission. I continue sucking her furiously. Then she stops me and kisses me again deeply.

I get on my back and offer her my open asshole. She lubes me up and slowly passes her dick around my throbbing hole. Then she penetrates me. She starts going inside me hard, always keeping eye contact. I moan with pleasure and ask her to fuck me harder. She lifts my legs up and starts going in deep and hard. I can feel all her dick inside me. There is nothing hotter in my mind, I want her big dick to never stop fucking me. I see her gorgeous female body and that makes me tighten my ass for her pleasure. She then turns me over to fuck me from behind. I ask her to spank me as her hot rod drills my ass. I can feel her deep inside me and I can't think of anything else but her fucking my brains out. She keeps me spanking harder as she pushes deep into my ass. I can hear her panting and talking dirty to me. I am her bitch. I moan loudly with every push she gives me. I start dreaming of another dick in my mouth to suck while she fucks my brains out. Every position we do it in is so hot. I have lost my senses now and am screaming with enormous pleasure. I can feel her tensing up, her body filling with hot cum. I turn her over and tell her to lie down with her back flat. I sit on her dick and start riding it. I feel so hot and start touching myself as she pounds me deeper. I start moving in circular ways, lost with pleasure. She is now drilling me, making me bounce up and down on her big dick and we both start moaning. We are filled with sweat and the smell of sex makes me d***k. She then places me on my back but lifts my whole body up as she stands up and penetrates me. My dick is exactly over me and she keeps drilling me. She starts masturbating me faster and faster as she fucks me. I explode all over me and drink my own juice. My hands spread all the cum that fell outside my mouth and she starts feeding me my own cum with her finger while she keeps fucking. She then starts vibrating until she seeds me. I can feel her hot juice all over my asshole and inside my body. The warm cum feels so good inside my body and outside my ass. She goes down on me and licks my asshole and then kisses me deeply. We lie there covered with cum, stuffed with her creamy white liquid. She continues fondling me.... we fall asl**p holding each other, until I feel her hand rubbing my dick and I know its going to be pleasure all over again.

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2 years ago
While I read your story I put my dildo into my asspussy and fucked myself too
3 years ago
My fantasy too! Let me know if it ever happens;)
3 years ago
Wow i came in my panties you have a great imagination